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2012 – Workout #29

Tonights workout was focused not on running but some strength training.  Biceps and Triceps.

Dips 8 no assistance

Pullups 8 with little bit, a 6

Dips dips 8 no assistance

Pullups 4 with 4 second holds, assistance 10

Dips 4, hold for 10 seonds 4 more

Pullups 5 with 4 second holds, assistance 10

Dips 4, hold for 10 seonds 4 more

Pullups an attempt at 4 w/o assistance, it was one and 1/2 finsihed up a set of 8 with 10 assistance.

Set of pushups nice and slow 25

Crunches 15, then finished another 10 for a set of 25

Pushups super incline 15

Side crunches 8 on each side

Pushups 20

Straight bar curls, set of 8 @ 65

Straight bar curls, set of 6 @ 95

Standing tricep extensions 8 @ 80

Pushups 20

Did another 20 pushups before bed.


2012 – Workout #19

Basketball with Jake, Jordon, Bolin and Kuk!   I had a great time we won a lot of games but really competition wasn’t there, most everyone was a younger crowd.  It took us a few minutes to get the court but it went OK.  I got some good cardio in that is probably gonna make me sore…..

2012 – Workout #17

Tonight was a good long(er) workout, 60 minutes on the elipitcal.

And a buncha pushups!

It was a really good workout, I worked pretty hard!


2012 – Workout #14

Lifting my legs, doing a lot of pushups and some planking was the plan.  Push ups i’ve been doing lately are really, and tonight would be no different.

Leg Press 12 reps @ 180lbs

Push ups 20

Leg Press 12 reps @ 180lbs

Push ups 20

Leg Press 12 reps @ 180lbs

Push ups 20 Hands closer to my sides

Calf presses 16 reps @ 180lbs (Used the sled for this as well)

Plank for 60 seconds (this was hard)

Calf presses 16 reps @ 180lbs

Side plank each side 30 seconds (this was even harder)

Leg Press 12 reps @ 270lbs

Push ups 20

Hamstring curl machine 12 reps @ 110lbs

Leg Extension machine 12 reps @ 140lbs

Push ups 20

Hamstring curl machine 12 reps @ 110lbs

Leg Extension machine 12 reps @ 140lbs

Push ups 20


Now this workout was a little rough for a couple of reasons, my hamstrings seemed to be really tight, and almost felt pulled after the first set of curl and my shoulder has been bugging me a bit.  Well tonight it was bugging me a lot, it really felt as if it was injured, i’m assuming its a bit of consequence due to the bench press from Friday, good or bad I pushed through.  The planks were really hard on it for some reason.  It did feel good to lift legs again, I really needed to do squats but I went at a busy time at the gym and there were rubes everywhere.


2012 – Workout #12

Good workout tonight, all cardio and of course pushups.


Pushups set of 35, next set of 25

60 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine, moving up resistance the whole time, felt great!

Pushups a set of 40

2012 – Workout #11

Wow what a workout today!

Ran basket ball games with Jake and Nick at lifetime!  Man what a workout!  I did pretty good, but I would have loved to have done better.  But I husseled and did a really good job keeping running.  That and I carried us.

After that we decided to do some lifting.

Bench 16 reps@ 135 16 reps @145 10 reps @165 10 reps @175 8 reps@185 8 reps @ 200 6 reps@ 225 6 reps @275 1 reps @300

Incline dumbbell press @ 65lbs 3 sets

Pushups oh gawd the pushups!  Nick, Jake and myself did the cards, I ended up at 138, powered out another 12 to even it out at 150.  Bolin did the same.  We did a large variety of pushups, tree, fist, etc etc.


2012 – Workout #10

10 Row Pushups – 15lb dumbell pulled to chest after pushup

10 TM Pushups – 15lb dumbell pushed up into the air after each pushup

10 Pushups (I was dead)

Run 1 mile – 9:54

30 Pushups on dumbells.

Walked the track with 15lb dumbbells

2012 – Workout #9

Jake joined me for this workout and did a pretty good job at it.  He beasted the pull ups!


25 pushups  rest 30 – 20 pushups rest 30 – 15 pushups

7 pull ups rest 30 – 8 pull ups rest 30 – 9 pullups

Decline pushups (feet on balance ball)

15 pushups rest 30 – 20 pushups – rest 30 – 25 pushups

9 pullups – rest 30 – 8 pullups rest 30 – 7 pull ups

Dumbbell flys

15@35lbs rest 30 – 20@30lbs (went to 25’s for last 8)rest 30 – 15@25lbs

Bent over Rows standing on one foot

20@30lbs rest 30 -15@30lbs rest 30 – 20@lbs


30 more pushups in a frustrating raid.

2012 – Workout #8

130 pushups in sets of 30 and one set of 40

30 minutes on the stair stepper

About 100 floors or so, but man that thing is a workout no matter how long it seems…

2012 – Workout #7

Tonight’s work out was arms.

Run for about 2 minutes or so.

20 pushups

20 Fist pushups

20 pushups

Pullups Bicep, 9 reps rest 30 8 reps rest  7 reps   – did three w/o any assistance.

Dips 12 reps hold for 12 seconds 12 more reps,   3 Sets.  Resting 30 between sets.  I did 12 reps and a hold w/o assistance, and then 5 the next set.

Pullups Bicep, 7 reps rest 30 8 reps rest 30 9 reps

Dips  12 reps hold for 12 seconds 12 reps, 3 sets.  I rested a bit more between I was VERY tired.

Triceps extensions back on a bench and two handed raises, 35lb 15 reps 30 lb 20 reps 30lb 25 reps

Elliptical machine for 8 minutes , OK pace.

Pushed out 32 pushups, I couldn’t do any more.

As far as how I feel about it?  Well It was hard, I used a lot of weight assistance to get through the sets.  BUT I did want to stop after the first round and I really pushed myself to get through them, so I do feel good about that.  Doing the 8 minutes of cardio after, I would normally skip and I didn’t so I feel good about that.  Doing 3 pullups on my own (bicep) that was great too.  Doing some dips w/o weight that was good.  But overall I want to to this workout better.