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2014 – Workout #30

Tuesday night with Pat at SISU. On a day I wanted to skip, I almost did skip but I remembered something, show up.  I read something sometime that said when you want to skip the gym do two things 1) get in your car and go to the gym 2) Figure it out.   So thats what I was going to do.

The warmup was ok we did a 500M row that I actually felt OK at.  That first 400M always feels ok and after that its just shitty for me the whole time…  Good mornings felt really tight and then got better, so thats good.  Inch worms wreck shop on my hamstrings.  The hamstring stretch was the barbell low on the rack and just setting your leg on it and twisting the bar up and down… it felt pretty good actually.

One arm deadlift wasn’t the greatest for me but I did OK.  I ended up getting 225 in my right arm but couldn’t do it left.  Jake did well and got 285 in his right arm.  I just couldn’t grip the bar…

Weighted pull-ups were ok.  I was able to get 4 strict with the vest and the 30lb dumbbell.  Then I was able to do one with both items, that was pretty fun.

Workout of the Day
One Arm Deadlift
Weighted Pull-ups (30/20)
Max Effort
100 KB Swings (24/16)
50 Box Jumpes (24/20)
25M Handstand walk

And again on paper it doesnt’ seem so bad.  I wonder how many times I think and say that on this blog…
Turns out it was pretty hard.  I dive in to the kettlebells going like gang busters on them, I get 35 unbroken.  I then do about 18 more. Then its sets of 10-12 the rest of the way.  Except the last two it was like a 7 8.  I thought I was doing really well with them but about 1/2 the class beat me.

Oh Box jumps… I’m so slow.  I did jump every time no step ups (good) but it was taking me a long time and I was tired at these.  My legs felt like two heavy logs after yesterdays squatting.  And my groin doesn’t appreciate the step down…  Over all I simply did OK.

The handstand were tough.  I was getting a couple good holds but couldn’t walk.  When I would walk I got off track fast and these took me longer then expected. Most everyone was already done.

The good things about this workout for me were my first 35 unbroken KB. I did box jump every time, no step ups.

The bad things about this workout for me is I took too much rest during the KB sets.  I really should have done better. And box jumps I was pretty slow at.  And handstands just weren’t there tonight.

My time: 13:18



2013 – Workout #104

Friday Night with Jason at SISU

It has been a week since I worked out and by the looks of this board I am about to get a refresher kick in the face.

Workout of the Day
Squats: 80 64 50 32 16 8
Kettlebell: 40 32 25 16 8 4
Pull-Ups: 20 16 12 8 4 2

When I first looked at this I dreaded it, then I got into it and I really hated it…. This sucker was hard the whole way.  The funny thing about the numbers is they are like right on the limit of unbroken sets… like close enough to do so…

Sets 2 & 3 Really were the destruction of my score, I just couldn’t get em done. The pull-ups where hard the KB’s were destroying me and this workout straight up wrecked me.

My time 25:39








2013 – Workout #98

Friday Night at SISU

Joining me in the fun are two of my most favorite people to work out with.  Jake and BP.  And as you can see from the board pretty much everyone went crush mode on BP, who just couldn’t get it together today 😉  (Ok time may have been forgotten so we just guessed)  Also here s a picture of Jake and BP who were yelling it while they worked the L-sit.

jake bp yell

jake bp yell

Workout of the Day
4 rounds for time (25 min cap)
30 Kettlebell Swings
40 Situps
50 Double unders (75 singles)

Well I’m going to be honest sit-ups and double unders are not good movements for me.  But I am going to do singles to get this workout going, doing doubles would not make this something I would even get done.  And if I did it would be a lot less work.  I’m going to do somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 singles.

The KB swings actually started to add up in the third and fourth rounds. The situps after the first set really started to crush me.  I just kinda kept going, just going at the work.  This workout felt pretty dam great when I was done.

My time 19:17




2013 – Workout #91

Saturday morning with Pat at SISU

Warmup was an 800M run and then just some misc stuff to get ready.  Explanation and get right to it.

This was a good time working out with Andy and Jake.  I did pretty good at every station and the one I did the best at was pushups and squats.  I really attacked the 5 pushups every time. I felt great about that section.  I got over 90, I think if I was really pushing I could have gotten over 100.

My Score: 338







2013 – Workout #89

Wednesday night with Pat at SISU

Warmup was pretty standard, again with some pushups, pullups, situps, squats, back extensions.

Then we did some fun work with a band on a kettlebell and it was pretty hard.  Heavier band made it harder.  These were hard work.

Workout of the Day
4 Rounds for Time
30 Sit-ups
30 Kettlebell swings
30 Double unders

The first set of sit-ups I pretty much rocked, no stopping and go through them all.  I really surprised myself with that.  The first kettlebell swings I got confused after doing them with the band I thought I had the wrong weighted one so I stopped to look at it… nope got the right one, I wanted the 24.

I am so slow at situps and double unders elude me still.  It was just a frustrating workout it was taking forever.  I am sure I was the last one done.  Have to get better.

My time: 18:09




2013 – Workout #88

Saturday morning butt camp at SISU with Jason

On our own for warmup some of us Ran some rowed others chatted. I did some pushups and a few pullups and a run.  Dive into this mess!

Workout of the Day
Max Effort for 3 Minutes:
100M Overhead Lunge (45/25)
Double Unders
Shoot Through
Rope Climb
Kettlebell Swing (24/16)
10M Shuttle Run
Ball Slam (30/20)

Liz and I paired up for the event.  I do enjoy working out with her, shes fun and works out hard all the time its a good combo.  We decided to start with the rope climbs.  Later we found that was a bad idea.  But I did 6 of them pretty good when I really never climb rope.

I wont’ go through each hole and the efforts for each but Liz destroyed me on a number of them, some of them ones I thought I was good at.  That was tough.  This workout was insanely hard.  Like crazy.

If I wanted to get a better score I could have, I should have written down the levels because I was one rep in three cases to a better score and over on a number of them that I could have rested on and saved it for the next hole.  But that really isn’t the point of this event, its max effort for the time, and I gave that on every one.  Some were just sad, ball slams were awful.  Double unders awful.  Oh well theres always next year.

My Score 49


041313_buttcamp2 041313_buttcamp

2013 – Workout #83

Saturday morning butt camp at SISU with Pat

Well this should be a fun saturday, got a good group of people and a pretty bad ass workout in front of us.  Should be a good day.

Workout of the Day
2 Rounds for time
200M Sandbag Run
While each team is doing the sandbag run you will do as many reps as possible:
Wall Balls
Ball Slams
KettleBell Swing
Row for Cal
Sled Pull
Hollow Rock

Out of all the things the hollow rocks really hurt, the ball slams and wall balls were hard.  And I ran with the very heavy sandbag once too and that was really painful.

I have to admit I really didn’t keep score much on this.  It was going to be kind of a pain in the ass and I really just wanted to have some fun and work out.  My team was awesome, Jake, Liz and JD.  Just a fun group to workout with.  I feel I was strongest at burpees and deadlift.  Fun Saturday workout.





2013 – Workout #79

Monday night at SISU with Jason

Warmup was all pretty normal, nothing too crazy.

Workout of the Day
Back Squat
Find your 2 rep max.
5 – 3 – 2 – 2 -2
4 rounds for Time
200M Run
20 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
10 Burpee
After first round rest 30
After second round rest 60
After third round rest 90

I worked with Jake doing this backsquat, I got to 335 on a two rep, not too bad but we called it quits there.

The workout well it was just plain hard, Nothing else to describe it.  I believe that the rest actually makes it MORE difficult.  The first round I went out pretty hot, second round I was OK. But the third round just wrecked me, like wrecked me.

Fourth round I felt pretty good about but really that third round was just really really bad.

My time 14:49 (335)




2013 – Workout #68

Saturday morning at SISU with Pat

After working on 13.2 yesterday and then not getting a lot of sleep, eating crappy for the first time I’m kind of bleh this morning.  But I am gonna bring it.  I get to workout with Jake and a New person, time to do some work!

Workout of the Day
One minute Max Effort Rest 30 One minute Max Effort Rest 30 Next Station
Wall Ball
Ball Slam
Box Jump (24/20)
Pull-ups / Rope Climp (5)
KB Swing (24/16)
Jumping Lunges

We started at the KB’s and ended on pull-ups.  I won’t say it was the best because by the end on pull-ups I was spent…  My legs were cashed and I was tired.

All in all a pretty fun workout, good to work with Jake as always.  Fun Saturday.  Now will I have enough for 13.2 tomorrow… the way my legs are feeling…

Our Score 944 (we had a new person and we did everything RX)




2013 – Workout #66

Thursday night with Jason B at SISU

Warmup liz and I went for a run, it was 40 outside and it felt great!!!  Even after getting snow this morning it was fun to be outside on dry pavement.  What a nice day.  Then we did some pushups, situps, back extension, pull-ups etc.  Got em done and worked on some back squat.  I am trying to improve my form and I dont’ go above 315 for reps.  Most of the time haning out at 225.  Plus with 13.2 coming up tomorrow I want good legs.

Workout of the Day
Kettlebell swing
Jumping Lunges

This is going to be a sprint, and one that I want to win.  I am going to crush this little workout…. Plus with what happened yesterday no way I was losing to Liz two days in a row.

This workout was eye to eye with Liz and Derek, I am going pretty good at the kettlebell, a little better than both.  They are fast at the situps so all ground I make on the kb’s they get back on the situps…

Second set of situps it hits me that I have to break for a few seconds.  Jason is right there to say dont’ stop….  I power through and we are neck and neck going into the 10’s.  I BLAST through the KB’s and the jumping lunges and constant on the situps.  I win by seconds 🙂

I feel good.

My time: 5:30