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Timberwolf Workout

Workout of the Day
Group Workout
4:00 Each Station (Max Effort)
3 Times at each Station
Rowing (Calories)

My Partners were Erin and Miles

Our Score 904

My Cal rows were 60’s 50’s 50’s

2013 – Workout #100

Saturday morning butt camp at SISU

Probalby going to be one of my last workouts with Liz,  Its been a ton of fun working out with her at 6:30, she may not know it but she pushed me to become better at a lot of things.   So its nice and fitting that we ended up in the same group.

So one person always has to rest and two people work.  And as a group complete the following:

Workout of the Day
Teams of three
200 Burpees
800M Run
150 Wall Balls
400M Run
100 Pull Ups
200M Run
50 Pistols
100M Broad Jump

All running one person must run backwards
Each Station one person must rest at all times
No scaling options – team must help / assist when needed.

This workout was straight up hard.  For a Saturday butt camp this workout rates very high on the pain in the ass rating.  The running backwards was a huge pain.   And to be honest the end the broad jumps were pretty dang awful.  Lots of sweat was lost this day.  I am not strong at pistols either.




2013 – Workout #95

Saturday Morning at SISU

A fun workout today with a group.  I worked out with Jake and Kari.

Basically we had a medicine ball within the team that could never touch the ground.  We had 6 stations four minutes each station with a 200M run between. One person had to rest and hold the medicine ball.

I really worked out hard on this workout and had a ton of fun!  So glad I got out of bed today 🙂  Hardest part was probably either Thrusters or Tire flips…


2013 – Workout #83

Saturday morning butt camp at SISU with Pat

Well this should be a fun saturday, got a good group of people and a pretty bad ass workout in front of us.  Should be a good day.

Workout of the Day
2 Rounds for time
200M Sandbag Run
While each team is doing the sandbag run you will do as many reps as possible:
Wall Balls
Ball Slams
KettleBell Swing
Row for Cal
Sled Pull
Hollow Rock

Out of all the things the hollow rocks really hurt, the ball slams and wall balls were hard.  And I ran with the very heavy sandbag once too and that was really painful.

I have to admit I really didn’t keep score much on this.  It was going to be kind of a pain in the ass and I really just wanted to have some fun and work out.  My team was awesome, Jake, Liz and JD.  Just a fun group to workout with.  I feel I was strongest at burpees and deadlift.  Fun Saturday workout.





2013 – Workout #58

Tuesday Night with Pat at SISU

The warmup was OK, we did some barbell work.  We also did some shoot throughs, which I now can do so thats awesome!  Didn’t know that until tonight.   Some pass throughs and over head squats.

For some skill work we did some 5×5 Snatch Pulls just moving up in weight and just the pull.  This actually helped.  I worked with Liz, that made it even more fun.

Workout of the Day
5 Rounds for Reps
15 Power Snatch (45/30)
15 Over Head Squats (45/30)
Double Unders
Your partner does Doubles while you do lifts. Count Doubles

I teamed up with Liz for this workout.  She is super fun to workout with, she isn’t afraid to be pushed a bit and do better, makes me want to do better. So all good qualities when coming up with someone to workout with.

The lifts were just the bar and I am even surprised that I was doing pretty good.  My over head squats have come a VERY long way in two weeks.  Working on them doing them, thinking about them visualizing them all good things.  I was able to do the first round unbroken, and the last two unbroken.  The middle two I broke up a little bit, I was tired.  My hands are soaked and the bar is doing work to them.

Liz rocked the double unders, like crazy good, getting double mine every single round.  She was a machine.  I still feel pretty good I got over 200 in the workout.  I strung together 21 which was awesome.  Otherwise it was one or two etc.  What I found myself making the mistake of is thinking I was going to fail and stopping only to find a perfect double under occurred.  That sucked.

Our Score: 604




2013 – Workout #44

Saturday morning Butt Camp with Pat at SISU

The picture is of Class 2 but I was working with the two Jeffs.  Good group, we pretty much rocked this workout I think.

Deck of cards:

  • Hearts = Pull-Ups / Muscle Ups
  • Spades = Kettlebell
  • Clubs = Ball Slam (30/20)
  • Diamonds = Handstand Push-Up
  • Aces = 11 Jumping Lunge – entire team
  • Jokers = 20 Burpess  – entire team

So it felt like early we got a lot of low cards then the 10’s hit, and boy they wrecked us.  Our team did some things as an entire team too, not just the ones we were supposed to do.  This workout felt great, and as pretty fun.




2013 – Workout #36

Saturday Butt Camp at SISU with Pat

For wamups we were on our own.  I did some work on jump rope, I also did some visiting for just a bit.  I am actually pretty tired.  Yesterdays workout was pretty tough too.

3 Minutes Max Effort
Row (cal)
Ball Slam
Box Jump (30/24)

This workout was straight up hard.  For the end of the week it sure was a lot.  I wasn’t ready for it, I am too tired, too sore and generally just way too everything to do well.  But I am going to give it my all.

The Row I feel I did OK on, but it was hard.  The burpees I feel I did OK on.  I probably could have done better.  The pull-ups were a disappointment, I was tired, I was NR’ing myself, I couldn’t string them together. Ball slams was pretty good.  The box jumps another disappointment  but it was a 30′ box, thats a big jump for me, and I had never done it before. But I ended strong, 41 thrusters, I really felt good about those.  Until it was over then I felt sick.

The end of a long week of working out. This workout was harder then I thought it was going to be before I showed up.  I mean mentally I wasn’t ready for this.  But for the most part I felt good about it.