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2014 – Workout #31

I wanted to get some lifting in and no one wanted to hit up SISU, so I went to lifetime.

I started out doing some back squats I worked my way up starting with the bar doing a 2 – 3 second pause on tension at the bottom.  I got up to around 275 and I stopped the pause and was working explosive from the bottom up.  I went all the way to 365 did a great rep went at 365 again and did just an OK rep.  Decided to stop.

I wanted to play around with heavy bear complex movements. I wanted to get a heavy set or two on this.  I started at 95 and did around 6, it felt light as feather to be honest!  I did another set of 4.  I went to 135 and did three or four I think. Then I just started two reping up and up.  155, 165, 185, 195 2rep then one rep of 205 and one rep of 225!  felt great.  I was really feeling great on the squat clean I was starting out with.

For those who may be reading this the bear complex is one movement of a power clean front squat push press back squat push press no letting go of the bar.

Ended the night with 50 sit-ups.

2013 – Workout #116

I didn’t get out of work until late and was going to miss the crossfit class but still wanted to get some work in.

I spent some time doing some strict press work that turned into a 3 rep heavy push press topping out somewhere around 225 (again for a 3 rep)  3 rep strict press fell apart around 195 or 205…

Worked on some deadlift posture.  A few rounds of some backsquat just needed to get some work in.


2013 – Workout #114


Workout of the Day
Chest Lifts
Bench Press 4-5 Warmup Sets 3-4 Heavy Sets (4-6 reps)
Bench Press 1 Rep Max
Dumbbell flat Bench Press 3 Heavy Sets
Dumbbell incline press 3 Heavy sets
Dumbell floor Press
Alternating Dumbbell Press (Karate Style)

Bench Press started with 16×135 – 12×185 – 8×185 – 8×205 – 6×255 – 5×275 – 5×255 – 5×255 1×295

Dumbbell Press 6×90 – 6×90 – 5×100

Incline Dumbbell press 6×90 – 5×90

Dumbell floor press 10×65

Alternating dumbbell press 8 each arm x 65

Dips 7 – 7 – 6


I’ve never had so much trouble doing push-ups my entire life…  Wow these were hard after beating down my chest for well over an hour.

It took me 9:58 to complete this… ugh.


2013 – Workout #110

Spent some time at lifetime wanting to focus on my back squat.

Its been quite some time since I focused on it alone and with heavy weight.  One of the things since Softball season started is I miss lifting heavy weights.  I miss that really sore feeling or that light headed you get from a heavy push.

I worked on my backsquat and I have to say with a mirror it actually helps me find he bottom.  I will say my squat has improved so much in the last year its wonderful.  I watch people come through the gym that day and do squats that aren’t even close to a real squat.  Now I just laugh, but at the same time I want to help them.  Slide the weights off and show them how to find the bottom of their squats.  I did a 375 1 rep, though I will say It wasn’t perfect.  But with no spot and / or a way to bail out I didn’t want to end up in a bad way or hurt myself.

I started out donig some strict press between sets. that turned into some heavy sets as well.  I ended up getting a 225

And since I was doing that I thought some casual deadlifting would be good.  I started off ok but heavy got heavy fast and I was pretty much done by the time I pulled a 405, I probably could do better but again not ideal lifting conditions.


2013 – Workout #108

Tonight I felt I need to get something in. I had a crappy game and its been a number of days of just playing softball and being busy and NOT doing anything crossfit.  I miss it every single day.

I got Jill to do this the other day and now I wanted a crack at it. And Jill wanted round two of it…  Well Maybe want is the wrong word…

Workout of the Day

My goal for this is less than 10 minutes, I really feel that is VERY do able yet Its been awhile since I’ve worked out.  I’m with Jill whom I know is going to be in the 12+ minute, I played softball in the rain … All of these are very real excuses one can put in your mind to go slower than you need to.

I do a little bit of mobility and a small bit of stretching

My Time 7:54

Jills Time 13:57 * (20+ seconds faster than Friday)


2013 – Workout #101

Decided one workout wasn’t good enough for today and thought since I couldn’t get anyone to go to the crossfit gym and lift heavy shit over our heads I would go to lifetime and maybe get in on a basket ball game if some people are running.

Turns out there was a bunch of young kids there.  Some older guys that have been going a long time because I recognized them from years ago.  I have to say this was the first time ever I felt good the whole time.  I just kept running and moving.  It was like I was 18 again.

Everyone that covered me if they were 20 or 40 just kept saying “dude you have to stop running!”  hahaah 🙂  It was a good time.



2012 – Workout #134

Going to be trying some double workout stuff.  Want to get some lifting in after / before crossfit.  Tonight was the first try, it didn’t go great.

I spent some time on the bench working up a ladder that looked like


I moved to close grip and worked at 135.

Did some sets of dips, and some incline press but to be honest my shoulder was really hurting so I took off a bit earlier then I wanted to.

2012 – Workout #127

So after a small holiday break I thought it would be good to hit up the gym.  Jill and I went to lifetime, it took some will to drag ourselves there but heck it was time!

We spent the first 30 minutes on the stair master.  Now its been a few months since I set foot on this thing and to my pleasant surprise after 30 minutes of being on the machine I felt great, I guess I should have gone a bit harder, but I had up’d it from the last time I was on it.

Next I twisted Jills arm into doing a Tabata with me.  We ended up doing two of them.  First one was squats and the second was push-ups.  For squats I think I was a solid 16 and for push-ups I think I was an 8 or a 7.

All in all it was a pretty good workout.

2012 – Workout #112

Tonight on my recovery from crossfit I decided to hit up lifetime.  After some messing about at the gym last night it got me thinking about doing some bench press, something my current crossfit gym doesn’t have.

I got on the bench and was pretty worried to be honest haven’t benched heavy in months.  I did a ladder that looked like:

135×16 135×10 185×6 205×3 225×3 255×3 295×2 315x.75

The last two sets I had a spot and had some help on that last set rep, I don’t think I had it.  But I felt it was a mental thing, for some reason I didn’t believe I could do it, even after 295.  Thats one of the thing you lose when you don’t lift a lot, the mental aspect of it.  I feel I am strong enough to do it.

I also did a few sets of pull-ups I actually got 6 strict in a row, a new record for me… in my life.  Yes sadly I have never done that many strict no assist pull-ups in a row, and it felt GREAT!  How awesome is it to be able to do something you weren’t able to just a couple months previous….. really awesome.

Just some other MISC messing about that you do in the gym.  I spent some time working on double unders, about 15 minutes.  And another 10 minutes doing some mobility stuff.  Guess you can’t get that crossfit out of me….

2012 – Workout #66

Just went into lifetime tonight to do a quick workout.  One that I had intended to do on Saturday but time got away from me.

10 – 10 – 10 Pushups, Situps, Squats 10 rounds

I was at the gym and there were two guys there not the most in shape but not too far gone, yet.  Reminded me of me 7 – 8 years ago.  On the squat rack doing heavy weight taking a break, doing a couple sets and calling it good.  Though now that I think about it I’m sure they are doing better then I was 🙂

But I dove into this workout thinking it would be about a 10 minute deal, maybe 12 or so.  I got pretty tired and the situps were the worst thing, I can’t do them, I can’t do them well.  I am struggeling bad with these.  Its funny how far gone one can get….  My final time?  15:09, not the worst I guess.

Hopefully back to class on tuesday.