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Vacation Workout

Workout of the Day
10 Rounds

1 Pull-Up
10 Dumbbell Snatch (50)
1 Pull-Up
10 Burpees
1 Pull-Up
10 Situps

Partner workout – Rest while the other does their round.

Kristen and I – 37:50

2012 – Workout #131

On vacation feeling a little bleh decided to go get a workout in.

I’ve been wanting to re-do a workout from when I first started in on Crossfit. Options are limited here in Belize but I had one in mind.


For a warmup I did 10 some minutes of mobility

two minutes each leg couch stretch, two minutes each leg lunging type stretch no idea what its called.  Spent some time with butt on feet, working on getting them to sit flat.  Two minutes on wrists, had to break once.


10 rounds
10 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups
10 Squats

I started in on this going at a good pace and really kept up on it for the entire time.   A few little slows here and there on the sit-ups.  My final time was 9:58, somewhere in there because it took me a bit to get to my phone.  No big clock on the wall to start and end with.

Felt pretty good to get a good sweat on, music wasn’t quite as loud but I was trying to be respectful of anyone close by, the gym was empty but is right by a lot of stuff.  Next time earlier and louder 🙂