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My Weight Loss

I have had a lot of people ask me one question lately.

“What is that shirt you have on? Let me read it.”  (Think shirt blog)

Ok, two questions.

How much weight have you lost?

About 50 pounds.

In late June/early July I was again at my heaviest, around 255 pounds.  In November when I last weighed myself, I was 207. In December of 2011, I also was around 250.  If you look back, you can see in December I had lost about 15 pounds at the end of the month.

But wait. You said 240 pounds in June on your drivers license and on this blog!

Yes I did. I was ashamed.

And you see, that’s what being heavy is for me (and I would guess a lot of people): embarrassing, shameful, regretful, awful.  I was all of those things every single day. Even when I didn’t show it, I was.  Worst of all there was no one to blame but myself.

People say any number of things to justify their behavior, to justify bad habits, to give reasoning to something unreasonable.  We all know ourselves better than anyone knows us.  We know exactly what to say to ourselves that will allow us to skip a workout, eat a bad meal, slack off.  It doesn’t take much convincing when you know exactly what emotional card to deal yourself.

If you look back at what I documented on this blog, you can see the weight coming off from December to February. It was all diet.  I was trying to eat better, quit eating out, and lose weight; those were my goals.  You can see in June I gained it all back and was failing—again.  To be honest, I don’t even know where that time went.

Some things to think about that don’t pertain to the “number,” as weight is so commonly referred to: Those shorts I’m wearing in the first and second pictures don’t even fit. They fall off.  The swim trunks I wore in Dec 2011 didn’t fit in Dec 2012. They fell to the floor.  I couldn’t tie them  That first shirt is an XXL. I wore those for a a long time. None of them fit anymore. Here is a picture of an old XXL that I found in my pile. I am stronger and have better endurance now than I have ever had.

I am not perfect. I don’t eat perfectly every day. I don’t make it to the gym everyday.  But I am improving, learning, and getting better at it.  You see, it took years to develop the bad habits, the weight, the mentality.  It’s going to take years to get out of it as well.

Want to learn more about it?  Email Me.  I will give you as much information about how I did it, what I am doing now, and my plans for the future.


nick jan 2012nick may 2012nick dec 2012
Want to have some fun?  Pop out each of these pictures and lay them side by side.

Weight 219.2

Weighed myself today 219.2  first time was 219.0 but decided I would go with the higher one.

I won’t lie to the few that read this or even myself, this has NOT been easy.  But it has however been very much worth it.  The weight loss is secondary to how awesome the last month has been.

Weight – 225.4

Decided to weight myself for the first time since around June.

I can’t say I am really happy, but I can say that I feel much better and I’m on a path of fitness that will yield great results if I can start to control, or even do better on my diet.

Weight 240ish

I fell off pretty steep, between lifting heavy and eating heavier, I got heavier.

This will be the last post that is this high ever.  Its going to be sad to have this number on my drivers license.



I’ve had a rough couple of weeks with the food but managing to stay strong.  Doing some lifting and now running I expect to do much better, and I will.




Dam you eating out all weekend….



Update 1/15/2012

OK I took a couple days away from the gym because of a couple reasons.  Mostly being I just didn’t make the right choices with my time but it has been busy.  I am going to do better with that.

But with my time off I didn’t stop doing pushups, in the four days I did 523 pushups.  Including one day of a 245, thats pretty good in my opinion.

Weight, 231.4  Not so great.