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2013 – Workout #55

Well today I ran my very first 5k Race.  I’ve never done it before and I haven’t ran anything since January 1st.  Its 8 degrees and afterwards I am jumping into a hole cut into the ice for a polar plunge.  Should be a great day!

Started the race off keeping up with the pack pretty good, a little too fast but I would settle down eventually.  I had to stop twice, once very quickly to get my pants off they weren’t going to make it the whole run, even in the cold.  But then I sprinted back up to get my spot in the race back.  The second time my shoe came untied, again got my spot right back.  That was a bit tougher because it was about 2 miles in.

I feel pretty good about this run because I kept a decent pace the entire time.  I ran with the same group of people pretty much and that helped.  I could see Bolin in front of me but I just couldn’t catch him.  If I had there was no way to sustain it.  He ran a good race, beat his previous time by two mins.  Dale the beat his goal of 40:00 by 6 seconds!  Fun time.

The end push I did pretty good, I ended up passing about 8 or so people in the last 300M or so.  I really had a good rush across the finish line.  My goal was 30-35 minutes.  With the cold and never having run a race, or been training to run at all.  I felt it was doable.  Look at that, I crushed my goal!

Now lets jump in the lake!

My time 27:48




2013 – Workout #1

I decided to go for a run tonight, not sure what inspired it but I knew It was time to get off my ass and do it.  I wanted to try out my new running watch. I got a garmin 410.

When I started I thought I would do about a mile, maybe two at the most.  I got started and just kind of kept going.  The split #3 was a point that I wanted to mark, it obviously wasn’t a mile. I ran this entire time without stopping, First time I’ve run in a very long time.  I even did it without headphones.  It felt great.  The end of the run was the walk down the street home.

I ran about 4 miles and some change.  The 5k Time was 32:30




A good way to start the year in my opinion.

2012 – Workout #132

Another Vacation workout

The plan

32 Minute Cap

10 Rounds
10 – Push-up
10 – Sit-up
10 – Squat

1 Minute Break

10 Minutes running

1 Minute Break

10 Rounds
10 – Push-up
10 – Sit-up
10 – Squat


After the run which turned out to be over a mile, I was pretty tired.  Even after a little longer break then I scheduled, (1 minute) I was really tired.  I Knew I wasn’t going to be able to finish all 10 rounds but I sure was going to go as far as I could.  I was able to finish up 5 rounds of it.

After the thrid round I told myself one more round and then at that point I told myself I could do one more, and I did.  I paid for it in terms of almost puking and being on the ground for awhile, but it was worth it.

2012 – Workout #87

Another night at SISU

It was going to be Pat tonight and as I was waiting for class to start it looked as if there wasn’t anyone else coming 🙁  Well at the last few minutes before class Brit showed up.

Warm Up:
400M Run
2x Bear Crawl
10 Pushups
10 T2B (Toes to Bar)
10 Sit Ups
10 Wall Balls

I am not feeling too good with the T2B, they are pretty much murdering my side, situps were actually not as bad as I thought they were going to be.  Otherwise warmup was pretty good.

The Board:

1 Mile Run
1k Row (1000 Meters)
1 Mile Run

As you can see the workout was changed from the one that others did.  This was Pat and Brits Idea I think.  Now being honest, I wasnt pleased with this change.  I really wasn’t.  I am not a runner by nature, I am not great at rowing, I use all arms and try to muscle it…  But as I was running the second mile I had to relax, I had to tell myself this is crossfit.  Always changing always something new.  I had to go with the flow.  Plus wtf is a wiper anyhow?!? 😉

This workout with the Row in the middle probably wouldn’t be able to be done with a larger group, Pat and Brits dad did this yesterday and it looked rough.  So I guess I should be happy that I was able to do it.  And you know what looking back, I am.

I got the first mile finished in about 9:35 or so, it wasn’t bad actually for me.  I felt like I did pretty good on the row, but my time was a bit slow I did rest for about 5 seconds at one point.  I think I did the row in about 6 minutes or so.  I guess I am not quite sure but I think my last mile was around 10 minutes so I am just guessing on my row time based on my final time.  Running / Rowing is hard.

My time 25:21 – About 4 minutes behind brit, she can run.  Not too bad considering pat did it in around 20:00 minutes and Brit’s Dad I think was right under 20:00.



2012 – Workout #83

Warmup 2:00 each on
Jump rope
Couch Stretch

2:00 of rowing sounds easy on paper, put into practice it isn’t all that easy.  But I wasn’t killing myself or anything and still was hard.  Got some pointers about the back motion but now I am trying to remember if its knees then arms or arms then knees… hrm…

Jump Rope I actually strung 4 double unders together, pretty awesome.

The Couch stretch is murder on me… One leg my ankle doesn’t like to lay flat the other leg was so tight that once I prop’d that other leg out in front it was pure hell…  The other leg was straight up pain. 2:00 not quite but I did the best I could…

The skill we worked on was the kipping pullup, it for me is more like a box jump.  I had no idea that was what was up so i was setting myself up a band jason said “put the fucking bands away”  Not using them today.  We walked through the motions.  The fucking bad asses like Malik and Amber breezed through this skill training they make it look so effortless. Ones a gymnast, the other is just awesome, well they are both awesome, ahhh you get the idea.

I on the other hand was having trouble, these motions are foreign to me and I am having trouble making it happen.  I think my brain doesn’t process it correctly.  I focus on the wrong things when trying to get these motions down.  But I am using a box to hop up and he keeps telling me to do certian things.  Well whenever he says I do it right it always feels wrong.  I have to get past these things.

The Board:
3 Rounds for time
30 Pullups
50M Broad Jump
150M Sprint
50M Broad Jump

Starting on the Kipping (Box Jumping) pullups, I am trying to work on my form instead of straight time, I want to do these things right in the future so I am focused on the get all the way down, my grip over the top (yes Jason I watched the video) and pushing back at the top.
Well those broad jumps are owning me.  My hands are getting ripped to friggin shreds. I am having trouble stringing more then 5 together, its hard and the sprints are a slow jog on one and two, the third one I did run hard.  I will have to post a pic of my hand but my left I ripped off a huge chunk of skin where a callas was. Not good.  Oddly enough I barely think about it as I plow through.  This workout took a lot longer and was a lot harder then I had thought it was going to be.

My time wasn’t great, my pull ups weren’t great, all in all a huge disappointment to this workout.  It just never gets easier, ever.

I thought the pullups were going to be the hardest thing in this workout, and I was wrong.   The hardest thing was the (75M at least) Broad jump in the front and back of that run, man that was hard to do them for so long.

My time 20:42 with what are some lame ass attempts at kipping pullups… ugh.

The Board



2012 – Workout #60

Its 8:11AM on a saturday, I can’t remember when I was even thinking about being up at this time on a Saturday.  By 8:20 i was up and out of bed brushing my teeth trying to wake up.  Grab a cliff bar and some water and get in to the car.  After I setup the sprinkler of course, can’t even do things EXACTLY as intended.

Another day at crossfit, I guess its kind of contagious, especially when you have so far to come.  I awkwardly wander into a group of people that I don’t know, they all seem to know each other, I dont’ know anyone.  Not even Jason was there (right away) so I wander around read stuff on the boards etc.  Pat came up to greet me, what an awesome dude!  Talked a little bit about things I didn’t know anything about but was willing to try, today those are thrusters.  Essentially its a squat with a push press, or thats what I know of them.

Jason did make an appearence, cofee in hand, I was going to give him a hard time but then I thought thats a bad idea because of a couple reasons.  One he probably has done more this week then I have done in the last four, check that more in the past four days then I have in the past four weeks.  Two it wouldn’t take but one poke at my gut that I would get the message.  The dudes fucking earned it.  But still thats really never stopped me from giving someone a hard time before….

Pat and Jason are talking, covering things.  More and more people filter in, getting to be around 20 people at this point.  Start talking more, i’m introducing myself and embarssily explaining my previous workout routines….  Then I read the board.

600 / thrusters 75/45
400 / burpees x2
200 / situps x 3

So my first thought was confusion.  Then scared, 400 burpees, yeah fucking right, wanna be here until Monday?  200 situps, I haven’t done 200 situps in the past year…  The thrusters are really the only thing that didn’t scare me but even at 600 its going to be awhile to finish those.

I’m at the end he says call out a number one next person two next person one, so I start “ONE” guy next to me “Two” guy next to me “…. …. …. ”  Ok lets start over “ONE” guy next to me “TWO”  go on go on.  Thats the team, OK its a team thing, well these numbers are low…  “Now find a partner on the other team to “tag” someone found me, I can’t remember her name but she was really nice.

Ok so then its all more clear as he explains…  one person runs the other does the strength part.  Add up your numbers (simply writing them down on the floor with chalk) team with the highest reps wins.  Ok not so bad I’m thinking.  Then we warm up a quick 800 or so, but 1/2 the people “grab some weight Pat says, I almost grabbed my gut…. and said “I got enough weight for EVERYONE here” but I digress.

She wanted to run first, she says shes a horrible runner, I thought you haven’t met me yet….  But here WE GO!

I start up on these thrusters doing 85 (10 more then the board because of bar deals w/e imaboss so lets move on) I’m beasting these things.  I can’t say its my best form, I will get better but to be honest the form of setting it on my chest as I go down wasn’t happening, I don’t bend that far or something, but I tried.  I  did really good on these though, she was a bit slow but no slower then me.  I got 31, pretty good I thought.

I start my 600 run, its further then I had thought, and I am tired, tired where I would normally quit or walk, but I push on.  Get back in start up on burpees, get to five and have to stop, I really thought I may throw up here.  Push on to get to only 13.  Head out start my 400, here I did have to walk for just about 10 seconds but keep moving.  Get in start up on burpees, i’m going OK I get to like 4 have to rest I am REALLY tired at this point, I get to 8 and POOF shes back…. I am thinking something is wrong here but whatever I’m too tired to ask questions.  Start the second 400 while running it I realize that she may have ran a 200 in the confusion, I dont’ care though because it got me done with those dam burpees.

Start up on situps, start strong get to about 10 and then all the sudden I hit a wall, a wall of pure tired I am going to die kinda tired and trying to push through = severe thoughts of sucide, my body is pissed at me and will only do about 4 more situps before I am back out the door running a 200.  A slow paced 200 with people cheering me on every time they are going back or when someone passes me.  I hit the situps, now I am tired, now I couldn’t bring myself to count some of these half assed situps, I feel good about 8 of them.  Out to running another 200, I’m going OK and get back to the situps, I am actually pushing hard at this point I think I got 13, hit the 200 and I am gonna run hard no matter what.  I am pushing and then I am pushing harder and I am going to finish running fast (my version of fast) not a slow pace!  And thats what I do finish fast, fast enough her situps were only 20, from the original 37 she got the first time.

About 24:45 or 25:00 of pure workout awesomeness.  Talking to Pat at the end he says “what did ya think” I say with my face so red it probalby looked likea tomato, “it was difficult” “good though right?” says Pat.  I said yup I’ll be back on Monday.  “You just can’t get this level of intensity and workout all by yourself” And he is right you can’t.

I saw a girl dressed to the nines as a cyclist, spandex, helmet, sunglasses, camel pack etc, probably in her late 30’s on the way home.  She was walking her bike up a hill long difficult hill.  At the top she hopped back on and started up.  His words about getting workout that intense on your own sure made a whole lot of sense at that point.

The more I think about it the more I see that you always have far to come, not matter how far along you are there is someone in front of you.  No matter how many reps you do there is someone doing more,  heavy weight, yeah you guessed it the dude next to you has more.

So I am going to keep going back until I’m the one in front, until I’m the guy that the dude or girl next to me is trying to keep up with, and push myself further then I thought I could.

2012 – Workout #55

A run tonight, it actually went pretty good compared to the previous run.  Hope to get another one of these runs in this week.  And of course 100 pushups



2012 – Workout #53

A run tonight, it went badly but it went.  Did about 4.5 miles, everything went wrong.  I was tired from the start, my phone stopped GPS’ing (later about 3 miles in started up again) I had to stop and walk about every 1/2 mile, I would do some pushups during that time then my shoulder go so sore I could barely stand it.  While running I was shadow boxing kind of thing to make it feel better, and it did.

I am happy i didn’t quit the 100 times I wanted to.

2012 – Workout #50

A four mile run tonight, not my best, and I am a bit disappointed but it took a lot for me to drag myself out there and I am proud that I pushed through and did it.


4/4/12 Run

4/4/12 Run

2012 – Workout #46

Tonight I ran to the gym and worked out and then ran home!  Legit workout for me.  I know its only a little over a mile one way to the gym but that workout in the middle makes a difference.  Mentally preparing to lift heavy, and to run is a big step for me.

Bench Press 135×15 155×12 185×8 205×6 225×3 275×3 275×4 275×5.75 (a little help on that 6th)

Incline dumbbell press 75×6 75×6

Dips 12 12

Dumbbell flys 30×8

I worked in two sets of pushups as well.  But I was spent!

Then the run home…. eek!