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2014 – Workout #3

Butt Camp Saturday Morning – A beautiful Day!

Well If you read my last two workouts you know this No workouts for a very long time + those workouts = I Can barely walk.

So when reading workout, I really thought it was going to be impossible.

My team was Tyler and Mike.  Tyler didn’t even bother tying his shoes for this, serious business folks 😉




2014 – Workout #27

Saturday workout, pretty small group like 8 of us.

Workout of the Day
Teams of 3 (we had four)

110 Dubs
100 Squats
90 Wall Balls 20/14
80 sit-ups
70 KB Swings
60 Burpees
50 Box Jumps 24/20
40 Pull-Ups
30 Toes To Bar
10 Ring Dips
5 Bar Muscle Ups

Not to much to say about this workout.  There were some frustrating points and there was some good stuff too.  I worked pretty hard and I was able to help out some people that are new(ish) so that was good too.

We got through like 1.3 rounds of this in the 30 minutes.



2014 – Workout #25

Wednesday night with Jason J at SISU.

I forgot my bag at home so I’m working out in some clunky shoes and some borrowed shorts from Brent.

Ok first and foremost that warmup looks a little edited… It was a 1000m row at 5:30… God I don’t even want to know what they had to do at 4:30. It was a nice little warmup, I didn’t finish the entire 1000M before because I was talking to Brent about a laptop.  During the warmup Whitney got a new PR on STRICT pullups at 6!  Thats awesome.

For the skill we did some HSPU work, I had some fun doing these.  I was trying to do some free standing ones with Brent holding my feet and I did one pretty good one.  I’d love to work on these…. It would be so awesome to do a free standing hspu.  And again Whitney does an awesome thing with a strict hspu! AWESOME! She does some sort of happy dance thing?  We aren’t sure on what it was but its a great day for her.

Workout of the Day
4 Rounds
5 Sets of
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

Well its Cindy with a twist.
Its laid out a little different. Do each round, and then rest 1/2 the time it took you to complete the Round.

I got to work out with some good friends on this too, Whitney and Derek, one new to crossfit the other an old 6:30 Crew member from way back. The workout is a bit rushed and everything is going so fast to start up.  I didn’t get one of my hands tapped but oh well got to get to work.

The first round was all strict pullups and it went pretty good pushups all unbroken and a few little rests here and there in the squats.  I think I finished in about 5 minutes something.  So We wait 2:40ish start back up.

Round two was a bit harder but still getting the pullups and the pushups are still good.  Squats are getting a bit harder… I think I finish in 14:00 something, so I need to rest 3:50ish.

I take a look around, no one is really resting.  A lot of people are just working out and just keep going. There are people that finish after me that start before me.  Its confusing, I dont’ care.

I go outside to cool off man does 30 degrees feel good.  Cough a bit spit something out, oh thats blood.  Wonder where that came from…  Not sure but I’m too tired to worry about that.  I spit a few more times and nothing so good to go.

Third round is hell, the pullups are falling apart.  I’m kipping a few of them at this point and I am exhausted. Pushups are still strong and I do them all unbroken again.  Squats are getting a bit slower but I am able to do them.

I go outside to cool off / die.  I think if i’m going to die it should be in a cooler temperature.  Derek asks me how the hell I am able to do the pushups, hes beating me in everything but I’m passing him in those.

Jason says the timer is now set at 32:00 and we have to stop after that, I grab a stopwatch at 30:30 and start it.  No way I’m not finishing this dam thing.

Fourth round I am kipping my pullups my pushups are still unbroken which I am proud of. The squats are slow and the timer goes off and I keep going.  I look around most people stop or are done. But Whitney is going to finish too, which is awesome someone else is doing it with me. the last sets of pullups were murder and then it happens on the last set last two pushups… I drop I cannot do them.  I try to do one I fail.  I rest for a couple seconds do two and move on….  Squats are done and I’m spent. I feel pukey.

The good: I didn’t quit, pushups were tight and strong and I made sure to lock out and do them well.  I did strict pullups for a lot of this workout.

The Bad: Squats need to be faster and more consistent. Pullups need to be quicker and better.  Failed at pushup 198 to do all sets unbroken

My time 35:40



2014 – Workout #16

After catching a ride with BP to the gym at 5:30 the plan was to do the workout again at 6:30.  We will have to see how that plays out…

The warmup today was good, we did some rowing.  That 500M mark is right at the point of shitty to me, like right at that point that I want to quit like every time.  We did some back extensions and squats I worked in a few pushups.

We spent some time on mobility of the shoulders for the skill which was handstands.  This mobility piece I need to do every single time i’m in the gym,  It feels like absolute hell, but I am always so tight in the shoulders. Using a band on the rig keeping palm up and sliding that same arm leg behind.

Handstand were pretty fun, I was able to do quite a few good ones. I even ended up having to show the class my handstand… Not great. But I also ended up letting Brian fall because I wasn’t a good spot….  Sorry BP 🙁

Workout of the Day
“The Chief”
Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 Power cleans (135 lb)
6 Push-ups
9 Squats

Rest 1 minute then repeat, for a total of 5 cycles.

Workout of the Day #2
“The Chief”
Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 Power cleans (135 lb)
6 Push-ups
9 Squats

Rest 1 minute then repeat, for a total of 5 cycles.

As it turns out I did do this workout twice. As it turns out it was just as hard the second time. As it turns out I did not do as well as I did a year ago.  I kinda knew that was going to happen because I haven’t been able to squat.  They killed me.

The first rounds went great, felt great and I just did well. Rounds 3 and 4 were murder on me.  I was heading to the door during the 1 minute rest to get some air. Cold air. It was just straight up hard.

Good things.  The power clean and the pushups went well.  I did a lot of cleans Sunday, which is great because it made these feel better.  I also taped my thumbs this time 🙂

The bad.  I took too much rest during squats.  I was pretty quick to grab the bar each time but those squats were killing me.  I also did a lot of rounds of pushups that I did more then 6 because I was so dam lost in my head…

I wanted to count up my total reps I did tonight, not including the warmups at all.

Power Cleans – 128
Pushups – 241
Squats – 333

Thats crazy!  Who would have thought when I woke up this morning I would have done all of that.  If I said for someone to do all of that in 40 minutes they would say no way! I have a great sense of accomplishment tonight.  I also have a great sense of tired…

My Score Round 1 19rds+23reps =365 Avg 73

My Score Round 2 17rds+31reps = 337 Avg 67.4

20140304_193114 20140304_194054


2014 – Workout #13

Tonight is going to be real tough.  I’m on my third or fourth day or maybe more I don’t remember and I’m feeling really sluggish and kinda weak today.  But I need to get a workout in that’s for sure.

For the warmup we just did some mobility which was awesome and much needed.  And then we did some things in the bottom of our squat where we would jump – the jump well it hurt…  The bottom of my squat surprisingly enough felt pretty good actually.

Workout of the Day
2 Attempts at Max Wall Balls
20 Min AMRAP
10 Push Press (95/65)
15 Pullups
30 Squats

So for my wall balls my goal is 40. I’ve done 50 some in a row before, but I knew the way I was feeling and being gone for so long that just wasn’t a possibility.  Honestly though 40 is a pretty good number and one I should be able to do.  Well I go to 38 or 39 and I let it go, I was feeling tight and I was tired.

The workout was pretty rough…  the pullups were straight up killing my time and were very difficult.  I was pushing through them though, getting some sets of 3, but I had to kip a few times.  My hands that were almost healed ripped open again, but I had taped em up and they were doing all in all pretty good but did hurt.  Push press I did good, I actually didn’t just sit there and strict it and I was able to do all sets unbroken.  Squats were OK, I took some breaks but for the most part did them pretty good.

My Score 4+19



2014 – Workout #6

Stuck at home with my car in the shop.  Coupled with trying to get back from this injury I decided to do a little workout at home. It was motivated by someone else sending me their workout too.

I spent about 10 minutes doing some mobility work.  Some modified couch stretch, where I can keep my ankle normal not flat against the wall (thats the part that makes that hard for me) really helped me open my hips up a bit.  Some foam roller on each leg too, getting that inside.

Tested out a few squats, looking at myself in the window to check depth. Tested out a couple burpees and some situps and got right at it.

Workout of the Day
100 Pushups for Time

Ok first and foremost the pushups were an afterthought upon reading that pushups were supposed to be in this workout too, well I missed em.  So I thought of a way to make up for it would be to do a tabata but then i got to thinking i’ve done 100 situps for time 100 squats for time why not 100 pushups too!

The burpee situp squats went ok, I mean I was very tired and my cat was very confused as to what the heck I was doing it.  It dawned on me I don’t ever workout at home, its very rare. have to change that.  Anyway plowed through that workout pretty good  I think.

My time 6:28

Then it was 100 pushups for time, I probably spent maybe 5 minutes recovering before I started this.  I was thinking it would probaby take me like 4 minutes or so, I mean I crushed the q20k and I could do sets of 50 pretty easy at the end of that challenge.

First set 33 in 42 seconds, not bad but I kinda wanted 40.  Setup for my next what was to be 20 ish and I did 10…  Then as I started up my next set something strange happened.  After four pushups I couldn’t do another one…  WHAT!?!?  I cant’ do a pushup!?!? I looked out the window  I fully expected to see a pig with wings…  Ok I step back a bit give myself a good 30 seconds to recover, no big deal I have plenty of time Sitting at like 1 1/2 minutes.

4 minutes came and went. I spent the next 6 and a half minutes cursing out lout, cursing myself internally and trying to figure this thing out. I pushed really hard to get it under 8 minutes but I just couldnt’ get em done, I was failing and falling on my face. The last reps at 7:50ish were ugly, so ugly in fact I couldn’t count it and I had to do it over.This was a very humbling experience and one that will not soon be forgotten.

My time: 8:02

2013 – Workout #114


Workout of the Day
Chest Lifts
Bench Press 4-5 Warmup Sets 3-4 Heavy Sets (4-6 reps)
Bench Press 1 Rep Max
Dumbbell flat Bench Press 3 Heavy Sets
Dumbbell incline press 3 Heavy sets
Dumbell floor Press
Alternating Dumbbell Press (Karate Style)

Bench Press started with 16×135 – 12×185 – 8×185 – 8×205 – 6×255 – 5×275 – 5×255 – 5×255 1×295

Dumbbell Press 6×90 – 6×90 – 5×100

Incline Dumbbell press 6×90 – 5×90

Dumbell floor press 10×65

Alternating dumbbell press 8 each arm x 65

Dips 7 – 7 – 6


I’ve never had so much trouble doing push-ups my entire life…  Wow these were hard after beating down my chest for well over an hour.

It took me 9:58 to complete this… ugh.


2013 – Workout #108

Tonight I felt I need to get something in. I had a crappy game and its been a number of days of just playing softball and being busy and NOT doing anything crossfit.  I miss it every single day.

I got Jill to do this the other day and now I wanted a crack at it. And Jill wanted round two of it…  Well Maybe want is the wrong word…

Workout of the Day

My goal for this is less than 10 minutes, I really feel that is VERY do able yet Its been awhile since I’ve worked out.  I’m with Jill whom I know is going to be in the 12+ minute, I played softball in the rain … All of these are very real excuses one can put in your mind to go slower than you need to.

I do a little bit of mobility and a small bit of stretching

My Time 7:54

Jills Time 13:57 * (20+ seconds faster than Friday)


2013 – Workout #104

Friday Night with Jason at SISU

It has been a week since I worked out and by the looks of this board I am about to get a refresher kick in the face.

Workout of the Day
Squats: 80 64 50 32 16 8
Kettlebell: 40 32 25 16 8 4
Pull-Ups: 20 16 12 8 4 2

When I first looked at this I dreaded it, then I got into it and I really hated it…. This sucker was hard the whole way.  The funny thing about the numbers is they are like right on the limit of unbroken sets… like close enough to do so…

Sets 2 & 3 Really were the destruction of my score, I just couldn’t get em done. The pull-ups where hard the KB’s were destroying me and this workout straight up wrecked me.

My time 25:39








2013 – Workout #99

Friday Night at SISU

How much fun are these named workouts?  Which one to do?  Cindy it is.

For the first couple rounds I am keeping pace with Brent, that falls apart in round two where I am falling behind on the pull-ups. His unbroken mine not so much.

I always feel good about getting through the push-ups.  I feel like I am good at it and its nice to get them done quickly and done well.  Squats added up.  This workout is going to be one that I just want to get 20 on so bad.

My Score 15 + 2 Pull-ups.