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2013 – Workout #76

Wednesday night with Pat at SISU

Warmup finally included some mobility which I love it when they do that.  So some wall sits (hip mobility) some nice slow lunges and squats good chit chat while doing it.  Then some quad rolling, and then some pushups with hand twisting.

Workout of the Day
Front Squat
Find your 1 rep max.
Tabata Front Squat (4 mins 20 sec on 10 sec off)
Lowest number is your score

Then we started up on some front squats.  I did pretty good at this actually.  A lot better then I had initially thought I would.  I think I can attribute that to the mobility to start the workout and a rest day and getting my diet under control after a bad few meals.

My sets looked like this:
45×10 – 85×8 – 135×6 – 165×4 – 185×2 – 225×1 – 225×1 – 255×1 – 275×1 – 295×1

I did put on 315 but I took it off the rack and my dang wrists were just killing me. So I just put it back on the rack and setup for the next part.

65lb 4 minute tabata 20 seconds on 20 seconds off.

First round I got 14 then the next three I got 10, then an 11 then two more 10s and the final round I got a 12.  I felt pretty good about the workout but those 10’s could have maybe been a bit higher, but I actually was getting tired!

My Score 10




2013 – Workout #55

Well today I ran my very first 5k Race.  I’ve never done it before and I haven’t ran anything since January 1st.  Its 8 degrees and afterwards I am jumping into a hole cut into the ice for a polar plunge.  Should be a great day!

Started the race off keeping up with the pack pretty good, a little too fast but I would settle down eventually.  I had to stop twice, once very quickly to get my pants off they weren’t going to make it the whole run, even in the cold.  But then I sprinted back up to get my spot in the race back.  The second time my shoe came untied, again got my spot right back.  That was a bit tougher because it was about 2 miles in.

I feel pretty good about this run because I kept a decent pace the entire time.  I ran with the same group of people pretty much and that helped.  I could see Bolin in front of me but I just couldn’t catch him.  If I had there was no way to sustain it.  He ran a good race, beat his previous time by two mins.  Dale the beat his goal of 40:00 by 6 seconds!  Fun time.

The end push I did pretty good, I ended up passing about 8 or so people in the last 300M or so.  I really had a good rush across the finish line.  My goal was 30-35 minutes.  With the cold and never having run a race, or been training to run at all.  I felt it was doable.  Look at that, I crushed my goal!

Now lets jump in the lake!

My time 27:48




2013 – Workout #47

Wednesday night with Jason at SISU

The warmup was misrable we did some jump rope just regular and if you failed you had to do five overhead squats.  Well I dont’ know if it was that threat or not but I literally jumped rope without stopping for 3 minutes and my calves were feeling that….

Then we did some crab walks, sideways, backwards, forwards.  Then these turn over and sprint things, it went all bad for me.  I am REALLY bad at that stuff.  I think I my arms need to get more mobile and my ass smaller…  ugh.  It was bad.

Push Jerk 5 rep max – This should be fun…

So my ladder looked like this:

The last one of the 225 was pretty sketch, but I did feel I got control and finished up the rep.  I won’t like that was hard.  Especially since my form isn’t that great and I am pretty much muscling  it.  I really need to practice this at heavier weights because it forces me to move better.  I had better movements at the higher weights, but got tired faster too.

Workout of the Day
Push Jerk
Find your 5 rep max.
7 minute AMRAP
7 Toes to Bars
7 Burpee (Jump to touch bar)

Well this shouldn’t be too bad because its only 7 minutes and my toes to bars and burpees are actually getting better if you can believe it.  I really was shooting for 7 rounds, I felt it was achievable.

Getting into the workout round four I rested, too long much too long.  I took over 1:45 to do that round. Mistake and goal would not be met because of it.  But I have to say I am really tired.  I am just trying to survive this instead of kill it.  And that is why my score is so low.

But I am happy I did five rounds of toes to bar unbroken!

My Score 6 + 2T2B





2013 – Workout #10

After some heavy lifting, its time to do a workout.

The workout

30 Clean and Jerk for Time

Well this should be fun after finishing up a ton of heavy lifting is what I am thinking.  But I also know that a workout like this is made for me, its created for me.  The weight is my weight, everything about this says I should crush it.  But I am having doubts in my head.

30 Reps, I can do 30 reps … fast?!?  Ugh.  OK what do I do, do I break it out into 5’s?  Talking to Brian I come up with a plan.  One that goes to shit exactly when the workout starts.

I go at it and I get to 16 reps unbroken, the plan was 10.  I was to keep going too, but I twisted my wrist on rep 17 and dropped the bar.  I didn’t want to put it down right there.  From the rest of it I was working on a rep to rep situation.  I am really tired, sore and in some amount of pain.  I push pretty hard and finish this workout in 3:07. I look around and I am the first one done….  Well then maybe it wasn’t all too bad.

For the record though, Brian beasted this thing in 2:38 or something, crushed my time.  Unfair he got to watch and then go…. hahah

My Time 3:07

2013 – Workout #9

Some Sunday lifting at SISU

Crossfit Total
Strict Press
Back Squat

So crossfit total is like a lifting competition  you are judged on your lifts and you get three attempts at heavy weights, warmup as much as you want get ready and once you start you cannot have warmups between sets.  You pick a weight attempt the lift, if its a successful lift then you get that weight.  If you fail you can keep trying that weight or move up / down.

We are going to workout in groups, I am happy to get to workout with the guys I did, they pushed me pretty good.  Brian and of course Jake.  Fun guys to lift with thats for sure.

We start off with the strict press, which is awesome because I feel I am pretty strong at this.  As I warm up I have to be careful with even the small dips I am doing, I have to lock that down.  Any dip is a No Rep!  We are warming up pretty fast and trying to get a judge and get this thing going.  As the other guys are going and some failing Jason says somethign that helps me this lift.  Says when you are ready to push tighten your belly and squeeze your butt.  I get under a 205 squeeze my butt and power that up, didn’t even flinch.  Awesome!  Next attempt I added 20lbs I wanted this SO bad, but I didn’t make it.  I got it past the sticky point but didn’t finish.  Last attempt I get a 215 like it was easy.  Crazy stuff, I didn’t realize then that it would be the highest for everyone that day.   I am just kinda doing my thing.

Next up the back squat.  Now this I feel I am strong at I am thinking I want to get around 350-360 ish. Well I light up on a 345 – fail did not get deep enough.  The others get some 375’s I go back to 345 – fail not deep enough.  I am not keeping my chest up and I am leaning forward so I “feel” like I am getting deeper but I am actually just leaning forward.  Now I am stressed I don’t know what to do, I do not want a 0 on my first crossfit total.  I decide to go down 10lbs and I am going to force myself to do this right.  It isn’t the weight its my form.  I am lifting it easy enough, but not good form.  I do succussfully (and pretty darn good I might add) get a 335.  This was STRESSFUL!

The last one for us is the deadlift, people say its the strongest lift you should have.  I don’t really know because I didn’t ever do them until joining SISU but these two guys can REALLY do weight on this lift.  These are big guys lifting big weights.  Jakes Deadlift form is solid.  Brian for some reason is a BEAST at this lift.  His start and mid form are almost perfect.  This lift is a little different too, we have to control it down not just drop it, thats a change for me.  So after that last back squat business I want a number on the board so I can go up and have some fun.  I decide I am going to do 375, I get that easy.  I get on a 415, power it up easy.  Last attempt 445 – I get it.  I would say i am surprised but I am not, I was mentally locked into this lift.  Later I would pay for it with massive sorness but right there I stomp it.

My totals 995lbs
215 Strict Press
335 Back Squat
445 Deadlift

So looking at this I am really disappointed I did not get to 1000lbs.  I really wanted to be up there with Jake and Brian whom both exceeded the 1000lb mark.  Half of that for Brian was a massive deadlift.  I love lifting heavy, everyone who knows me knows that.  I love that light headed feeling you get, I like feeling powerful from lifting 100’s of lbs over my head, pressing it.  I get focused and when I step into it I believe I can do it.  Every time I have a failed lift, it starts in my head not my muscles.

8 weeks from now I am going to do these better, every single lift.

Jan 2013 Crossfit Total - Strict PressJan 2013 Crossfit Total - Back SquatJan 2013 Crossfit Total - DeadliftJan 2013 Crossfit Total - Totals


2012 – Workout #138

Friday night with Pat at SISU

Warmup was pretty standard – god I hate rowing.

For skills we were working on the deadlift.  I kind of ended up doing it on my own  the rest of the class was some newer people and didn’t want to go really heavy or follow the 2-2-2-2-2 thing so I just went off on it.

New PR on deadlift, 425 x 2  it was VERY heavy and i love that feeling of heavy weight.  That load up that starts super crazy because the bar doesn’t want to move..

The workout:

5 Rounds for time
10 Deadlifts (50% 1RM)
15 Ball Slams (30/20)
20 Box Jumps (24/20)

There are very few workouts at which I start to see stars, feel like I am going to faint and generally am worried that I may just pass out.  This is one of those workouts.  After yesterdays bear of a workout, this one is just insane.

I do however love when lifting is inside of a workout, I do like it a lot.  But doing 225 on a deadlift and a bunch of reps is just straight up hard.  Ball slams straight up hard.  Well box jumps, I am going to say I feel like I am getting better at these.  But one time in round three I almost fell because I didn’t get up all the way, dont’ read too far into that folks.

Rounds 3 and 4 were the hardest for me, I was the most tired and the end seemed so far away.

Afterwards I headed straight for the floor, realizing I may puke I went outside and laid down on the ground… There is something about all that steam just pouring out of me that looks just awesome….

My time 18:20 @ 225 RX





2012 – Workout #125

A Monday Night with Jason at SISU

The warmup was pretty fun actually did a couple non standard things inside this one. After the 400 we did a couple rounds of bear crawls, pull ups and situps and these “perfect” wall squats.  It was actually pretty difficult for me.  But I can really see how that could help you do squats better.

For skills another fun time 3 Rep Max on Jerk.   I am not sure if it has a better name or whatever.  But My Set Looked something like this:

I was working with Josh and  someone I’m failing to remember their name.  I see him all the time and have worked out many times but just can’t remember his name.  I had a good time with this lift, I felt like I did it well.  Wish I would have went for more 🙂

The Workout

5 Rounds for Time
10 Pull-Ups
15 Over Head Lunge Steps w/Kb (24/16)
10 Burpees
10 Over Head Lunge Steps (Other Arm)

I am going to start out by saying this workout was hard, like really difficult friggin’ hard.  It doesn’t look like it on paper but it is.

The first two rounds were made to do pull-ups in a way to be difficult, for me doing them strict without any sort of kipping or trying to kick my legs out.  Some people did chest to bar, others added weights. With the class as big as it was it was asked for some people to do their lunges outside, HECK YES.  65 in November no one has to TELL me to go outside!

With that outside business came trouble, came beat up knees on the steping lunges, came dirt everywhere on these burpees.  IT was awesomely difficult.

I always get disapointed with DNF’s, I actually did finish up this workout it took me about another minute, but I wanted it done.

My Time DNF 20:00 + 9 Burpees on Round 5





2012 – Workout #119

Friday night with Jason B at SISU

Its going to be just me and Colin tonight.  Not a lot of people showing up on a Friday night. The warmup was pretty standard, except for the new Burpee I’ve never done before. Colin and I even ran the 400 together probably slow for him and an OK pace for me.  We were just chatting and running.  I find it funny how when I first started running and talking were not an option, now I seem to be able to do the warmups and talk a bit while running.  I didn’t finish my last set of pull-ups in the warmup.  I was OK with this knowing I was going to be doing them in the workout.

We worked up to a 2 rep heavy push press for skills.  My ladder looked like this:

75 – 10
75 – 6
95 – 5
105 – 3
135 – 2
155 – 2
185 – 2
195 – 2  – New Max 1st rep was a bit off

I actually felt pretty good about this weight, I somewhat wished i would have pushed over 200, just because its a lifting thing.  Over 200 is something 225, 315 etc etc all mile stones.

The workout

5/7 rounds for Time (Women / Men)
5/7 Pull-ups
5/7 Thruster (75/45)
5/7 Double Dip Burpee

So right when you think burpees can’t get worse with box over burpee, box jump burpee, bar over burpee introducing another line in the burpee series… Double Dip Burpee.  Its essentially another pushup, so no just down up its down up down up then jump.  It doesn’t sound so bad, it is. They are a lot of work.

Looking at it on the board looks like I am going to be OK.  Well I wasn’t, this thing from the first set on is just pure hell for some reason. The pullups are hard but I am glad that I can do them at all now.  But the double dip burpees are difficult.  The “easiest” thing on here is the thrusters, and let me tell you by round five they were not “easy” any longer.

It was a tough push to get through this workout.  Could be the limited number of people, Collin ahead of me by minutes  or the simple fact that thrusters are harder then I give them credit for.  Or maybe the double dip burpee, it was all around VERY difficult.

So I put up the worst time in the gym today, not a huge amount of people but still it was a disappointment as my goal was 15 minutes.  I wrote it in big numbers to remind me of my failure.

My time 17:36





2012 – Workout #118

Thursday night at SISU with Jason B.

The warmup was pretty much straight forward.  The pull ups I broke into 5’s, felt OK not as strong as I would like but I am doing them strict.  I want to be good at them strict.

For skills we worked on the deadlift.  I watched Jason and others from the side, I wanted to watch the bar travel and see the setup from the side.  I watched some videos on this this week and have been really wanting to do these well.  I am paying attention!

I get up right away on 135 and get the stripper butt comment, I know but usually I am not putting my ass back at all so this is a good step!  I work on a few more and they are feeling good.  Go up to 185 again setting up and getting these worked out.  Then I started working in with Jake because he was at 225 so we worked at 225 for a bit then 285.

My grip at 285 is slipping, it isn’t comfortable and my form is suffering.  Jake is noticing it as well, says to me have you done reverse grip?  How about kind of a hook grip, he shows me how he does it, I try it and really no go for me.  Then the reverse grip, that fixes all this slippage.  NO more bar turning.  285 OK, how about 315?  Sure NP, How about 365?  Sure NP well how about 415?  OK that was heavy… But I got it.  What a fun night!  I am pretty tired, but its time for a workout

The workout:

Deadlift (BW)
Bar Facing (over) Burpees

I am setting up my bar and Jason asks me what I am doing.  I am setting up my bar, “why that weight?” he says.  I kinda shrug it off, he says “its body weight” I am like yeah this is about right, he says “you don’t weigh that much” I was like “well I used to” “How much do you weigh?”  My reply “I don’t know haven’t weighed myself in a couple months”  “Oh so you are just going heavy? thats cool man have at it!”  Hes right I dont’ weigh that much anymore but after the warmup and skills I’m feeling great!

I setup my bar with 225

Diving into this regular grip right away i get 9 before having to put it down.  Finish up the last 12 and on to the first set of bar over burpee.  These things are hard, took me a few times to get turning around and getting down and getting the jump while expelling the least amount of energy right.  I am not sure it was very good even after that but it got better.  I finished them up and dove right into the 15, I did three sets of five.

I did break for water after the first set of five in the 15 set, but moved right in.  Burpees went OK, I am not “fast” per say, but I did do OK on them. The 9 is the home stretch, I decided to do 3 – 3 -3 in my head but once I got started I ended up blasting 6 right away, I almost went for the entire 9.  The burpees were tough, my legs are failing hardcore and I am hopping instead of jumping.  Dam these burpees.

Jason said that as the workout went on my form got better which I believe It did  start to feel much better as the workout went on and on.  Being tired kind of forces you to do it correctly.

My time: 7:39 @225 – Felt good




2012 – Workout #116

Another night with Jason at SISU

Ugh bear crawls on the warm up… I really do hate these things.  But I found out something that I hate worse.  Crab Crawls….  I am NOT good at them at all.  And I am super slow and I need to get out of the gate sooner with them so I can actually finish them without everyone looking at me going WTF?!?

I did pretty good with the handstand walk.  I took a few steps and I actually didn’t crash hard or break anything.  I feel more and more comfortable with these things…  The funny thing was I was at lifetime yesterday and I decided to take a few minutes and practice them, what a coincidence.

The Toes to bar actually were REALLY hard with the slow down.  I could do two sometimes three a few times one….  Slow controlled down… ugh!

For the skills we were working on a 3 rep max push press, I wanted to murder this lift….  It was six sets of 3 and he wanted to get into weight right away!

3-3-3-3-3-3 Work to a 3 rep max Push Press

My ladder looked like:

95, easy — 135, easy — 155 easy, — 165 medium, — 185 hard, 205 max

I thought I would just try 225 since I had some time, I failed, I got it moving but just didn’t finish it.  On to the workout.

The workout:

5 Rounds for time
15 Push Press (Pick Weight)
20 Box Jump (24/20)
Score – weight / seconds

Picking a weight knowing determines my score is hard, it makes me nervous especially after last weeks hell…  But you know what I am going to go for it and I am going to do 135.

So diving into this with a strategy of getting some sets of push press unbroken and breaking out box jumps into 10’s then 5’s.  Start out good but slower then two others in the class and I did it unbroken, both box jumps and push presses.

Second set I break my push presses into 5’s.  That worked well actually and box jumps again unbroken, am I really doing box jumps unbroken?!?  Am I really putting weight down?!?  So thrid set same thing 5’s and unbroken.  Fourth set was a bit odd…. I did six push presses, then four, then three then two… odd.. The box jumps I broke out a bit after 10 and took a small break.

Now I am seeing people finish, I am thinking I was killing this but I am a bit on the slow side for my liking.  I finish up the 5th set with a push press set that causes me to swear when I no rep my last rep and drop the bar…. dam you barbell…  Do it again and then I PLOW through the box jumps thinking I am trying to finish in front of a few people….Turns out they still had sets left…

I feel really good about this workout, I really felt like I did it well and that its suited for me this type.  I can’t wait to do this again sometime, I can and will do better.

My Time 14:24 @ 135 = 156