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2014- Workout #44

This was a fun workout with my buddy Jake ūüôā

2014 ‚Äď Workout #29

Todays warmup was not and is not my jam…. ¬†Everything about it I’m bad at / or hurts. ¬†Doubles, not great at them and being distracted today did not help. Then we did bridge ups, pike sit-ups and wall squats. ¬†I focused on the wall squats and stretching. ¬†I am not great at pike situps… I can’t touch my toes over my head.

For the skill we were to work on front squats. ¬†I got my lifting shoes on and I didn’t expect much. Jason came over asked me “if it was a heavy lifting day” I said no. ¬†He then gave me some good tips (I think) on my injury. And I was just doing some sets. ¬†Started at 45, felt ok. ¬†Got on some 135, couple sets. ¬†Front squats absolutely wreck my wrists. ¬†I got up and did a 165 set of 5 then a 185 set of 5 then set of 3 and Suddenly I started feeling great. ¬†I got in at a 205, at 3 reps 215 couple sets of 2 then set up and went 235 and set of two and then added 30lbs 265 for a set of three and it felt great.

Overall some tightness, and some pain but over all I felt good.

Lets workout.

Workout of the Day
Front Squat
Find your 3 rep max.
2 Sec Pause at bottom
10 Min AMRAP
3-6-9-12 (if you get done start at 3)
Front Squat 135/95
Push Press 135/95

OK I want to do well on this. ¬†I want to get 90, so I am going to go pretty hard. ¬†The first two sets I crush pretty good, and I want to beat everyone in the room, I am going to push hard through these next sets… ¬†TO my surprise I went through all of the 9th set unbroken too, I couldn’t believe it… ¬†In my head I was going to stop but I didn’t

The 12 set was pretty hard, I really wanted to do better at it but I broke up the push presses into four sets of 3.. My shoulders were burning… ¬†The burpees murdered me…

Some good things, I squat clean every first rep.  I do not ever drop the bar before doing some push press.  I was way over my goal.
Some bad things, I rested like 30 seconds after finishing the set of 3 on the second set.

For the first time in a very long time I felt absolutely great about my workout today. ¬†I left feeling awesome. The thing about crossfit, its this roller coaster ride some days its up some days its down. ¬†A friend was telling me about a blog she follows and it said it reminded her of me. ¬†And the big key was showing up. And its true, I show up. ¬†When the coach says to do something I do it, when they give fine little pointers and see things I don’t I really try to listen. That makes days like today feel so good. Just one thing missing… ¬†But over all I feel really good about today, and myself. ¬†I’m sure tomorrow will crush me.

My Score: 106


2014 ‚Äď Workout #13

Tonight is going to be real tough. ¬†I’m on my third or fourth day or maybe more I don’t remember and I’m feeling really sluggish and kinda weak today. ¬†But I need to get a workout in that’s for sure.

For the warmup we just did some mobility which was awesome and much needed. ¬†And then we did some things in the bottom of our squat where we would jump – the jump well it hurt… ¬†The bottom of my squat surprisingly enough felt pretty good actually.

Workout of the Day
2 Attempts at Max Wall Balls
20 Min AMRAP
10 Push Press (95/65)
15 Pullups
30 Squats

So for my wall balls my goal is 40. I’ve done 50 some in a row before, but I knew the way I was feeling and being gone for so long that just wasn’t a possibility. ¬†Honestly though 40 is a pretty good number and one I should be able to do. ¬†Well I go to 38 or 39 and I let it go, I was feeling tight and I was tired.

The workout was pretty rough… ¬†the pullups were straight up killing my time and were very difficult. ¬†I was pushing through them though, getting some sets of 3, but I had to kip a few times. ¬†My hands that were almost healed ripped open again, but I had taped em up and they were doing all in all pretty good but did hurt. ¬†Push press I did good, I actually didn’t just sit there and strict it and I was able to do all sets unbroken. ¬†Squats were OK, I took some breaks but for the most part did them pretty good.

My Score 4+19



2013 – Workout #

My first fight gone bad. ¬†I thought I had done this before but I haven’t, would explain the absolute awful feeling I have after the first round… ¬†Man I really REALLY declined, I can do much better and I will.

My Score 249


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2013 ‚Äď Workout #116

I didn’t get out of work until late and was going to miss the crossfit class but still wanted to get some work in.

I spent some time doing some strict press work that turned into a 3 rep heavy push press topping out somewhere around 225 (again for a 3 rep) ¬†3 rep strict press fell apart around 195 or 205…

Worked on some deadlift posture.  A few rounds of some backsquat just needed to get some work in.


2013 ‚Äď Workout #105

I decided to go to lifetime before I met up with some friends tonight.  I had a craving to get some weight moving around a bit.  Plus its always fun to have people look at you funny when doing a power clean at lifetime.

I got on the bench and successfully put up 305 once and a second time with assistance.  I was able to do some work at 285 and below a lot of sets.  Jumped onto some floor dumbbell presses went to 75 and a set of 10.

I did a set of pull-ups.  Some Curls.  Cleans and then some cleans with a push press at the end.  Then some strict press all pretty fun stuff.

Everytime I go into a lifetime I miss the crossfit gym more and the sterile yet stagnant look of lifetime.  Though I do enjoy seeing people at the gym doing work, trying to get better.

2013 ‚Äď Workout #70

Monday night with Jason at SISU

Warm up was a few minutes of jump rope that actually did a decent number on my already sore legs.  We did some lunges with pass throughs.  And then some reverse lunges with pass throughs.

Next we got some PVC and worked on some Snatch Balance.  This was actually really helpful in getting to feel how the process of the snatch lift goes.  This was fun work doing the three different stages.

We spent the next 10-15 minutes doing some over head squat work.  I did only the bar and lots of sets and reps.  I would say a solid 1/4 of them were good.  I seem to always end up on the outside of my feet.  or inside and bringing knees in or not low enough.  But it was good to work on these.

Workout of the Day
3 Rounds for Time
15 Push Press (135/95)
20 Back Squat

Its like someone knew I needed to have a good workout, and tailor made on for me. This is it.  The 135 scares a lot of folks probably but not me, I actually made a different mistake, thinking it would be too light!

First set all unbroken. ¬†Second set all the sudden I’m tired on the press… What?!? ¬†Tired on a press? ¬†Well I mean I’ve done about a million of these dam presses over the past couple days… ¬†But yeah I got tired… ¬†I broke up Round 2 into sets of five on the press and 10’s on the back squat.

Round 3 was rough, it was hard and I was tired… I did three and then three more and then two then four then three. ¬†The back squats I wanted unbroken but my form went to hell so I reset shook it out and finished good.

My time 7:30




2013 ‚Äď Workout #69

Sunday at SISU with Pat

Not going to write too much about this but a second attempt at 13.2. ¬†I wanted to do better, I didn’t. ¬†I was / am pretty upset by it. ¬†This is the first time that I have really just failed at something I thought I could do. ¬†I disappointed myself, the people watching and I just have to deal with it.

Workout of the Day
CrossFit Games Open 13.2
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
5 Shoulder-to-overhead (115/75 lbs)
10 Deadlifts (115/75 lbs)
15 Box jumps (24″/20″)

My Score: 205

2013 ‚Äď Workout #67

13.2 at SISU

Workout of the Day
CrossFit Games Open 13.2
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
5 Shoulder-to-overhead (115/75 lbs)
10 Deadlifts (115/75 lbs)
15 Box jumps (24″/20″)

My goal was 210, i didn’t make it. ¬†I had a strategy and I dont’ know how well it worked. ¬†It was a ton of work and I pushed the entire time. ¬†I think I will try to re-do this workout.

The boxjumps are just straight up hard, I went to hard at the start. ¬†I needed to pace and just be better. ¬†This workout was well thought out…

My Score: 207


2013 ‚Äď Workout #54

Friday night with Jason at SISU

Pretty short warmup with just some stretching and some lunges types of things. Good because this workout is going to be a bear.

Workout of the Day
Filthy 35
Box Jumps 24/20
Jumping Pull-ups
Kettlebell Swing 24/16
Walking Lunge – Weighted (45/25)
Knees to Elbow – Weighted (14/10)
Push Press (65/45)
Back Extensions
Wall Ball (25/16)
Burpees with Squat
Double Unders

So its 35 reps of each of those. ¬†You can do them in any order but you have to finish then entire 35 before you can move on. ¬†I kind of did them in an order at which the hard things would be first and then kind of where I wouldn’t burn out a single body part.

For example I wasn’t going to do the weighted lunges right after the wall balls. I think I did them in a pretty good order for myself. ¬†I feel I have room for¬†improvement¬†but over all I feel great about this workout.

35 reps is just enough to suck for about any of these movements.  The worst was the kees to elbows with the wall ball.  That was horrid.  Wall balls with the slam ball Рno fun.

Jason continues to find new ways to make burpees suck even more. ¬†Burpees with a squat. ¬†So burpee, stand all the way up, squat, then jump…. oh the humanity.

The saving grace to this was 21 double unders, that was pretty sweet!  And I crushed the press.

5k in less than 12 hours?!?

My time 32:11