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2014 – Workout #4

Things aren’t always good in the gym. Some days just don’t go well – weights win, gravity prevails, pavement sticks to your feet, etc etc.

My Score 114 (3 Rounds + 4 Lunges)

2014 – Workout #3

Butt Camp Saturday Morning – A beautiful Day!

Well If you read my last two workouts you know this No workouts for a very long time + those workouts = I Can barely walk.

So when reading workout, I really thought it was going to be impossible.

My team was Tyler and Mike.  Tyler didn’t even bother tying his shoes for this, serious business folks 😉




2014 – Workout #36

Sunday Funday with Jake and Whitney and little bit later Kari

Workout of the Day
Bench Press
Find your 5 rep max.
10 Min EMOM
Odds 5 Pull-ups and 5 Pushups
Evens 5 Ring Dips and 5 Pushups

We hit the bench with the idea of some heavy 5×5 which ended up going really well!


Felt really awesome to get these kind of reps done.

Then we did some EMOM stuff pullups and ring dips

The first set was messed up by timer snaffo!  But thats oK we jsut did a few extra.  The first couple sets went really good, I did some extra pushups each time but as the time went it got way harder.. So much that I couldn’t get the ring dips done, I did the last two sets differently.  I did one set on the regular dip bar (kari was using it) and then on banded ring dips whitney was using it..  I just couldn’t get them done.

Even the pushups got hard….  But in the end I got em all done!

2014 – Workout #34

Tuesday night with Pat at SISU.

Warmup was a 800m run where everyone cut the corner except me and Jake.  I yelled at the class when we got back in.  It was kinda funny.

Onto the skill: the Romanian deadlift. I didn’t do great but I was getting it with Jake’s help.  I did end up getting like 325 for a 2 rep but my thumbs were being destroyed. But he kept me focused and we did pretty good work.

Workout of the Day
Romanian Deadlift
10min AMRAP
3 Elevated Push Ups 24/20
5 Push Ups
8 Box Jumps 24/20

This workout actually was quite the little burner, mostly because I was trying to compete with Craig, a guy at the gym.  It was friendly and fun but boy, while it was going all I wanted him to do was take a break!!!  But he just kept going so I had to as well..

The box jumps by round four were straight up killing me. My legs felt like logs and I just had to keep pushing.  I wanted to stay ahead of Craig and I wanted to burn the hell out of this 10 minute workout.

So 10 minute workouts are a funny thing. You see the time going and you think, “There’s not much time left so I have to keep going” – you think that the whole time… And the rep scheme was one that you could just do ’em and keep going.  But the box jumps were the worst.

I have to say I am very proud of myself on this workout. I pushed hard the whole time and I honestly can say that I don’t think I could have done too much more.  Maybe got a 13 or 14 but that’s about it… It was very fun and a great workout and I thanked Craig very much for it.

My Score 12+5



2014 – Workout #32

Monday Night with Pat at SISU.

A quick 400M run then go through some pushups, pullups, squats. I didn’t get through them all and I really should have but I wanted to save my hands a bit…  as for the pushups, I guess I got them in at home 🙂

We did a bunch of hamstring stretching, felt great. On a barbell low on the rack, lacrosse ball in there on a box, and some banded hamstring stretch.

Working on Hand Stand Push Ups. I did a few of them deep in boxes.. that’s massive deficit and it was awesome.  I got three in a row!!

Let’s workout.

Workout of the Day
5 Rounds
10 Deadlift 50%
10 Pull-up Strict

I decided to go with 225 on the deads, something I can do, something I wanted to make sure that I did with good form.  I didn’t want a sore back tomorrow. It was the right amount of weight, I think. However, it was doing work on my hook grip. Jake gave me shit about reverse grip and said that I didn’t need to do that… So I didn’t not a single set.  I really wanted to…

The first couple rounds of this workout were going ok, then the handstands and pull-ups got very hard… Especially the pullups.  They were just doing work on me.

The good: First set of handstand pushups all 10 strict and unbroken. Next set all strict, 7 and 3. The deads I worked hard at, I was doing my best to do them well and do them all unbroken. The second set I dropped the bar..that’s the only time. HSPUs in the box deficit was just so awesome, and people seemed to think it was good 🙂

The bad: I need to get better at pullups. I don’t know if I’m getting fatter or what but I need to work on these again. They were very rough.
My Time: 18:20 @ 225lbs



2014 – Workout #30

Tuesday night with Pat at SISU. On a day I wanted to skip, I almost did skip but I remembered something, show up.  I read something sometime that said when you want to skip the gym do two things 1) get in your car and go to the gym 2) Figure it out.   So thats what I was going to do.

The warmup was ok we did a 500M row that I actually felt OK at.  That first 400M always feels ok and after that its just shitty for me the whole time…  Good mornings felt really tight and then got better, so thats good.  Inch worms wreck shop on my hamstrings.  The hamstring stretch was the barbell low on the rack and just setting your leg on it and twisting the bar up and down… it felt pretty good actually.

One arm deadlift wasn’t the greatest for me but I did OK.  I ended up getting 225 in my right arm but couldn’t do it left.  Jake did well and got 285 in his right arm.  I just couldn’t grip the bar…

Weighted pull-ups were ok.  I was able to get 4 strict with the vest and the 30lb dumbbell.  Then I was able to do one with both items, that was pretty fun.

Workout of the Day
One Arm Deadlift
Weighted Pull-ups (30/20)
Max Effort
100 KB Swings (24/16)
50 Box Jumpes (24/20)
25M Handstand walk

And again on paper it doesnt’ seem so bad.  I wonder how many times I think and say that on this blog…
Turns out it was pretty hard.  I dive in to the kettlebells going like gang busters on them, I get 35 unbroken.  I then do about 18 more. Then its sets of 10-12 the rest of the way.  Except the last two it was like a 7 8.  I thought I was doing really well with them but about 1/2 the class beat me.

Oh Box jumps… I’m so slow.  I did jump every time no step ups (good) but it was taking me a long time and I was tired at these.  My legs felt like two heavy logs after yesterdays squatting.  And my groin doesn’t appreciate the step down…  Over all I simply did OK.

The handstand were tough.  I was getting a couple good holds but couldn’t walk.  When I would walk I got off track fast and these took me longer then expected. Most everyone was already done.

The good things about this workout for me were my first 35 unbroken KB. I did box jump every time, no step ups.

The bad things about this workout for me is I took too much rest during the KB sets.  I really should have done better. And box jumps I was pretty slow at.  And handstands just weren’t there tonight.

My time: 13:18



2014 – Workout #29

Todays warmup was not and is not my jam….  Everything about it I’m bad at / or hurts.  Doubles, not great at them and being distracted today did not help. Then we did bridge ups, pike sit-ups and wall squats.  I focused on the wall squats and stretching.  I am not great at pike situps… I can’t touch my toes over my head.

For the skill we were to work on front squats.  I got my lifting shoes on and I didn’t expect much. Jason came over asked me “if it was a heavy lifting day” I said no.  He then gave me some good tips (I think) on my injury. And I was just doing some sets.  Started at 45, felt ok.  Got on some 135, couple sets.  Front squats absolutely wreck my wrists.  I got up and did a 165 set of 5 then a 185 set of 5 then set of 3 and Suddenly I started feeling great.  I got in at a 205, at 3 reps 215 couple sets of 2 then set up and went 235 and set of two and then added 30lbs 265 for a set of three and it felt great.

Overall some tightness, and some pain but over all I felt good.

Lets workout.

Workout of the Day
Front Squat
Find your 3 rep max.
2 Sec Pause at bottom
10 Min AMRAP
3-6-9-12 (if you get done start at 3)
Front Squat 135/95
Push Press 135/95

OK I want to do well on this.  I want to get 90, so I am going to go pretty hard.  The first two sets I crush pretty good, and I want to beat everyone in the room, I am going to push hard through these next sets…  TO my surprise I went through all of the 9th set unbroken too, I couldn’t believe it…  In my head I was going to stop but I didn’t

The 12 set was pretty hard, I really wanted to do better at it but I broke up the push presses into four sets of 3.. My shoulders were burning…  The burpees murdered me…

Some good things, I squat clean every first rep.  I do not ever drop the bar before doing some push press.  I was way over my goal.
Some bad things, I rested like 30 seconds after finishing the set of 3 on the second set.

For the first time in a very long time I felt absolutely great about my workout today.  I left feeling awesome. The thing about crossfit, its this roller coaster ride some days its up some days its down.  A friend was telling me about a blog she follows and it said it reminded her of me.  And the big key was showing up. And its true, I show up.  When the coach says to do something I do it, when they give fine little pointers and see things I don’t I really try to listen. That makes days like today feel so good. Just one thing missing…  But over all I feel really good about today, and myself.  I’m sure tomorrow will crush me.

My Score: 106


2014 – Workout #28

Lifting with Whitney and Jake on a Sunday.

Jake and I did some pretty good work on the bench.  Getting some heavy high rep sets and then a couple one reps that went pretty good.  Did some nice dead stop work even at 255.


Clean and jerk was a bit different story.  I started off feeling pretty good. Some some fives, getting some split jerk in there, some push press all those working out great.  Then it got at the 225 clean and I struggled with it.  I need to work on it.


Failed at 245.  Jake of course makes it look easy at 245.

2014 – Workout #27

Saturday workout, pretty small group like 8 of us.

Workout of the Day
Teams of 3 (we had four)

110 Dubs
100 Squats
90 Wall Balls 20/14
80 sit-ups
70 KB Swings
60 Burpees
50 Box Jumps 24/20
40 Pull-Ups
30 Toes To Bar
10 Ring Dips
5 Bar Muscle Ups

Not to much to say about this workout.  There were some frustrating points and there was some good stuff too.  I worked pretty hard and I was able to help out some people that are new(ish) so that was good too.

We got through like 1.3 rounds of this in the 30 minutes.



2014 – Workout #26

Thursday night with Jason M at SISU

Start with a 400M run outside of course because its 40 and snow is melting. Then we dive into some shoulder smash, Whitney was my partner and she was doing OK, and it was a bit uncomfortable shes getting better at it, learning to center her weight. But Massie sees this as an opportunity to be a good friend.  He gets on there and is crushing me.  Whitney said he was popping up handstands on me… it was destruction and awesome.  And my shoulders felt great all night, first time in awhile.  We then start these little mini groups to go across the gym and do planks and jump overs. Someone jumps gets to the end gets in the plank new end jumps etc etc.  The planks wrecked me…  Then we did it back… ugh.  Then we did some crawl unders and bridges…. I am working hard at these.

Working on power cleans today, I decide to help a couple people and not focus so much on me, which is OK because I was still able to get a few sets in and also help people out with their cleans.  I did do a 3 rep 195, that was pretty good.  Whitney is going to be good at these when she can attach all the movements together.  Chris is well Chris and is good at everything but a few finer points and he will beast things.

Workout of the Day
Find your 3 rep max.
20 Min AMRAP
50 Dubs
10 Power Cleans
15 Ring Dips
20 Sit-ups

Getting after this wod I decided I was going to do the doubles the day I read this workout.  I knew it was the deal and I knew I wouldn’t do FANTASTIC.  So I also loaded up the bar with 185 for my cleans, I may as well get some good work in there on these.

The first round was hard, the ring dips were hard the cleans were hard I guess the situps went fine… But the dam double unders I just couldn’t get em.  I got one 9 in a row a couple 7’s and a few 5’s otherwise it was onesy twosy the whole way.  FRUSTRATING.  I spent OVER half this workout on doubles alone.

Ring dips I did strict and I did them OK.  I guess there may have been one or two questionable ones, but honnestly I felt great about these.  THough they did take a little longer then I wanted.

Cleans were heavy but I managed I made good form and got them going in doubles and sometimes triples.  First round I think I did 5.

Overall I am disappointed with my day.  But I have to get better, the only way I am going to get better is to do these workouts.  It shows me what I need to work on and it shows me that when I dont’ work on them I get punished.  Workouts like this are a punishment for me for NOT doing things like double under work.  So I lick my wounds go home and come back to fight another day.

My Score: 2 +20 dubs.