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Four Months left – Q20k

I want everyone to finish this, I want everyone to remember why they signed up for this in January.  I know everyone had different reasons for starting and some have different reasons for the position they are in.  I know there are a few people that have had a difficult summer, some others that have been hurt and injured.  But everyone here has done in the thousands of pushups and everyone here has the capability to spend just a few minutes a day to reach their goal.  No matter how far behind you think you are remember you can still reach your goal it just make take just a few minutes longer.

So take some time do a set or two.  Do them during commercial breaks, do them before you hop in the shower, do them when you wake up in the morning, do them before you go to sleep at night.  I promise you will notice a difference!  You want to go a bit further?  Work in a few situps.  Want to do them a bit different?  Try turning your hands sideways, or even backwards!  Put your hands close together, prop your feet up, suspend yourself upside down!  There are so many ways to make this challenge something that can make a positive change in your life.  At the cost of just a few minutes a day, maybe you can’t watch honey boo boo win another pageant, or miss a play or two of a sports game, or maybe you die an extra time in the video game you are playing.

All those things are small in comparison to the big changes that engaging your brain in doing something simple like a few pushups will have in you life.

If you aren’t checking in with me, please try to!  Call, Email, Text, Facebook, whatever is easiest for you,  I want to hear from you


Well I have completed the Q20 by doing the 20,000 pushups!!!!  I am not stopping however, I want to keep going!

If you are doing this challenge with me, and you haven’t sent me numbers in a while please do.  The easiest for me is an email with a date and a number of pushups.  If its been a long time please seperate them

2012 – Workout #72

This Saturday I got Lisa to join me in some fun!  Two days in a row getting people to come work out with me, I feel pretty special actually 🙂  I get a text at a little after 8:00am, its Lisa “Sorry I’m early” My text back “I’ll be right out”  That means I have to get up get dressed and brush my teeth.  That takes me about 4 minutes.  This is because I plan ahead most nights I have my clothes picked out and layed out for myself the night before.  I am not a morning person.  That is the most understated comment I’ll make on this blog…

Pat was leading the workout.  Hes planned ahead and got most of the entire workout up on the board BEFORE we got started.  Lisa and I got there pretty early.  Milling about, talking to Lisa to let her know now to be nervous.  Pat is being Pat, awesome and super reassuring.  Lisa and I are talking about the board and there isn’t a thing on there she can’t do!   We need groups of four, I joke with Lisa and say I’m ditching her 😉  “NOOO!”  She says.  Another group with H-Lo and Heather split their third off and get me and Lisa.  Now we only have to remember one name, Heather.  Easy!

H-Lo is pretty awesome, shes a level 1 certified trainer and for Lisa (and myself) thats awesome.  Shes helping Lisa out and I reap the rewards of this by paying close attention.  We are doing a pretty normal warmup, little run and just going through the movements on what we are going to be doing this morning.  Lisa is having a bit of a mental block about the box jump, so heather is helping her by stacking weghts one at a time, each one she is fine all the way to the height of the box, but as soon as its back to the box… a little gun shy.  Oh well lets workout.

three 7 minute AMRAP’s.  Two minute break in between.  Teams of four.

First one is a person is doing 20 lunges while the other three do Kettle Bell, Ball Slam, Back extension.  7 minutes of this.  I decide one round is when you get all four done.  We did 3 1/2 rounds.

Second one is 50M sprints.  Now this is going to be something.  I always tell everyone I play ball with that the basepath is to be sprinted on, run hard!  I told myself starting this that its just bases ( a bit longer but whatever ) and that I would run them hard EVERY SINGLE TIME.  I pushed at these, I ran every one hard.  A couple people were cheering me on as I did each one.  It was kind of a tag system.  Tag someone they run down to the other end tag run back etc etc.  It was a lot of work.  I think I got either 13 or 15, we aren’t sure Lisa and I had conflicting numbers.  I feel like I am going to throw up after we finish 7 minutes of that.

Last one burpee box jumps, YUCK!  Whats funny is after Pat introduced Lisa and then the workout one of the guys said something along the lines of burpee box jumps you need to get outta here!  These were gonna be hard.

Now I am already really tired and these are starting to get to me.  Me and H-Lo are swapping reps and going at an OK pace.  I have to break for a second and I am tried.  She gets two while I break, she doesn’t look pleased… 🙂  But I am back to it and 3:30 has passed 1/2 way there!  I am watching Lisa and she is kicking butt on these things.  She is keeping a nice steady pace and not stopping!  Now a good tune hits the radio (surprised because pat normally sucks with the music)  and now I feel like I have a ton of energy and I am setting a pace and pushing hard.  Heather takes a break, I plow through three or four really fast reps! I push until the end of the time.

I stager over for my water, find the fan in the back and collapse.  Surprisingly I’m not like I am going to die tired, more of a if I did die right now I wouldn’t be too surprised tired.  So that was nice.  Those sprints really took a dent outta me but boy am I glad I went hard.

Lisa and heather are doing things I don’t understand about mobility, and stretching I do my best to pay attention but I missed a lot of it.  Also I not flexible (wait this is the new understated statement of the blog) and I am always embarrassed to do anything related to mobility.  If there was a picture of  what someone who isn’t mobile looks like, it would be me.

I mean just Friday pat asked me to let my arms go all the way down, I’m like they are….  He’s like no they are bent!  …  …  They weren’t.  He actually like pulled to see if I was messing with him.  I wasn’t.  He was a bit taken back by it, or at least it seemed that way to me.  He and Jason both say it will get better.  I believe that.  I’ve done more stretching in the last four weeks then I have the last 10 years.  But until then I get to be embarrassed and ashamed of my current ability on that front.

Talking to Jon afterwards he complimented me on running hard during the sprints and he was wrapping up his leg a bit as he pulled something.  But he said something like when he saw me pushing so hard he wanted to go faster too!  So that was a huge compliment for me.  It was nice to be someone whom others look at and say “if he can do it so can I.”  I even heard from a few people in the class say “you are fast!”  though I just think maybe it looks that way because my legs are so short.






2012 – Workout #69

Tonights workout was fun, getting to do more barbell work which is awesome.  Got to do some stretching at the start which is awesome, and I need it.

So starting out on the roller, I went with one that didn’t have a million spikes in it that look like something out of a horror movie.  Starting out working on the back and then switching to the side, it hurts, i’m sweating already….  We did some other warm up type stuff like bear crawls and some hands over head walking lunges or things of that nature.

Skill work – Yes barbell and lifting!!!  Snatch – DAMMIT i’m bad at these!  But hey heres a time to get better.  I’m working on them, I will get better at these and then put up some awesome weight I just know it!  Everytime I do them I feel a little more comfortable doing them.

Jason is watching me do a few and then says “wow” at couple of them,

Jason: “you are really pushing your head through there”
Me: “that bad?”
Jason: “See this scar right here” Pointing a line across his forehead.
Me:  “Yeah…”

So I guess I have to watch that.  But its hammered to keep it close to your body, I guess there is such a thing as too close.  Those things are when you bash your knees because you aren’t getting them back, and / or bashing your forehead…

I ended up doing just 115 but thats not too bad for me since I am still trying to get this form down.  I did however notice after posting this that he said on the last set do an OHS, I forgot to do this.

For the WOD he erases somethings about 9 pushups and writes MAX and the something that says SDHP, no bleeping idea what that is.  Apprantly its sumo dead lift that you pull to your chin.  I’m sure HP is something pull but I just don’t remember.  Never done a sumo deadlift before, this should be fun.  Plus max pushups NO PROBLEM i’ve been doing pushups since Jan 1st i’m gonna kick this things ass.

One little trick though, you have to lift your hands off the ground at the bottom of each pushup, forcing you to get your whole body down, should’t be too much of a problem.

I’m putting things together in my head, OK 10 minutes 6 sumo’s and then as many pushups as I can.  I start to think about how many I think I can do I come up with a goal in my head, 200.  Doesn’t seem too bad thats just 20 each time.

3 – 2 – 1 GO

We start on sumo’s I go pretty fast, in fairness Jason had me use the girls weight, dont’ worry its not emasculating at all…. Whatever I’ll kick the pushups asses then.  Pop down for my pushups I get 28 when its the top of the minute, I am happy with this number.  I will say that I did forget on about 5 of them to lift my hands, so keep that in mind.

Second set of sumo’s again easy, light weight.  I’m trying not to blast my chin with the bar because i’m trying to be intense about the pull, but again its light.  Pushups I get 18, ok ok not too bad close to my 20 / minute thought.

Third – 6th sets the sumo’s are fine, I’m focused on trying to do them right and have good form.  I’m getting a bit tired so the form isn’t staying the best but still pretty good considering I’ve never done them.  Or for that matter really never have done dead lifts.  The pushups however have taken a dive.  I am getting 10 per set now, the 200 ship has sailed… or has it?!?  Can I still do it?

Seventh set = wall, seven minutes in I’m fine with the sumo’s I’m now laying in a puddle of my sweat breathing so heavy and attempting to still get pushups, but I physically cannot do them, I count 8 that I am OK with counting there were some 1/2 attempts and other garbage I couldn’t count.

Eighth & ninth sets I’m actually somewhat recovered, I feel better and I plow though 10 pushups and the sumo’s easy.

tenth set I finish hard and want to do more then before so I push push push and get 11.

136 – A far cry from my goal.  I do however plow through a few more at home just to work those pushups a bit more for the q20k.


Here is the board – I guess I didn’t do too bad!






Q20k Updated

I updated the numbers on the Q20k page.  Don’t quit!

2012 – Workout #57

Well a lot of adversity was passed to do this workout.  First I worked until 7:30ish, I knew i was going to be there late so I brought a bag.  that bag was missing a few things… workout shorts, not big deal I’ll wear the panda shorts…  No music, ok ok still have music there…. no shoes?!?!  I turned to leave but then I said no way I’m gonna get this done!  Worked out in my dress shoes and socks…

Back tonight

Pullups – 3 sets of 10 assisted, these felt good

Lat Pulls – 2 sets of 10 @ 145

Bent over rows 2 sets of 10 @ 135, these were a struggle

Seated rows 2 sets of 10 @ 160, had to move to 145 to finish

Also worked in 100 pushups

2012 – Workout #55

A run tonight, it actually went pretty good compared to the previous run.  Hope to get another one of these runs in this week.  And of course 100 pushups



2012 – Workout #54

With a sore shoulder I thought I should lift arms instead of some pushing.

Straight bar curls 45×16 65×12 75×8 85×6 85×3 95×4 95×3 95×3 (rough heavy sets)

Skull crushers 55×16 75×8 105×6 105×6 105×6

Seated curls 50×6 50×6

Standing Tricept pushdowns 8×8 8×8

Standing dumbell curls 45×8

Standing dumbell tricept 100×6

chin ups two sets of 10, these were friggin hard.

Pushups felt good, worked in 100 while working out.

2012 – Workout #53

A run tonight, it went badly but it went.  Did about 4.5 miles, everything went wrong.  I was tired from the start, my phone stopped GPS’ing (later about 3 miles in started up again) I had to stop and walk about every 1/2 mile, I would do some pushups during that time then my shoulder go so sore I could barely stand it.  While running I was shadow boxing kind of thing to make it feel better, and it did.

I am happy i didn’t quit the 100 times I wanted to.

2012 – Workout #52

Shoulders tonight

Military Press 65×16 65×12 85×10 105×6 135×3 155×4 155×4 155×4

Dumbell shoulder press 55×6 55×6

Upright rows 120×6 120×6

Dumbbell pours 35×6

Did 120 pushups in between sets