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2013 – Workout #88

Saturday morning butt camp at SISU with Jason

On our own for warmup some of us Ran some rowed others chatted. I did some pushups and a few pullups and a run.  Dive into this mess!

Workout of the Day
Max Effort for 3 Minutes:
100M Overhead Lunge (45/25)
Double Unders
Shoot Through
Rope Climb
Kettlebell Swing (24/16)
10M Shuttle Run
Ball Slam (30/20)

Liz and I paired up for the event.  I do enjoy working out with her, shes fun and works out hard all the time its a good combo.  We decided to start with the rope climbs.  Later we found that was a bad idea.  But I did 6 of them pretty good when I really never climb rope.

I wont’ go through each hole and the efforts for each but Liz destroyed me on a number of them, some of them ones I thought I was good at.  That was tough.  This workout was insanely hard.  Like crazy.

If I wanted to get a better score I could have, I should have written down the levels because I was one rep in three cases to a better score and over on a number of them that I could have rested on and saved it for the next hole.  But that really isn’t the point of this event, its max effort for the time, and I gave that on every one.  Some were just sad, ball slams were awful.  Double unders awful.  Oh well theres always next year.

My Score 49


041313_buttcamp2 041313_buttcamp

2013 – Workout #81

Thursday night at SISU with Jason B

Standard warmup with Jason B pushups, situps, back extension, squats, pullups Its the normal Thursday.

For the deadlift I’m not going to be crushing any PR or anything today but I will do over 400lbs.  I think I will stop around 405.  I dont’ need to be mashing records today when the open workout tomorrow.

Workout of the Day
Find your 1 rep max.
5 Rounds for time
30 Seconds Rest between Rounds (minimum)
5 Deadlift (65%)
15 Wall Ball (20/16)
20M Overhead Lunge Plate (45/25)

For the skills I did pull around 410lb dead lift, but I wasn’t going to go much higher today.

I really thought I would crush this workout pretty good.  But as it turned out those over head lunges really started to add up and my legs were crushed.  Every step hurt, every wall ball was hard the deads were actually difficult.

by the time I finished this pretty much everything was burning and I don’t think I could have taken another step with that plate over my head.

My time 15:16 @ 275




2013 – Workout #72

Thursday night at SISU with Jason B

Warmup I worked on some jump rope, then some standard 10 pushups, situps, back extensions, squats, pull-ups.  I did both sets of 10 pull-ups unbroken and of course strict.

Workout of the Day
4 Rounds for Time
20 Weighted Overhead Lunges (45/25)
20 Power Snatch (75/55)

This is the kind of workout I should do really well at.  I just need to wrap my head around the work, and push.  Get it done, get it done well and make it happen.

First round both unbroken no issues.  Second round lunges unbroken and the power snatch i did a set of 5 then I did 8 and then 7.  Thrid set unbroken lunges and the power snatches I did 5 then 6 then 5 then 4.  Fourth set 10’s on the lunges (disappointing) and then all fives on the power snatch.  That actually got really heavy…

I feel really good about this workout, I feel I did well and actually pushed myself pretty good.  I think I could do it better 🙂

My time: 11:28




2013 – Workout #54

Friday night with Jason at SISU

Pretty short warmup with just some stretching and some lunges types of things. Good because this workout is going to be a bear.

Workout of the Day
Filthy 35
Box Jumps 24/20
Jumping Pull-ups
Kettlebell Swing 24/16
Walking Lunge – Weighted (45/25)
Knees to Elbow – Weighted (14/10)
Push Press (65/45)
Back Extensions
Wall Ball (25/16)
Burpees with Squat
Double Unders

So its 35 reps of each of those.  You can do them in any order but you have to finish then entire 35 before you can move on.  I kind of did them in an order at which the hard things would be first and then kind of where I wouldn’t burn out a single body part.

For example I wasn’t going to do the weighted lunges right after the wall balls. I think I did them in a pretty good order for myself.  I feel I have room for improvement but over all I feel great about this workout.

35 reps is just enough to suck for about any of these movements.  The worst was the kees to elbows with the wall ball.  That was horrid.  Wall balls with the slam ball – no fun.

Jason continues to find new ways to make burpees suck even more.  Burpees with a squat.  So burpee, stand all the way up, squat, then jump…. oh the humanity.

The saving grace to this was 21 double unders, that was pretty sweet!  And I crushed the press.

5k in less than 12 hours?!?

My time 32:11






2013 – Workout #32

Tuesdays with Jason at SISU

The skills and some of the warmup is working on the over head squat.  I absolutely am not any good at this movement, I am on the inside of my feet, knees coming in.  Or I don’t get the depth.  Or my shoulders won’t face out the way they should.  Its all friggin bad.

Supposed to work on a 3 rep max?  Well mine is PVC.

Workout of the Day
4 Rounds for Time
20M Over Head Lunge (45/25)
30 Sit-Ups
20 Lateral Box Jumps (24/20)

The lateral box jumps are going to be hard, in warming up with it I scraped myself, the sit-ups are always a challenge and I am feeling OK with the lunges.  I feel I am pretty strong with these.  BUT I have been sick for a number of days and I am not feeling well today, probably the worst.  But I want to get it out of my system and I am thinking this could do the trick.  (It did at the time but later about 4 hours I regretted this decision)

I dive into the over head lunges at a nice pace, no breaks for all four sets.  The sit-ups are a challenge, The first set I think I got to like 25 without stopping.  The rest were all broken up, and slow.  The box jumps were the worst.  Jumping left to right was hard, something in my brain is making it difficult.  Luckally I am too tired to figure that out and just keep going.

I am really happy I didn’t scale this one.  I think this is a good example of not having to scale and pushing through.

My time 15:26 (I think I was supposed to add :12 so 15:38)




2013 – Workout #2

Wednesday Night at SISU with Jason

The warmup was pretty standard.  adding in those broad jumps I guess was a bit of a curve ball. I learn quickly I’m not all that far of a jumper.  I also think I have been doing the soldier walk a bit off, I was going for height instead of the stretch part of it and keeping the legs straight.

For skills working on the squat clean.  Going for a 2 rep max.  I started off with 95, going to 135 on to 155, 185 < heavy.  I probalby should have stopped around that weight but I was feeling good so I kept going.  I ended up getting up to 215 and getting one rep, an ugly one but unable to do two.  I went at it again and failed.  Moved down to 195 and got a couple not so good reps.  The middle weights is where I felt I did the best, but it was good setup for that heavy 215.

After getting pretty tired playing around with heavy squat cleans its time for a workout.

The Workout:

4 Rounds for Time
15 Wall Ball (20/14)
15 Lunge Step With Med Ball over head
15 Toes to Bar
15 Lunge Step With Med Ball over head

This workout is going to be hard.  The lunges are going to add up and the Toes to Bar are going to kill me.  Maybe literally kill me.

The wall balls actually felt great, I am pleased with myself on these.  The lunges actually felt OK too, but as Jason pointed out I may have been cheating myself a bit with the shorter steps.  I do have short legs but there were some steps that I “hurried” and short stepped.

Toes to bar were straight up difficult for me.  You know I love how I am able to do some of these movements now, but boy they are hard when they start adding up.

The hurry to get outside before I throw up was pretty much priority at the end of this.  I tell you this stuff does NOT ever get easier.
My time 17:04




2012 – Workout #137

Thursday night with Jason B at SISU

The warmup was pretty fun, some over head lunges some over head squats (i’m not good at these at all, so good to work on them) then this Tabata double unders, Gosh I wish I could find these again.  I would say that was our skills but it was all part of a good warmup into a bear of a workout.

The workout:

6 Rounds for time (25 Min Cap)
20 OHL (65/45) (10 each leg)
30 Back squat (65/45)
40 Dubs or 120 Singles
The double unders was your two highest rounds added together.

I decided to do singles because I really feel doubles would have been too easy with the little number I was able to post up on the tabata, so I feel singles would be better.

This workout is just going to be hard, its going to be a bear and its going to take a lot of work to complete.  I want to complete it, I can see a lot of people didn’t, I wanted to.  Even with doing singles I wanted to crush this dam thing.

The over  head lunges into the back squat is actually freaking hard, and after the KB earlier in the week I am pretty sore.  I am consistently surprised on how much work these workouts are, every single time…

My legs are shaking and about to give out, at certain points they did.  I rarely have to drop a weight from a backsquat, but those lunges are just destroying my legs.  My quads, My glutes, My calves, even my arms are feeling the stress of holding the weight up.  I am just in pure hell, workout wonderful hell.

At certain points I didn’t believe I could finish, I really didn’t but keeping pace, keeping going just getting work done is the best advice I could just keep repeating to myself.  I am extremely proud of myself for finishing this, even with the singles.

My time: 24:40  – Yes I finished before the 25 minute cap




2012 – Workout #125

A Monday Night with Jason at SISU

The warmup was pretty fun actually did a couple non standard things inside this one. After the 400 we did a couple rounds of bear crawls, pull ups and situps and these “perfect” wall squats.  It was actually pretty difficult for me.  But I can really see how that could help you do squats better.

For skills another fun time 3 Rep Max on Jerk.   I am not sure if it has a better name or whatever.  But My Set Looked something like this:

I was working with Josh and  someone I’m failing to remember their name.  I see him all the time and have worked out many times but just can’t remember his name.  I had a good time with this lift, I felt like I did it well.  Wish I would have went for more 🙂

The Workout

5 Rounds for Time
10 Pull-Ups
15 Over Head Lunge Steps w/Kb (24/16)
10 Burpees
10 Over Head Lunge Steps (Other Arm)

I am going to start out by saying this workout was hard, like really difficult friggin’ hard.  It doesn’t look like it on paper but it is.

The first two rounds were made to do pull-ups in a way to be difficult, for me doing them strict without any sort of kipping or trying to kick my legs out.  Some people did chest to bar, others added weights. With the class as big as it was it was asked for some people to do their lunges outside, HECK YES.  65 in November no one has to TELL me to go outside!

With that outside business came trouble, came beat up knees on the steping lunges, came dirt everywhere on these burpees.  IT was awesomely difficult.

I always get disapointed with DNF’s, I actually did finish up this workout it took me about another minute, but I wanted it done.

My Time DNF 20:00 + 9 Burpees on Round 5





2012 – Workout #110

A tough workout tonight at SISU

First of all I don’t know who this other Nick is on the board but you better find a “Nick”name quickly because that one is taken!

Starting off with a lesson in rowing LEGS BACK HANDS HANDS BACK LEGS say it with me now LEGS BACK HANDS HANDS BACK LEGS – now do that about a million times!  Well maybe not quite that many, But working on rowing was fun.  But BOY does it tire me out, I need to find a way to pace myself better.

In the race that’s the fastest I’ve done a 500M Row, getting it done in 1:35.  I gassed out pretty hard otherwise I think I could have done better.  Remembering to get my hands more forward to make the Most of each pull as Jason put it.  Thats my challenge for rowing.  I think I have the other components down.  While the other two guys were rowing we just kinda warmed up with push-ups and I did some tests on the box jump overs.  I am actually REALLY tired from the row.  Guess its time to workout.

The Workout

50 Sit-ups
3 rounds:
20 Over Head Lunge with barbell (75/45)
20 Ball Slam (30/20)
20 Box Jump Over (24/20)
50 Sit-ups

This is going to really kick my ass.  My goal is 20 minutes.  I feel I can get it done in that amount of time if I really get at it.  While setting up I see everyone scaling in some way shape or form, I refuse to.  I get a 24 inch box, I get 75lb bar setup, 30lb ball.  I’m doing this the way it was intended because I know I can. As I have said in other workouts, I’m sick of scaling, hence I have a workout with 20 double unders. So lets start this thing.

Starting with the 50 sit-ups.  I am slower then everyone else, by a solid minute. I did 30 OK but then I really slowed down, it took me almost 3 minutes.  The Over Head Lunges, I rocked these things out.  All 20 unbroken no issues, I’m caught right back up.  Ball slams again unbroken I’ve Moved ahead.  Then the box jump OVER’s Man right when you think a box jump couldn’t get harder…  Its a burpee box jump… well heres a new difficult one.. Box Jump Overs.

These are not made for short fat white guys.  They just aren’t But I’m gonna kill these things if it kills me.  Jason I know tried a few different ways to talk me down to a shorter box, but I wasn’t having it.  I am slow at these but I am getting them done.  No Rhyme or reason for my sets just as much as I had to finish them up.

Round 2 was broken up 10 and 10 on the over head squats and 5 then 8 then 7.   The jumps again were my slowest, they really are killing my time, but I am getting through them.  Last round 10 and 10 on the overhead squats 8 and 12 on the ball slams and again kinda stuck doing onesy twosy on the jumps.  I finish  with about a little more 1 minute left on my goal – not gonna make it.  The sit-ups were a straight up gut check (literally and figuratively) and I didn’t do them fast, I couldn’t.  Didn’t make my goal, not even close but did make it under cap of 25:00.  hey look longest time in the class boo 🙁

My time 22:20