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2014 – Workout #34

Tuesday night with Pat at SISU.

Warmup was a 800m run where everyone cut the corner except me and Jake.  I yelled at the class when we got back in.  It was kinda funny.

Onto the skill: the Romanian deadlift. I didn’t do great but I was getting it with Jake’s help.  I did end up getting like 325 for a 2 rep but my thumbs were being destroyed. But he kept me focused and we did pretty good work.

Workout of the Day
Romanian Deadlift
10min AMRAP
3 Elevated Push Ups 24/20
5 Push Ups
8 Box Jumps 24/20

This workout actually was quite the little burner, mostly because I was trying to compete with Craig, a guy at the gym.  It was friendly and fun but boy, while it was going all I wanted him to do was take a break!!!  But he just kept going so I had to as well..

The box jumps by round four were straight up killing me. My legs felt like logs and I just had to keep pushing.  I wanted to stay ahead of Craig and I wanted to burn the hell out of this 10 minute workout.

So 10 minute workouts are a funny thing. You see the time going and you think, “There’s not much time left so I have to keep going” – you think that the whole time… And the rep scheme was one that you could just do ’em and keep going.  But the box jumps were the worst.

I have to say I am very proud of myself on this workout. I pushed hard the whole time and I honestly can say that I don’t think I could have done too much more.  Maybe got a 13 or 14 but that’s about it… It was very fun and a great workout and I thanked Craig very much for it.

My Score 12+5



2014 – Workout #32

Monday Night with Pat at SISU.

A quick 400M run then go through some pushups, pullups, squats. I didn’t get through them all and I really should have but I wanted to save my hands a bit…  as for the pushups, I guess I got them in at home 🙂

We did a bunch of hamstring stretching, felt great. On a barbell low on the rack, lacrosse ball in there on a box, and some banded hamstring stretch.

Working on Hand Stand Push Ups. I did a few of them deep in boxes.. that’s massive deficit and it was awesome.  I got three in a row!!

Let’s workout.

Workout of the Day
5 Rounds
10 Deadlift 50%
10 Pull-up Strict

I decided to go with 225 on the deads, something I can do, something I wanted to make sure that I did with good form.  I didn’t want a sore back tomorrow. It was the right amount of weight, I think. However, it was doing work on my hook grip. Jake gave me shit about reverse grip and said that I didn’t need to do that… So I didn’t not a single set.  I really wanted to…

The first couple rounds of this workout were going ok, then the handstands and pull-ups got very hard… Especially the pullups.  They were just doing work on me.

The good: First set of handstand pushups all 10 strict and unbroken. Next set all strict, 7 and 3. The deads I worked hard at, I was doing my best to do them well and do them all unbroken. The second set I dropped the bar..that’s the only time. HSPUs in the box deficit was just so awesome, and people seemed to think it was good 🙂

The bad: I need to get better at pullups. I don’t know if I’m getting fatter or what but I need to work on these again. They were very rough.
My Time: 18:20 @ 225lbs



2014 – Workout #30

Tuesday night with Pat at SISU. On a day I wanted to skip, I almost did skip but I remembered something, show up.  I read something sometime that said when you want to skip the gym do two things 1) get in your car and go to the gym 2) Figure it out.   So thats what I was going to do.

The warmup was ok we did a 500M row that I actually felt OK at.  That first 400M always feels ok and after that its just shitty for me the whole time…  Good mornings felt really tight and then got better, so thats good.  Inch worms wreck shop on my hamstrings.  The hamstring stretch was the barbell low on the rack and just setting your leg on it and twisting the bar up and down… it felt pretty good actually.

One arm deadlift wasn’t the greatest for me but I did OK.  I ended up getting 225 in my right arm but couldn’t do it left.  Jake did well and got 285 in his right arm.  I just couldn’t grip the bar…

Weighted pull-ups were ok.  I was able to get 4 strict with the vest and the 30lb dumbbell.  Then I was able to do one with both items, that was pretty fun.

Workout of the Day
One Arm Deadlift
Weighted Pull-ups (30/20)
Max Effort
100 KB Swings (24/16)
50 Box Jumpes (24/20)
25M Handstand walk

And again on paper it doesnt’ seem so bad.  I wonder how many times I think and say that on this blog…
Turns out it was pretty hard.  I dive in to the kettlebells going like gang busters on them, I get 35 unbroken.  I then do about 18 more. Then its sets of 10-12 the rest of the way.  Except the last two it was like a 7 8.  I thought I was doing really well with them but about 1/2 the class beat me.

Oh Box jumps… I’m so slow.  I did jump every time no step ups (good) but it was taking me a long time and I was tired at these.  My legs felt like two heavy logs after yesterdays squatting.  And my groin doesn’t appreciate the step down…  Over all I simply did OK.

The handstand were tough.  I was getting a couple good holds but couldn’t walk.  When I would walk I got off track fast and these took me longer then expected. Most everyone was already done.

The good things about this workout for me were my first 35 unbroken KB. I did box jump every time, no step ups.

The bad things about this workout for me is I took too much rest during the KB sets.  I really should have done better. And box jumps I was pretty slow at.  And handstands just weren’t there tonight.

My time: 13:18



2014 – Workout #24

A good night at the Gym with Pat.  Pretty small group but BP is there 🙂

The warmup actually did a bunch of awful things to me…   400M run – yes in the snow…  Then we did these wall squats where we held them in the bottom next to the wall…  Then the awfulness that is a bear crawl… wall AND back. Do 5 burpees, some inch worms, 10 strict pull ups – I used fat bar. Runners lunge to wall, 10 push-ups, 10 frog hops.  I dont’ think I got all the hops done.

Then we start up on the turkish get ups.  I started with the blue KB 24KG and I did 5 on my right and then 3 on my left before I started up on the barbell.  I did the 75lb barbell on my right twice and my left once.  Then I added 10lbs and did that on my right.   Fun time!  I really like these.

Now that I am dead tired, lets start a workout.

Workout of the Day
Turkish Get-Up
Find your 1 rep max.
3 Rounds 3 Minutes on 1 Minutes Rest
5 Burpees
5 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Score is total reps

So this is a sprint, I need to go fast and go hard every round.  The first is going to be the one I need to make up good ground on. So I got at it fast and after less then 90 seconds I was done with 3 rounds.  Then Doing the burpees on the 4th round it hit me and I was only able to get through 5th round.  I wanted six…

Pat needs to go help push a car for someone, so he tells me to make sure we start up after a minute, oh sure no problem…

BP yells at me from across the gym that he counted my rounds and it was 2.  I muster up a Fuck off before I realized I should be conserving my air not spouting off to him 😉 at 4:00 I yell “lets go!”

The second round was seriously hard and I did nto think I was going to get done with it ever… Not with any dignity.  I did have a nice surge at the end to finish 4 rounds.

So during the last break I had to go outside to get the cool air… And it was hard to get going on this last round but I was doing the math and I needed I had to get a good round to do as well as Whitney.

I hit this last round as hard as I could, I wanted 5 rounds in a bad way but these burpees were making sure that didn’t happen.  I did get through four though so thats good.

At the end of this I am so tired I collapse.  Now this is a frequent thing for me, nothing new.  But this one is a good 20% worse then normal.  I love this feeling though, so tired you fall down.  Music blaring but all you can hear is your breath and you can actually FEEL your heartbeat. This is the best i’ve felt all day.  Oooops now I may throw up time to go outside.  Where I lay down on the dirty snowy pavement.  After a few minutes I muster up the strength to grab some snow and pile it on my forehead… wow that feels good.  Yeah I think I’ll be finding dirt all night, through the shower and maybe into the next day…

My Score: 135 (5+2 – 4+1 – 4+2)



2014 – Workout #20

Butt camp Saturday Morning.  I am pretty excited because I get to workout with some of my favorite people.  Brent was there, he’s gonna workout with me!  (or is he?) Jake is there, Whitney and some new friends this is going to be a great day.

So it looks a little confusing but it isn’t. We really go to each section do each of the exercises in a 3-6-9-12-15-18 rep scheme. Your score is the highest rep total that you finished.  4 minutes each station

So Brent was feeling sick, so I was Hans.  Luckily Pat decided to workout with me, is this a good thing?  Its good and bad, Pat (and Brent) are both better than me. Pat’s a coach and I want to do well for him, and all my friends are there and I want to do well…. so much stress just to workout.

First section for me is front squats and I did pretty good actually they felt great. And we got through the 12’s. Next up was the deads, at 225 these are actually pretty awesome. Felt great and got tired doing them.  Need to do more high rep dead lifts. Got 12. The KB jump lunge was hard, I got through the 12s but it was NOT easy. Next up wall balls and I’m running out of gas.  These wall balls are doing work to me…  I get through the 12s knowing it sacrifices the next station – where I only get 9.

I tried to watch my new friends workout and did make a couple adjustments for them and wanted to make sure they were doing things right. They did great!

My Score is 12 on all except last station of rowing we got 9. Couldn’t get the burpees done. And I was very tired. I did comp weight on all things except KB did the blue.




2013 – Workout #124

My team:

BP, Brent, And I think Amy (I’m bad with names)




2013 – Workout #113

Saturday Morning Butt camp with Pat at SISU

Saturday morning Butt camp, can you think of a better way to wake up on a Saturday?

Mark Savage, Jake and I were teamed up.  We called oursleves team HW, heavy weight.

Warmups we did some running and carrying of some weights while running.  First part of the day was sprinting and doing alternating dumbbell snatches.  Now this was actually pretty difficult but I loved it.  I love short sprints.  Its one of those things I am OK at.

Second part was pure murder 3 tabatas.  Wall balls – Sit-ups – Ball Slams.  Ouch!  So we have just spent the morning running now lets crush our legs with wall balls and ball slams.  I did OK on those two, wall balls I pushed hard through.  But the situps man the sit ups just wreck me…





2013 – Workout #112

Friday Night at SISU with Pat
Second workout of the night, a quick one.

Thought after a good workout may as well get another in.

The 400M sprint went pretty good until the last 100M, my calves were cramping… never had that happen before.  Must have been all the power snatches.  But I still did it in a “decent” time.

Situps were slow, I was tired, and to be honest I wasnt’ very focused, I could have done better and I will someday.

My time:

1:30 on 400M
54 Situps 🙁




2013 – Workout #111

Friday Night at SISU with Pat


The warmup was actually pretty though.  800M Run, Bear crawl, Lunge walk, 15 pull-ups, 30 situps, 50 Back extensions, and then into some handstand stuff and then onto the workout.


The first sets of this were pretty awful.  The end sets of this were equally as awful…  I kinda like workouts like these where its a burner the entire time but enough to make you keep going.


My time 13:53 @75




2013 – Workout #109

Friday Night at SISU with Pat

First time in the gym in a week again.  I have to tell you all I did not eat a great lunch and during the warmup and skills I’m pretty convinced I am going to have to puke.  The 200M Sprint race didn’t help….  Ugh.

The first 400 went OK.  I actually didn’t look at the clock at all.  I did the first 15 power snatches unbroken.  Got back outside pretty quickly.  Too bad i’m not the quickest, so I get passed.  Get back on the bar make up all that time again. The third run I am not feeling well…

So yeah I won’t lie, I made a run for the trees, and I am dry heaving.  I am gonna puke for the first time in over 10 years or more.  People laughing, couple people supporting this, they want to see me puke.  I am coughing up some flem, some stomach acid but woot No puke.   But I did lose some time on this.  But I felt so much better afterwards.

next rounds were just pushing and pushing doing sets of 6’s and 5’s I felt like I did pretty good.  I wanted less than 20 mins and in a better place mentally and food and not spending all day on the ball field didn’t allow it.

My time 21:39