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Timberwolf Workout

Workout of the Day
Group Workout
4:00 Each Station (Max Effort)
3 Times at each Station
Rowing (Calories)

My Partners were Erin and Miles

Our Score 904

My Cal rows were 60’s 50’s 50’s

2012 – Workout #91

Another night at SISU

The warmup was actually pretty hard.  The run situps pushups etc was pretty normal but then we got into some Rowing.  And I dont’ row very often.  Jason B now on the other hand is pretty good at it.  Not only that he breaks it down for us, pretty cool.

Legs – Back – Hands – Hands – Back – Legs

I kept reapting that in my head trying to do it slow, it felt pretty good to be honest.  The the three of us Alex, Steve and I were going to do little races.  250M races… then a bit of rest, 3 rounds… This is the warmup still.  I’m BEAT after this.  After some showing how to get some quick starts I was able to do pretty good with this.

The workout looks to be a BEAR.  This guy is going to work me tonight, its gonna be sick.  I can’t do double unders (yet) so I will have to do singles, Wall balls I am OK with gonna have to push through em, my legs are sore but whatever.  Then the bitch, the thing that murders me.  Pullups.  Oh well lets do it

The first 21 actually weren’t too bad.  I work in about five double unders in my jump rope time.  The wallballs I plow through, getting yelled at once to make sure I go down far enough.  But finish them at an OK pace.  The pullups I do a few on my own and then grab a green fatty band.  I am working through these in sets of five, doing OK.

The second set, wow that second set actually wasn’t doing me any favors…. I was tired, I was soaked, and I am getting discouraged on the pullups.  I get asked to scale it, gosh dammit.

The next two sets I do 9 reps each, I am OK getting this work done.  Making them good getting deep in my squat, working a double under or two when I can. Making sure my pullups are all the way down all the way up.  I notice I am pretty much caught up and doing good, I got a good second wind.  The last set I do 21, I wanted to do that because I could.

In the wod during my set of 15 Jason B asked me to scale down the work, Doing my set of 9 then staying at 9 and focusing on making my reps count.  I did this for the second 15 set but then I went back up to 21 after that to finish, I should have done better.

My Time 18:04 – Scaled.