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2014 – Workout #29

Todays warmup was not and is not my jam….  Everything about it I’m bad at / or hurts.  Doubles, not great at them and being distracted today did not help. Then we did bridge ups, pike sit-ups and wall squats.  I focused on the wall squats and stretching.  I am not great at pike situps… I can’t touch my toes over my head.

For the skill we were to work on front squats.  I got my lifting shoes on and I didn’t expect much. Jason came over asked me “if it was a heavy lifting day” I said no.  He then gave me some good tips (I think) on my injury. And I was just doing some sets.  Started at 45, felt ok.  Got on some 135, couple sets.  Front squats absolutely wreck my wrists.  I got up and did a 165 set of 5 then a 185 set of 5 then set of 3 and Suddenly I started feeling great.  I got in at a 205, at 3 reps 215 couple sets of 2 then set up and went 235 and set of two and then added 30lbs 265 for a set of three and it felt great.

Overall some tightness, and some pain but over all I felt good.

Lets workout.

Workout of the Day
Front Squat
Find your 3 rep max.
2 Sec Pause at bottom
10 Min AMRAP
3-6-9-12 (if you get done start at 3)
Front Squat 135/95
Push Press 135/95

OK I want to do well on this.  I want to get 90, so I am going to go pretty hard.  The first two sets I crush pretty good, and I want to beat everyone in the room, I am going to push hard through these next sets…  TO my surprise I went through all of the 9th set unbroken too, I couldn’t believe it…  In my head I was going to stop but I didn’t

The 12 set was pretty hard, I really wanted to do better at it but I broke up the push presses into four sets of 3.. My shoulders were burning…  The burpees murdered me…

Some good things, I squat clean every first rep.  I do not ever drop the bar before doing some push press.  I was way over my goal.
Some bad things, I rested like 30 seconds after finishing the set of 3 on the second set.

For the first time in a very long time I felt absolutely great about my workout today.  I left feeling awesome. The thing about crossfit, its this roller coaster ride some days its up some days its down.  A friend was telling me about a blog she follows and it said it reminded her of me.  And the big key was showing up. And its true, I show up.  When the coach says to do something I do it, when they give fine little pointers and see things I don’t I really try to listen. That makes days like today feel so good. Just one thing missing…  But over all I feel really good about today, and myself.  I’m sure tomorrow will crush me.

My Score: 106


2014 – Workout #26

Thursday night with Jason M at SISU

Start with a 400M run outside of course because its 40 and snow is melting. Then we dive into some shoulder smash, Whitney was my partner and she was doing OK, and it was a bit uncomfortable shes getting better at it, learning to center her weight. But Massie sees this as an opportunity to be a good friend.  He gets on there and is crushing me.  Whitney said he was popping up handstands on me… it was destruction and awesome.  And my shoulders felt great all night, first time in awhile.  We then start these little mini groups to go across the gym and do planks and jump overs. Someone jumps gets to the end gets in the plank new end jumps etc etc.  The planks wrecked me…  Then we did it back… ugh.  Then we did some crawl unders and bridges…. I am working hard at these.

Working on power cleans today, I decide to help a couple people and not focus so much on me, which is OK because I was still able to get a few sets in and also help people out with their cleans.  I did do a 3 rep 195, that was pretty good.  Whitney is going to be good at these when she can attach all the movements together.  Chris is well Chris and is good at everything but a few finer points and he will beast things.

Workout of the Day
Find your 3 rep max.
20 Min AMRAP
50 Dubs
10 Power Cleans
15 Ring Dips
20 Sit-ups

Getting after this wod I decided I was going to do the doubles the day I read this workout.  I knew it was the deal and I knew I wouldn’t do FANTASTIC.  So I also loaded up the bar with 185 for my cleans, I may as well get some good work in there on these.

The first round was hard, the ring dips were hard the cleans were hard I guess the situps went fine… But the dam double unders I just couldn’t get em.  I got one 9 in a row a couple 7’s and a few 5’s otherwise it was onesy twosy the whole way.  FRUSTRATING.  I spent OVER half this workout on doubles alone.

Ring dips I did strict and I did them OK.  I guess there may have been one or two questionable ones, but honnestly I felt great about these.  THough they did take a little longer then I wanted.

Cleans were heavy but I managed I made good form and got them going in doubles and sometimes triples.  First round I think I did 5.

Overall I am disappointed with my day.  But I have to get better, the only way I am going to get better is to do these workouts.  It shows me what I need to work on and it shows me that when I dont’ work on them I get punished.  Workouts like this are a punishment for me for NOT doing things like double under work.  So I lick my wounds go home and come back to fight another day.

My Score: 2 +20 dubs.



2014 – Workout #23

Thursday with Jason M at SISU. Lets have a great workout as I head up north for the weekend.

Jason is doing a number on me in this warmup.  The reason being my shoes are slippery and doing these lunges isn’t great and then it happens.  My foot slips and some awful shooting pain of this nagging injury… Its a constant reminder that is still there, its still hurting.

Snatch balance I dont’ mess about with anything heavy.  I stick to the bar and then some at 75 but for the most part I’m just trying to do them well.

Workout of the Day
Snatch Balance
Find your 2 rep max.
20 Min AMRAP
200M Run
20 Wall Ball 20/14
20 Hang Clean 75/50

200M run… Ok not fun with my deal but I’ll push through it.  I get the first one done pretty good with the group.  The wall balls I go unbroken same with the cleans.  Round 2 same thing.  Round 3 I start to fall behind on the run, real far behind the leaders, my saving grace is I’m pushing hard at the wall balls, and a 75lb hanging clean isn’t much and I’m OK at it.

Doing mental things like saying to myself to get my elbows out (aka hit myself in the neck a few times) and to keep going.  Honestly I’m trying to stay ahead of Whitney which isn’t as easy as it may appear.  Turns out this crossfit thing … shes a natural.

The fourth round I wanted to quit, real bad… My grip is failing my squats with that dam wall ball is hard.  I have to no rep myself a couple times and then that dam 200m….  I get it done and I’m doing my 200m run in round 5 and I’m yelling at myself to not stop moving…  I get a second wind to finish this round… Wall balls are pure gut.  ANd the cleans… well my arms are burning so bad, my grip is shot and I’m going fast.  I won’t say they were all perfect but I’m counting them!

My Score: 5 Rounds even.



2014 – Workout #22

Fun time with Jason M at SISU.

The warmup was a 400M run – FINALLY getting nice out.  Running kills my leg. But I am going to get through it.  Just have to take it easy.  The lunges and walking lunges and the one legged lunges are killing me…  Not as much pain but I am just no good at them!  Some hollow rock and arch rock (which is not made for fat people btw)

Three rep max thruster was very hurried.  I was working with Jake and Jeremy and then Jason didn’t like that so I was then working alone.  Then after a bit Ben started working in with me.  I’m taking these very easy, and I don’t want to aggravate my very sore leg.  But I want to give it a try.  So I do some at 135 and then some more at 155 then 165 and then a set at 185 and then we are out of time 🙁

Workout of the Day
Find your 3 rep max.
DB or KB Thruster 35/25
Box Jump Over 24/20

This didn’t look to be too bad.  I took the harder route, grabbed two 24kg KB’s. I did one and I was like OMG this is going to be straight up awful…  But I am going to do my best, I am gonna work hard and get this done.  I did a few more practice ones with massie and having him show me the right way.  This is not going to be easy.  I watched sean do this earlier and he was really working hard. Well hes in 5x as better shape…

The 10’s went OK.  The 9’s were hard.  The 8 7 6 were all just awful.  They were so dam hard, I was blind practically….  Then the box jump over in the 7’s I catch my foot on the box and flip it and I am about to eat shit in a bad bad way… turns out I do this graceful put my hand back catch the box sit down on it move that I couldn’t re-create if I tried 100x over… It was amazing.

The kb thrusters take their toll on me, I am getting them done but I am feeling it.  like soreness and awfulness while doing them…  The box jump overs are OK, they are hard like all box jump overs for me (short) but I am getting them.  The KB’s make me want to cry…  I get them them done.  I finish in 12:50 seconds.  Pretty good I thought.

My Score: 7.17 (12:50)



2014 – Workout #18

For the warmup and skills we did some kinda fun stuff.  A little mobility (I love it when we work this in) some lunges things and some thing that I’m awful at where you place your ankle on your knee and then you squat down.. Yeah I got about two inches.

The reverse Tabata on the L-sit, on rings, bar or parallettes was stupid hard for me. The burpee penalty was a bit of a motivation. Two rounds I couldn’t last at all, but I did OK for the most part. Did a few burpees at the end.

Workout of the Day
12 Min AMRAP
3 Hanging Power Snatch (95/65)
6 Hanging Power Clean (95/65)
9 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/65)
12 Back Squat (95/65)

When looking at the scores for this I really thought I’d do well. I didn’t take a couple things into account. I have trouble with squats.  I hate sumo deadlift high pull. Those two things really contributed to how I feel I failed this workout.

Rounds one and two were OK, and I was still on what I felt a good pace for 5 rounds, but again on round three I just got destroyed. I was so tired I just couldn’t get myself to do the high pulls. And then the squats were taking a lot of time and didn’t feel all to comfortable in them.

The good things about this workout was I made a good effort to do all these movements correctly.  I did them unbroken (for the most part) and with the exception of just a couple of the snatches all the movements felt great. I mean I think i’ve done over 200 some power cleans this week, you hope they would feel good.

The bad was the back squats. I just cannot get them done without feeling shitty. I hate this. I really need to get this injury thing far behind me and never think about it again… I also just need more of a gas tank, I need to be able to get reps done and keep moving.

My Score: 4rds+12



2014 – Workout #16

After catching a ride with BP to the gym at 5:30 the plan was to do the workout again at 6:30.  We will have to see how that plays out…

The warmup today was good, we did some rowing.  That 500M mark is right at the point of shitty to me, like right at that point that I want to quit like every time.  We did some back extensions and squats I worked in a few pushups.

We spent some time on mobility of the shoulders for the skill which was handstands.  This mobility piece I need to do every single time i’m in the gym,  It feels like absolute hell, but I am always so tight in the shoulders. Using a band on the rig keeping palm up and sliding that same arm leg behind.

Handstand were pretty fun, I was able to do quite a few good ones. I even ended up having to show the class my handstand… Not great. But I also ended up letting Brian fall because I wasn’t a good spot….  Sorry BP 🙁

Workout of the Day
“The Chief”
Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 Power cleans (135 lb)
6 Push-ups
9 Squats

Rest 1 minute then repeat, for a total of 5 cycles.

Workout of the Day #2
“The Chief”
Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 Power cleans (135 lb)
6 Push-ups
9 Squats

Rest 1 minute then repeat, for a total of 5 cycles.

As it turns out I did do this workout twice. As it turns out it was just as hard the second time. As it turns out I did not do as well as I did a year ago.  I kinda knew that was going to happen because I haven’t been able to squat.  They killed me.

The first rounds went great, felt great and I just did well. Rounds 3 and 4 were murder on me.  I was heading to the door during the 1 minute rest to get some air. Cold air. It was just straight up hard.

Good things.  The power clean and the pushups went well.  I did a lot of cleans Sunday, which is great because it made these feel better.  I also taped my thumbs this time 🙂

The bad.  I took too much rest during squats.  I was pretty quick to grab the bar each time but those squats were killing me.  I also did a lot of rounds of pushups that I did more then 6 because I was so dam lost in my head…

I wanted to count up my total reps I did tonight, not including the warmups at all.

Power Cleans – 128
Pushups – 241
Squats – 333

Thats crazy!  Who would have thought when I woke up this morning I would have done all of that.  If I said for someone to do all of that in 40 minutes they would say no way! I have a great sense of accomplishment tonight.  I also have a great sense of tired…

My Score Round 1 19rds+23reps =365 Avg 73

My Score Round 2 17rds+31reps = 337 Avg 67.4

20140304_193114 20140304_194054


2014 – Workout #12

Todays workout I was a little worried about. I am not strong at double unders and I haven’t boxed jumped at all since making it back.

The warmup was pretty standard, pushups, situps, pullups, squats, back extensions.  We did 3 minutes of rope work too.  Then some pass throughs.  I did break out a set of 7 strict pullups so that was nice.

The skill was fun it was skin the cats, I had at some point figured out how to do these so it wasn’t too bad.  But I hadn’t realized how handplacement was wrong before so fixing that put some tension on my elbow, but I was still able to do a few of them, but I did stop after a bit because it really was hurting.

Workout of the Day
15 Min Time Cap
100 Double unders – Do three minutes if you aren’t good at these
Deadlift (185/135)
Box Jump (24/20)
100 Double unders – Match above if you aren’t great at double unders

100 Pushups for Time

So for the double unders I was able to get 54 in the three minutes.  Not great but I have to say its MUCH better then I thought was going to happen.  And that was because I got a set of 21 or so in a row, I was amazed and pretty happy.

I decided right away that the deads was where I was going to make up time, these are light for me and using a hook grip on sets 15 and 9 helped a lot since the bear complex really did a number on my grip.  But I did all the sets of deads unbroken.

The box jumps hurt, stepping up hurt more. The step down was very tight and sore and just plain uncomfortable.  I pushed through em.

The last set of rope was not so great.  I did string a 16 together but a lot more 2’s and 1’s.  I really need to spend some qt on these.  It took me a little longer then two and a half to do them the second go around.

My time 13:08 (workout)

My time 8:07 (100 Pushups for time)



2014 – Workout #9

Saturday Butt Camp

It was to be me and Mel, I think combined height of an average person at the gym.

I find it kind of odd that there possibly could be one workout with 4 movements that I am not great at any single one of them…  This would prove to be a humbling work out.

I had to lift Mel for each set of pull-ups, so I feel like that should count as a rep or two.  Because the instructions were no boxes, no matter what.  We asked and were denied.  We split the work on these pretty good.

I went lighter on the OHS, because I am not great at them and I really should work on them more.  But its one of those things when you get discouraged it makes it hard to get motivated to get after them. When I write that down it really makes me feel like it should be having the opposite effect…

Toes to bar we split up pretty good. I did them strict and did OK.

Double unders… Well Mel probably did 90 of these. She did like a 40 in a row that was pretty awesome.  Again something I need to work on.

Butt Camp
Teams of Two for Time:
75 Pullups
100 OHS (95/65)
125 T2B
150 Double Unders




2014 – Workout #8

I spent an hour before this class doing mobility and the start of the class we spent more time doing mobility.  Coming from being hurt this is helpful time spent though I can’t do everything.  Banded hamstring stretches were just about the end of me.

Lets get some rowing done.

Workout of the Day
6 Rounds
500M Row
As much rest as needed between rounds
Record Low / High / Total

This did not look difficult and I really thought it would be tough but not too bad. Jake was thinking the same thing.  But boy was I wrong. Between being so sore I can barely move to trying to mentally push through these sprints. After the second one I knew this was going to be trouble.

I didn’t know just how much trouble… I struggled so hard, and as jake pointed out as soon as I got tired I lost form, as soon as I lost form I lost it.  They were junky at best at the end.

Jake however owned this thing.  I felt sick the entire time, so close to throwing up I was on my side just in case….

My  times 1:40 / 1:55 / 10:48

20140220_wod3 20140220_wod1


2014 – Workout #7

The warmup that is cut off on the image was:

400M Run (this actually hurt a lot)
10 OHS (I used pvc)
10 Ring Dips (these were hard some were ugly)
10 Pull-Ups (I did two sets of five, what happened to my pull-ups?)
20 Sit-Ups (Ok I am sore from yesterdays little few I did…)
10 Good Mornings (I didn’t get to finish these as we moved into….)

We did some Burgener warmup with the bar to get ready for the snatches.  We did quite a bit actually, a lot of holding the bar in the snatch hook grip.  I was sweating like crazy, my hands were cashed and it was fun.  The snatch balance is such a cool skill, I wish I could OHS, I will someday mark my words..

Then we did some stuff with snatch grip dead lift.  Now keep in mind I haven’t touched a barbell for the most part for close to 6 weeks.  So Yeah I was a bit skeptical.  I worked around with 135 and then some 155 and feelign confident I did pull 225 a couple times, but I could feel some pain so I stopped.  But I did feel pretty good about these sets.

Now lets try this workout…

Workout of the Day
4 Rounds
10 Snatch (squat) 50% 1rm
2 Rope Climbs

Well this didn’t appear to be too hard for my first week back, and boy was I wrong…  Those rope climbs were straight up hard, they were killing me. Not too much to say about the snatch, but I have to say I am glad it was a squat snatch, that actually made this workout.  And with 65lbs I was able to do quite a few reps that felt great.  I want to work on this skill more.

The last rope climb was almost my bloody death as I had ZERO Grip strength left, (that was gone round 3) and it was pure will that brought me up that dam rope…

Laying there sweating, very sick feeling, in a lot of pain.  Surrounded by a few friends whom sweat with me…. god its good to be back.

My Time 16:17 (65lbs)