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2014 – Workout #31

I wanted to get some lifting in and no one wanted to hit up SISU, so I went to lifetime.

I started out doing some back squats I worked my way up starting with the bar doing a 2 – 3 second pause on tension at the bottom.  I got up to around 275 and I stopped the pause and was working explosive from the bottom up.  I went all the way to 365 did a great rep went at 365 again and did just an OK rep.  Decided to stop.

I wanted to play around with heavy bear complex movements. I wanted to get a heavy set or two on this.  I started at 95 and did around 6, it felt light as feather to be honest!  I did another set of 4.  I went to 135 and did three or four I think. Then I just started two reping up and up.  155, 165, 185, 195 2rep then one rep of 205 and one rep of 225!  felt great.  I was really feeling great on the squat clean I was starting out with.

For those who may be reading this the bear complex is one movement of a power clean front squat push press back squat push press no letting go of the bar.

Ended the night with 50 sit-ups.

2014 – Workout #28

Lifting with Whitney and Jake on a Sunday.

Jake and I did some pretty good work on the bench.  Getting some heavy high rep sets and then a couple one reps that went pretty good.  Did some nice dead stop work even at 255.


Clean and jerk was a bit different story.  I started off feeling pretty good. Some some fives, getting some split jerk in there, some push press all those working out great.  Then it got at the 225 clean and I struggled with it.  I need to work on it.


Failed at 245.  Jake of course makes it look easy at 245.

2014 – Workout #15

Today I decided I wanted to work on power cleans.  Jake was supposed to be there today but that didn’t work out as he was sick.  So I started in with some bar to get a feeling.  I did a few hanging cleans, then tried a couple squat cleans those didn’t feel great.  But the power cleans did.

I started doing a lot of reps, doing 135 15-20 times.  Each time felt better then the previous one.  Moving to 155 doing sets of 12.  Moving to 165, set of 8 or so.  185 sets of 5, did a few of these.  205 doing sets of 3,  215 sets of three… All of them are feeling great.

Then I had to judge a couple folks for the open, 24 minutes later I go back to my attempts at 235, and I’m missing it. try my high shrugs and getting a feel for it… not working.  I get pissed… enough to kick the weights.  I was really feeling good but that delay hurt me.  And mentally I was not pleased.


2014 – Workout #14

Spent some time Friday night trying to get back to some lifting heaving.  Ross and I started in trying to do some back squats.  I knew going into this it would be a bit touchy, and I may not go too heavy.  But I had been feeling better and have been working out so I thought it would be OK.

First sets of 135 I felt a bit sore on the bottom to the push up part.  You know like the important part of the lift…  But I did two sets of around 12-18 and was OK.  Put 185 on there I did a couple sets and it was a bit harder…  I put on 225 and then did say maybe 5 and I could tell it was hurting, enough for me to toss in the towel.  Well i had to judge someone and then I was cold and there was no coming back.

All in all I felt pretty discouraged over this, but I just shouldn’t.  I need to do what i can do push where I know I can and not hurt or aggravate myself.  So its nice to feel some weight on my back again while I squat and it will be nicer when its 450!


2014 – Workout #10

Jake and I decided to hit up some lifting before cleaning the gym.

Its Jakes birthday so you know hes going to have a great day!

We started on the bench completing some pretty good sets

20@ 135
16@ 135
12@ 185
8@ 225
6@ 255
4@ 285
4@ 285
4@ 285

Moved on to the strict press this was gonna be fun

4@ 135 – why is this so heavy?  Took a minute to rest some.
12@ 135 – few ugly ones
8@ 155
3@ 185
3@ 185
2@ 205
Fail @ 215

Then we piled on 15’s on each side starting at 165
EMOM max effort strict, then push press till fail.  Take a plate off after each set.


Then some straight bar curls… jake is much stronger then me at these.  Guess we have to work them into a wod.

2013 – Workout #116

I didn’t get out of work until late and was going to miss the crossfit class but still wanted to get some work in.

I spent some time doing some strict press work that turned into a 3 rep heavy push press topping out somewhere around 225 (again for a 3 rep)  3 rep strict press fell apart around 195 or 205…

Worked on some deadlift posture.  A few rounds of some backsquat just needed to get some work in.


2013 – Workout #114


Workout of the Day
Chest Lifts
Bench Press 4-5 Warmup Sets 3-4 Heavy Sets (4-6 reps)
Bench Press 1 Rep Max
Dumbbell flat Bench Press 3 Heavy Sets
Dumbbell incline press 3 Heavy sets
Dumbell floor Press
Alternating Dumbbell Press (Karate Style)

Bench Press started with 16×135 – 12×185 – 8×185 – 8×205 – 6×255 – 5×275 – 5×255 – 5×255 1×295

Dumbbell Press 6×90 – 6×90 – 5×100

Incline Dumbbell press 6×90 – 5×90

Dumbell floor press 10×65

Alternating dumbbell press 8 each arm x 65

Dips 7 – 7 – 6


I’ve never had so much trouble doing push-ups my entire life…  Wow these were hard after beating down my chest for well over an hour.

It took me 9:58 to complete this… ugh.


2013 – Workout #74

Saturday at SISU

Just a pretty casual day at the gym until Brent comes up with a great idea, lets do clean and jerks rep for rep until someone quits.  Brent BP and I.  Hard to turn down a lifting contest.  Especially Jerk, I have a strong push press.

WE start out with 135 we all do 30, then on to 165 we do 10 185 we do 10 205 BP drops out after a few brent and I move on 10 each, 225 brent drops out I do five of them out of peer pressure 🙂

Fun day of lifting.




2013 – Workout #63

Sunday at SISU

Today was test day for the nutrition challenge.  See how much we have gained and have some fun lifting some weights.   Heavy lifting is always fun.  Like every time.

Workout of the Day
Shoulder Press
Find your 1 rep max.
Strict Press
Back Squat
Find your 1 rep max.
Find your 1 rep max.

Weightlifting day!!!  Does it get more fun!?!?  I get to work with BP and Jake and joining us this time Brent as well.

Strict press I was close to the 225 push, started at 205 and got it easy.  That 225 was very very close…  It was past my eyes… needed to push my head through.

Backsquat warmups were bad…  getting heavy was bad… first attempt at 365, I got it, but boy was it ugly.  Seriously ugly.  I did no attempts.

Deadlifts felt good, was seeing stars after first attempt at 435, got it done.  I did another attempt at 455, got it.  Decided that was enough.

My Scores
Strict Press – 215
Back Squat – 365 – Ugly Rep
Deadlift – 455

Heavy days of lifting wear me out.  Working out with these guys wear me out.  Oh and yes I rocked the handstand walk 🙂

2013 – Workout #22 & 23

Couple workouts in one day.

First thing in the morning I went to SISU to get some quality time on the handstand and handstand work.  I am going to need it.  My goal is to do a 10ft handstand walk.  I can’t do 1ft right now.

There was a small group just pounding through some muscle-ups, pretty awesome to watch.  One day strict bar muscle up you will be mine…  Jake was there working on the handstand pushups.  Earlier he was working on the muscle up as well.

I am going to spend the next 30 minutes or more on handstand work.  I did some research on how to get going on this and have some ideas.  I am going to follow some of those.  It was good work, I even did a bunch of handstand pushups throughout the process.

Seeing the workout of the day posted got me to head off to lifetime and do some work to hopefully give me a better shot at the over head squat.  So I headed into maple grove to spend 20-30 minutes on over head squat.  I have to say it was worth the time because with the mirrors you really can see whats going on.  My center collapses, I can see it.

I spent about 25 minutes on doing a number of sets and didn’t really matter what weight, It just didn’t feel good.  I do have to say it got better, but just isn’t great.

I did some other misc lifting, some standard stuff I haven’t done in months, like straight bar curls.  Just having some fun in the gym I spent so much time in before.