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Timberwolf 112415

Workout of the Day
10 Min AMRAP
1 Rope Climb
10 Dumbbell Snatch
30 Double Unders

My Score 4Rds +11

2014 – Workout #7

The warmup that is cut off on the image was:

400M Run (this actually hurt a lot)
10 OHS (I used pvc)
10 Ring Dips (these were hard some were ugly)
10 Pull-Ups (I did two sets of five, what happened to my pull-ups?)
20 Sit-Ups (Ok I am sore from yesterdays little few I did…)
10 Good Mornings (I didn’t get to finish these as we moved into….)

We did some Burgener warmup with the bar to get ready for the snatches.  We did quite a bit actually, a lot of holding the bar in the snatch hook grip.  I was sweating like crazy, my hands were cashed and it was fun.  The snatch balance is such a cool skill, I wish I could OHS, I will someday mark my words..

Then we did some stuff with snatch grip dead lift.  Now keep in mind I haven’t touched a barbell for the most part for close to 6 weeks.  So Yeah I was a bit skeptical.  I worked around with 135 and then some 155 and feelign confident I did pull 225 a couple times, but I could feel some pain so I stopped.  But I did feel pretty good about these sets.

Now lets try this workout…

Workout of the Day
4 Rounds
10 Snatch (squat) 50% 1rm
2 Rope Climbs

Well this didn’t appear to be too hard for my first week back, and boy was I wrong…  Those rope climbs were straight up hard, they were killing me. Not too much to say about the snatch, but I have to say I am glad it was a squat snatch, that actually made this workout.  And with 65lbs I was able to do quite a few reps that felt great.  I want to work on this skill more.

The last rope climb was almost my bloody death as I had ZERO Grip strength left, (that was gone round 3) and it was pure will that brought me up that dam rope…

Laying there sweating, very sick feeling, in a lot of pain.  Surrounded by a few friends whom sweat with me…. god its good to be back.

My Time 16:17 (65lbs)



2013 – Workout #96

Wednesday Night at SISU

Workout of the Day
For time
50 Toes to Bar Pull Ups
40M Bear Crawl
30 Box Jumps
40M Bear Crawl
20 Pistols
40M Bear Crawl
10 Rope Climbs

This workout was straight up hard, straight up a giant kick in the face.  There wasn’t one thing in here that I am very strong at.  And it was a rough workout.

First and foremost starting any workout with 50 toes to bar pull-ups is going to be rough, even more so when you do them strict.  I was really working through these…  Toss in these bear crawls between I am spent.

The rest of the workout was somewhat of a blur, until the rope climbs…  Those were NOT a blur they were hard.  They took everything that I had in order to complete them, and I barely did in time.  I almost fell twice.  I only had one failed attempt.

My time: 29:59



2013 – Workout #88

Saturday morning butt camp at SISU with Jason

On our own for warmup some of us Ran some rowed others chatted. I did some pushups and a few pullups and a run.  Dive into this mess!

Workout of the Day
Max Effort for 3 Minutes:
100M Overhead Lunge (45/25)
Double Unders
Shoot Through
Rope Climb
Kettlebell Swing (24/16)
10M Shuttle Run
Ball Slam (30/20)

Liz and I paired up for the event.  I do enjoy working out with her, shes fun and works out hard all the time its a good combo.  We decided to start with the rope climbs.  Later we found that was a bad idea.  But I did 6 of them pretty good when I really never climb rope.

I wont’ go through each hole and the efforts for each but Liz destroyed me on a number of them, some of them ones I thought I was good at.  That was tough.  This workout was insanely hard.  Like crazy.

If I wanted to get a better score I could have, I should have written down the levels because I was one rep in three cases to a better score and over on a number of them that I could have rested on and saved it for the next hole.  But that really isn’t the point of this event, its max effort for the time, and I gave that on every one.  Some were just sad, ball slams were awful.  Double unders awful.  Oh well theres always next year.

My Score 49


041313_buttcamp2 041313_buttcamp

2013 – Workout #71

Wednesday Night with Pat at SISU

Warmup was a 500M Row and then some standard 10 push-up, sit-up, back extension, squats, pull-ups.  I worked my squats against the wall, really working on making my squats better. The 500M row was actually pretty hard, I went at it pretty hard anyhow, chasing Liz who started before me.

Workout of the Day
5 Rounds for Time
10 Deadlift (185/135)
20 Push-Ups
1 Rope Climb

Rope climbs!  First time in a workout that I have gotten to do a rope climb!

I want to crush this workout, and I really should.  Though later in the day the 15 push-ups turned into 20 so it won’t be quite apples to apples but either way I am strong at push-ups.  But the rope climbs are the wild card.

First round all unbroken and flew through it, second round push-ups I had to break em up… This surprised me.  I was also surprised at my ability to climb rope!  I just didn’t think about it and I went at it.  I actually did pretty good.  Not great but pretty good.

All deadlifts unbroken!  Pushups were the hardest part and I had to go push hard to finish strong.  Very VERY fun workout.

My Time: 9:29