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2012 – Workout #34

Tonight I hit up the gym for some more lifting instead of whats been going on for a few weeks, which has been all running.

Dips 8 hold for 10 8 more – No assist

Pullups 10 – normal grip – assist 10

dips 8 hold for 10 8 more – no assist

pullups 10 palms facing – assist 10

dips 8 hold for 10 8 more – assist 6

pullups 10 wide grip – assist 12

Pushups on dumbells 20

Pushups decline 10

Pushups decline 20

Pushups crab crawl left middle right 15 reps

Pushups dumbell 20

Pushup regular 5

Dumbbell press 16 reps @ 35lb weights

Dumbbell press 16 reps @ 35lb weights

Bench press 10 reps @ 135lbs  – this is where it ended…

Now I was feeling dizzy, sick and very tired at this point.  I wanted this workout to be better, but I did some new things and felt good about it.


2012 – Workout #32

Four mile run tonight, I think it went pretty good. I have to say the middle of the run was rough though. After talking to Travis, he did four miles in 26 minutes, me well not so much, but under 40, I pushed myself and end of the raid paid for it. But it felt GREAT when I was done!

2/27/12 Run

2/27/12 Run

2012 – Workout #30

Another 3 mile run!  Felt OK, all in all a pretty good run.  But friday’s coming up! I felt that the end run was good, a strong finish!

2/22/12 Run

2/22/12 Run


2012 – Workout #29

Tonights workout was focused not on running but some strength training.  Biceps and Triceps.

Dips 8 no assistance

Pullups 8 with little bit, a 6

Dips dips 8 no assistance

Pullups 4 with 4 second holds, assistance 10

Dips 4, hold for 10 seonds 4 more

Pullups 5 with 4 second holds, assistance 10

Dips 4, hold for 10 seonds 4 more

Pullups an attempt at 4 w/o assistance, it was one and 1/2 finsihed up a set of 8 with 10 assistance.

Set of pushups nice and slow 25

Crunches 15, then finished another 10 for a set of 25

Pushups super incline 15

Side crunches 8 on each side

Pushups 20

Straight bar curls, set of 8 @ 65

Straight bar curls, set of 6 @ 95

Standing tricep extensions 8 @ 80

Pushups 20

Did another 20 pushups before bed.


2012 – Workout #28

02/20/12 Run

02/20/12 Run

Did a set of 30 pushups before my run.  Tonights run was rough, and awesome!  My first 3 mile run outside, ever.  And of course its snowing like crazy cold like crazy.  I get suited up, socks, shorts, long t-shirt, t-shirt, hoodie and of course my gloves!  Put on the shoes and just went for it.  Adam came with for the first .7 miles, then I was on my own.  I wanted under 30 minutes.  It was a great run!



2012 – Workout #25

Another 2 mile run tonight.  But tonight I decided I’d lift some too, BEFORE doing a run.  Which I thought I would after yesterday which turned out to be just a set of pullups.  But tonight I hopped on the bench did about 7 sets, highest weight at 225 busting out 4 reps (no spotter) and some incline dumbbell press.  Hitting up the 80lb weights on the and doing work on them.  And of course working in pushups and some serious feet inclined ones.  Great workout tonight, if I could do this every day I’d be ripped.

As for the run it was on the track in doors.  I felt my mid run was very difficult yesterday so I took it easier early on and had a strong mid – end run but I gassed a bit early and couldn’t sprint to the finish.  Thank Chevelle for that burst there.  Good music really pumps me up.


2/17/12 Run

2012 – Workout #24

Tonights run, another 2 miles.  Second day in a row, first time for that I think.  On a treadmill and was rather difficult, I expected it to be easier.  I did have a decent time over all.  But nothing like yesterdays run, I really thought I was going to die yesterday.   My mid run was rough, as you can see I had to slow down, but nonetheless I didn’t quit.

Of course also pushups!  I wanted to lift after the run but to be honest I didn’t have the energy to do it.  I went and tried some pullups, I did do three pull ups on my own, pretty good.  Not the best form, but still good.

2/16/12 Run

2012 – Workout #23

Tonights run, I actually thought I was going to die.  I was literally breathing so hard I am sure people thought I was going to die.  I did set my personal best split 1 mile, at 8:34 which I am REALLY happy about.


2/15/12 Run

2012 – Workout #21

Todays 2.25 mile run was awesome, it felt great and I felt great doing it.  After being sick all day I decided I’m sick of excuses and I just went for it.  I had a pounding headache that went away as I ran, really really awesome.

2/7/12 Run 2.25 miles

2/7/12 Run 2.25 miles

Also 120 pushups 🙂

I dont’ know whats with the drop after I reached my goal, it simply quit recording pace, but I really pushed hard after that, running a very quick finish.  Always gas in the tank for that finish line, always.

2012 – Workout #20

I had a really rough run tonight, dam its hard to run inside, but I did a good mile, something my little training thing is telling me to do.  I do have a goal for running this year, but I am not sure 100% I am going to commit to it, so it stays in the dark for now.


Set of 35 Plank for 30 seconds then 25 Pushups

Run 1 mile

Set of 40 pushups


02/06/12 Run

nike +


Shoulder feeling a bit sore, I am thinking it is coming from the planking, four workouts, all with planks sore shoulder, but ALSO when I push myself in the pushup department.