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2014 – Workout #33

Wednesday night with Jason Johnson at SISU.

Nice 1/2 mile run to start the night…  Then we did some line up kind of mobility/more warm up.

For the skill we did some back squats and for the first time in a long time I did some heavy 3 reps.  I think I got up to 335 for a 3 rep which is pretty awesome for me right now.  Yes it was tight, but I did them pretty well.

Workout of the Day
Back Squat
Find your 3 rep max.
12 Minute AMRAP
30 Dubs
20 Wall Balls
10 T2B

I am not strong at dubs so the rest of this I am going to have to do well. The dubs didn’t go awful the first round. I strung together a 12 and few but that’s about it.  Wall balls unbroken, toes to bar were strict and unbroken.

The second round of dubs went pretty badly, actually. Hated it..took forever. Wall balls and toes to bars unbroken.

Third round dubs went ok. I strung some 5’s and a six in there.  Wall balls unbroken again (tougher) and toes to bar done strict and unbroken.

My Score 161



2014 – Workout #27

Saturday workout, pretty small group like 8 of us.

Workout of the Day
Teams of 3 (we had four)

110 Dubs
100 Squats
90 Wall Balls 20/14
80 sit-ups
70 KB Swings
60 Burpees
50 Box Jumps 24/20
40 Pull-Ups
30 Toes To Bar
10 Ring Dips
5 Bar Muscle Ups

Not to much to say about this workout.  There were some frustrating points and there was some good stuff too.  I worked pretty hard and I was able to help out some people that are new(ish) so that was good too.

We got through like 1.3 rounds of this in the 30 minutes.



2014 – Workout #23

Thursday with Jason M at SISU. Lets have a great workout as I head up north for the weekend.

Jason is doing a number on me in this warmup.  The reason being my shoes are slippery and doing these lunges isn’t great and then it happens.  My foot slips and some awful shooting pain of this nagging injury… Its a constant reminder that is still there, its still hurting.

Snatch balance I dont’ mess about with anything heavy.  I stick to the bar and then some at 75 but for the most part I’m just trying to do them well.

Workout of the Day
Snatch Balance
Find your 2 rep max.
20 Min AMRAP
200M Run
20 Wall Ball 20/14
20 Hang Clean 75/50

200M run… Ok not fun with my deal but I’ll push through it.  I get the first one done pretty good with the group.  The wall balls I go unbroken same with the cleans.  Round 2 same thing.  Round 3 I start to fall behind on the run, real far behind the leaders, my saving grace is I’m pushing hard at the wall balls, and a 75lb hanging clean isn’t much and I’m OK at it.

Doing mental things like saying to myself to get my elbows out (aka hit myself in the neck a few times) and to keep going.  Honestly I’m trying to stay ahead of Whitney which isn’t as easy as it may appear.  Turns out this crossfit thing … shes a natural.

The fourth round I wanted to quit, real bad… My grip is failing my squats with that dam wall ball is hard.  I have to no rep myself a couple times and then that dam 200m….  I get it done and I’m doing my 200m run in round 5 and I’m yelling at myself to not stop moving…  I get a second wind to finish this round… Wall balls are pure gut.  ANd the cleans… well my arms are burning so bad, my grip is shot and I’m going fast.  I won’t say they were all perfect but I’m counting them!

My Score: 5 Rounds even.



2014 – Workout #20

Butt camp Saturday Morning.  I am pretty excited because I get to workout with some of my favorite people.  Brent was there, he’s gonna workout with me!  (or is he?) Jake is there, Whitney and some new friends this is going to be a great day.

So it looks a little confusing but it isn’t. We really go to each section do each of the exercises in a 3-6-9-12-15-18 rep scheme. Your score is the highest rep total that you finished.  4 minutes each station

So Brent was feeling sick, so I was Hans.  Luckily Pat decided to workout with me, is this a good thing?  Its good and bad, Pat (and Brent) are both better than me. Pat’s a coach and I want to do well for him, and all my friends are there and I want to do well…. so much stress just to workout.

First section for me is front squats and I did pretty good actually they felt great. And we got through the 12’s. Next up was the deads, at 225 these are actually pretty awesome. Felt great and got tired doing them.  Need to do more high rep dead lifts. Got 12. The KB jump lunge was hard, I got through the 12s but it was NOT easy. Next up wall balls and I’m running out of gas.  These wall balls are doing work to me…  I get through the 12s knowing it sacrifices the next station – where I only get 9.

I tried to watch my new friends workout and did make a couple adjustments for them and wanted to make sure they were doing things right. They did great!

My Score is 12 on all except last station of rowing we got 9. Couldn’t get the burpees done. And I was very tired. I did comp weight on all things except KB did the blue.




2014 – Workout #13

Tonight is going to be real tough.  I’m on my third or fourth day or maybe more I don’t remember and I’m feeling really sluggish and kinda weak today.  But I need to get a workout in that’s for sure.

For the warmup we just did some mobility which was awesome and much needed.  And then we did some things in the bottom of our squat where we would jump – the jump well it hurt…  The bottom of my squat surprisingly enough felt pretty good actually.

Workout of the Day
2 Attempts at Max Wall Balls
20 Min AMRAP
10 Push Press (95/65)
15 Pullups
30 Squats

So for my wall balls my goal is 40. I’ve done 50 some in a row before, but I knew the way I was feeling and being gone for so long that just wasn’t a possibility.  Honestly though 40 is a pretty good number and one I should be able to do.  Well I go to 38 or 39 and I let it go, I was feeling tight and I was tired.

The workout was pretty rough…  the pullups were straight up killing my time and were very difficult.  I was pushing through them though, getting some sets of 3, but I had to kip a few times.  My hands that were almost healed ripped open again, but I had taped em up and they were doing all in all pretty good but did hurt.  Push press I did good, I actually didn’t just sit there and strict it and I was able to do all sets unbroken.  Squats were OK, I took some breaks but for the most part did them pretty good.

My Score 4+19



2014 – Workout #4

So after being hurt 4 weeks ago, still sore, still in pain a lot of times I needed to start to test the waters of getting back to working out.  If I said I missed it, that really wouldn’t be doing it justice.

I was going to help Jake clean up the gym a bit and thought we should at least work out some…  Lets try the bench.

Workout of the Day
Bench Press
Find your 1 rep max.

Bench Press
Find your 1 rep max.
NO rest
225 As many as Possible
135 As many as Possible
45 As Many as Possible

20min AMRAP
500M Row
10 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
10 Wall Balls

It started out on the bench and we were chatting and lifting, and it was going pretty well.


We got kinda heavy and were able to complete a set or two…  Then I had an idea…

NO breaking at all 225 until fail 135 until fail 45 until fail….  This sounded awesome… until we did it.  Ever seen two dude that can bench over 300 failing to push up a 45lb bar, well you would have if you were there…  Jake of course went second and DID beat me… Lets be honest, he’s stronger.  I did 14 then 9 then 21, I think jake did 17 14 26.

Then after that I as testing things out on how it felt and decided we should do a workout.  Look above for that workout.  Well.  I won’t say I did a great job, because I didn’t. But I learned a few things about myself in this workout.

After the first row I felt pretty good.  Then I hit the pullup bar.  On the way there I thought lets be aggressive, one set of 10.  Then I thought nah, two sets of five, I mean its been awhile.  Did one pull-up…  Did two pull-ups… let go of bar and was SHOCKED that I couldn’t bust any out. And wow they were hard.  Push-ups in sets of 10 are fine, no worries there. Wall Balls weren’t my best, that squat has me nervous a bit. But I get em (I did use a lighter wall ball) and I do them all pretty easy.

I’ve never quit a workout, no matter how hard no matter how shitty, I’ve just never quit. I’ve been in some bad places in my head during workouts, usually ones that include over head squats.  But I still have never quit.  At 14:48 3 pullups into my third round, I wanted to quit.  Now I’ve said that before many times, but this time was different.  I was dizzy, I was in pain and I was about to throw up, everywhere.  I told jake I was going to stop, I said I’m done and walked over to the door.  Thought I should throw up outside.

Jake was dealing with his own personal hell that is 1) coming back from a bad injury with his leg.  2) coming back from a serious influenza sickness that had him down for 2 weeks. He was coughing, he was struggling, I felt so bad for him, but I was in my own bad way.

I went and collapsed by the door, head spinning, sweat collecting in my eye sockets, those little stary things around the lights in the ceiling.  To say I was tired would not be accurate. Then I remembered this feeling, I remembered how much I needed this feeling, how much I had missed it.  When I was on the couch days two and three (well all the way to seven really) I remember thinking just let me get back, let me lift something, let me sweat…  The clock is still going.

I picked myself up and went back at this dam thing, it wasn’t over yet what was I doing laying down. I finished those dam pullups pushed out the push-ups and wall balled the shit outta that wall and ball.  I got on that rower with all the confidence in the world.  Sure I had 60 seconds and I knew I wasn’t going to finish it, and I was a bit slow getting my feet strapped in but I got 125M in with the 40 some seconds I had by the time I started rowing.  Not only that I rowed up to 250 and stopped.

Oh hello there ceiling, I haven’t seen you in awhile.  Nice to see you again. Really missed you.

Jake thanks for the text, you have no idea how much it meant to me, and just how much I needed it. And for those of you that I do workout with, the BP’s, the Kari’s, The Whitneys, The Brents, the occasional Pats and of course the original … Jake. And the other 20 or more people that I didn’t mention…  Thanks for putting up with my shit, thanks for being supportive, thanks for pushing me beyond what I thought my own capabilities are.  Thanks for lifting weights off my chest, standing behind me when I squat, telling me when a lift is ugly, helping me fix stuff.  Telling me to relax when I’m tense trying to do double unders. Going to the gym with me and being excited and having energy. Thanks for letting me try to motivate you, in turn motivating myself. Thanks for working out with me.

My Score 3rds + 125M

2013 – Workout #

My first fight gone bad.  I thought I had done this before but I haven’t, would explain the absolute awful feeling I have after the first round…  Man I really REALLY declined, I can do much better and I will.

My Score 249


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2013 – Workout #113

Saturday Morning Butt camp with Pat at SISU

Saturday morning Butt camp, can you think of a better way to wake up on a Saturday?

Mark Savage, Jake and I were teamed up.  We called oursleves team HW, heavy weight.

Warmups we did some running and carrying of some weights while running.  First part of the day was sprinting and doing alternating dumbbell snatches.  Now this was actually pretty difficult but I loved it.  I love short sprints.  Its one of those things I am OK at.

Second part was pure murder 3 tabatas.  Wall balls – Sit-ups – Ball Slams.  Ouch!  So we have just spent the morning running now lets crush our legs with wall balls and ball slams.  I did OK on those two, wall balls I pushed hard through.  But the situps man the sit ups just wreck me…





2013 – Workout #100

Saturday morning butt camp at SISU

Probalby going to be one of my last workouts with Liz,  Its been a ton of fun working out with her at 6:30, she may not know it but she pushed me to become better at a lot of things.   So its nice and fitting that we ended up in the same group.

So one person always has to rest and two people work.  And as a group complete the following:

Workout of the Day
Teams of three
200 Burpees
800M Run
150 Wall Balls
400M Run
100 Pull Ups
200M Run
50 Pistols
100M Broad Jump

All running one person must run backwards
Each Station one person must rest at all times
No scaling options – team must help / assist when needed.

This workout was straight up hard.  For a Saturday butt camp this workout rates very high on the pain in the ass rating.  The running backwards was a huge pain.   And to be honest the end the broad jumps were pretty dang awful.  Lots of sweat was lost this day.  I am not strong at pistols either.




2013 – Workout #92

Another night after a few days gone from SISU

Some fun warmups – which I ended up doing again for another partner after the wod.  And then some lifting with Jake, and then the workout…

Workout of the Day
6 Rounds for time
5 Power Snatch (60% 1RM)
10 Wall Balls (30/20)

This is going to be FUN!  I load up 115 on the bar and grab a 30lb slam ball.   I want to crush this workout like a sub 9:00 kind of deal.  At least that is the plan.  The power snatches aren’t going to be bad.  The wall balls are.

I feel like towards the middle my reps were the cleanest and probably best form.

This was pretty rough, most of the rounds I did the snatches unbroken.  Most of the rounds I had at least one No Rep on my wall balls some more than one.  That 30lb slam ball is not the same as tossing a med ball…

Fun workout, did not get my sub 9:00, guess I’m a bit out of shape.

My time: 9:24