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2013 – Workout #90

Thrusday night with Jason B at SISU

Small class tonight at the gym.  With the snow and the weather I am not surprised.  We did a warmup, I got em done.  My hands are sore so I am not doing too many pull-ups.  Only to see that there is a 3 attempts at a max toes to bar…

For the max toes to bar i was able to get a decent number, I actually got 15.  I was pretty surprised.  My next set I got 14 then an 11.  To be honest these were pretty dam hard after yesterdays bunch of situps.

Workout of the Day
12 Minute AMRAP

10 Burpee
15 Thruster (95/65)

I was really excited for this workout, I want to crush this thing.  I am strong at thrusters and also I am feeling better about burpees every day…

The first two rounds went well and then all the sudden that wall, that wall that just hurts and your mind loses it.  Next thing I know I am just trying to survive this thing, I am truely disappointed in my workout.  As hard as i worked out my score isn’t what I wanted, no where near.

My Score 123 (4rds + 3 thrusters)




2013 – Workout #86

Thursday Night at SISU with Jason B

Standard warmup with Jason, pushups, situps, pullups, back extension, squats.  I got through them all pretty good.

Workout of the Day
The Bear
5 Rounds
7 Sets
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

Cannot drop the bar during the time of the 7 reps, if you do you must start over. You must complete 5 rounds of 7 sets of this complex – no time limit.

I was going to workout with Jake and my goal was to beat BP, and so I did some math and what it would take.  We did our first set at 135, next at 155, next at 145, then we went back down to 135 for the last two sets.

I feel I did really well in the 155 set, a bit slower but I wanted it to go well.  Also my last set I felt great, I really powered through it and didn’t slow down at all.  What a great night getting to work out with Jake!!  We pushed each other pretty good.  My hands / grip is just shot!

My Score 705 / 155





2013 – Workout #81

Thursday night at SISU with Jason B

Standard warmup with Jason B pushups, situps, back extension, squats, pullups Its the normal Thursday.

For the deadlift I’m not going to be crushing any PR or anything today but I will do over 400lbs.  I think I will stop around 405.  I dont’ need to be mashing records today when the open workout tomorrow.

Workout of the Day
Find your 1 rep max.
5 Rounds for time
30 Seconds Rest between Rounds (minimum)
5 Deadlift (65%)
15 Wall Ball (20/16)
20M Overhead Lunge Plate (45/25)

For the skills I did pull around 410lb dead lift, but I wasn’t going to go much higher today.

I really thought I would crush this workout pretty good.  But as it turned out those over head lunges really started to add up and my legs were crushed.  Every step hurt, every wall ball was hard the deads were actually difficult.

by the time I finished this pretty much everything was burning and I don’t think I could have taken another step with that plate over my head.

My time 15:16 @ 275




2013 – Workout #77

Thursday night with Jason B at SISU

Death by anything is usually a bad deal… Tonight was no different with the burpee box jump.

For the warmup I decided to do 13.4.  I went into this pretty cold and just dove right in.  It was a pretty difficult one actually.  Should be fun to really give a go tomorrow.

We did some jerk stuff for the skills.  I didn’t go insanely heavy, just working on the form.  And I didn’t want to kill myself because I will be doing a lot of them tomorrow again.

Workout of the Day
CrossFit Games Open 13.4
Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following the rep scheme below:
3 Clean and jerk (135/95 lbs)
3 Toes-to-bar
6 Clean and jerk (135/95 lbs)
6 Toes-to-bar
9 Clean and jerk (135/95 lbs)
9 Toes-to-bar
12 Clean and jerk (135/95 lbs)
12 Toes-to-bar
15 Clean and jerk (135/95 lbs)
15 Toes-to-bar
18 Clean and jerk (135/95 lbs)
18 Toes-to-bar…
*This is a timed workout. If you complete the round of 18, go on to 21. If you complete 21, go on to 24, etc.
Death by Burpee Box Jump

Death by – Every minute on the minute +1 for 15 minutes do something.  So first round its 1 second round its two, etc etc all the way to 15.  Once you can’t get a number you just start doing as many reps as you can with the time left.

Death by Burpee Box Jump…  Well the death by series always starts off pretty casual and ends with being awful.  Burpees would be no different.  They really start to add up in the later rounds.

I kept up really well until the 8’s then I really had to start working.  I got to 10 before the time ran out.  Started back at 12:00 and then did 7-9 every time.

Scores 13.4 = 67 Wod = 10




2013 – Workout #72

Thursday night at SISU with Jason B

Warmup I worked on some jump rope, then some standard 10 pushups, situps, back extensions, squats, pull-ups.  I did both sets of 10 pull-ups unbroken and of course strict.

Workout of the Day
4 Rounds for Time
20 Weighted Overhead Lunges (45/25)
20 Power Snatch (75/55)

This is the kind of workout I should do really well at.  I just need to wrap my head around the work, and push.  Get it done, get it done well and make it happen.

First round both unbroken no issues.  Second round lunges unbroken and the power snatch i did a set of 5 then I did 8 and then 7.  Thrid set unbroken lunges and the power snatches I did 5 then 6 then 5 then 4.  Fourth set 10’s on the lunges (disappointing) and then all fives on the power snatch.  That actually got really heavy…

I feel really good about this workout, I feel I did well and actually pushed myself pretty good.  I think I could do it better 🙂

My time: 11:28




2013 – Workout #66

Thursday night with Jason B at SISU

Warmup liz and I went for a run, it was 40 outside and it felt great!!!  Even after getting snow this morning it was fun to be outside on dry pavement.  What a nice day.  Then we did some pushups, situps, back extension, pull-ups etc.  Got em done and worked on some back squat.  I am trying to improve my form and I dont’ go above 315 for reps.  Most of the time haning out at 225.  Plus with 13.2 coming up tomorrow I want good legs.

Workout of the Day
Kettlebell swing
Jumping Lunges

This is going to be a sprint, and one that I want to win.  I am going to crush this little workout…. Plus with what happened yesterday no way I was losing to Liz two days in a row.

This workout was eye to eye with Liz and Derek, I am going pretty good at the kettlebell, a little better than both.  They are fast at the situps so all ground I make on the kb’s they get back on the situps…

Second set of situps it hits me that I have to break for a few seconds.  Jason is right there to say dont’ stop….  I power through and we are neck and neck going into the 10’s.  I BLAST through the KB’s and the jumping lunges and constant on the situps.  I win by seconds 🙂

I feel good.

My time: 5:30




2013 – Workout #60

Thursday night with Jason B at SISU

Warmup was pretty casual, i did do all 10 pull-ups without break, and if you know me you know they were strict. Squats felt pretty good.

Then we worked on snatch, which is nice because we are doing it for the open 13.1, so it will be nice to get a better feeling for this.  I worked at 75, then 95, then I did do a couple reps with 135, I am going to be doing those one at a time in the workout.  Those are actually pretty heavy for me.

lets workout.

Workout of the Day
Toes to Bar
Box Jump (24/20)
Sumo Deadlift High Pull

I am feeling really good today and actually not tired, I dont’ know how that can be I am a lot of days in a row of workouts.  I did get a good amount of sleep and crushed some water all day today, I think more then a gallon.  My goal is 12 minutes.  This is just one of those wonderful days where the weights feel like feathers and I feel strong.

The first sets were rough, the 10’s and 9’s but I made it through them.  It wasn’t until the 8’s that I had to actually break up a set.  But at six and below everything was unbroken.

The sumo’s I am really working at getting my hips involved and you really can tell the difference when that occurs.

Tonight I felt really good about my box jumps and my rest.  I managed to keep moving, this workout was really good for that.  There wasn’t one thing that seemed so daunting that you just had to rest and mentally prepare.  By the time it was 3’s I felt like I had a full tank.  So I went pretty hard at finish, turns out I didn’t have a full tank and I was pretty tired.

I did get under my goal which is nice.  But looking forward if I could get the kip down on the toes to bar I could sub 10 this workout.

My time: 11:28






2013 – Workout #41

Valentines day with Jason B at SISU can you think of a better way to spend it?  I saw a poem today:

Rhymes are lame
Go out and Train

The warmup was pretty casual, I did some pull-ups.  I did some push-ups (Set of 30) and I did a casual 500M row (about 1:55) then I worked a little handstand stuff.  That actually was pretty good.

Workout of the Day
The Love
Double Unders
50 Thrusters
Double Unders

This is a bear of a workout.  Those 50 thrusters in the middle are gonna be friggin awesome.  I got started on this thing all wrong, I went the wrong way I was up to 3’s before I figured it out.  Which is kind of a moot point because it really isn’t that much time and I counted them once I got there.

I did pretty awesome on the thrusters, I won’t lie I pushed pretty hard through them on sets of 10 and two sets of five and a heroic set of 10 at the end.  I felt great about these during the workout and after.  Even my squat depth is getting better.

I got a few sets where the doubles were good but all in all they weren’t good.  I couldnt’ get them going and I paid for it in my time.  The burpees felt good I did well on them.

Valentines day workout, it was fun.

My time: 27:03




2013 – Workout #34

Thursday Night with Jason B at SISU

The warmup was pretty fun, it was to be something around 3-4 rounds of a 250 Row, Turkish Get ups, and toes to bar.  I was able to do the row in :44 I really think I can do better, I just gassed so fast on that rower.  I really have fun practicing the turkish get ups, I think this would be a very fun movement to get good at.  I will be honest I did slack a bit on the toes to bars, but that was because of the situps lately, and also I wanted to save my hands.  I did do quite a few of them just not four sets that for sure.

Workout of the Day
Burpee Pull-up
(Rx=6′ above reach) Scaled any other way
Wall Ball (20/14)

Now looking at the times I don’t know what to think.  I see some guys that are around my level or a little better at some things getting around 15:00 I see the skinnies rocking out sub 10:00 times.  So I’m not sure what to think.  I guess in my head I am thinking around 15:00, but want to do better than that.

The thoughts would be the first set would go so fast, I thought I’d be able to just push right through the 25.  I will tell you that wasn’t the case.  I got to around 13 and I was actually pretty tired.  I wasn’t the first person to finish up the first set of 25, but the wall balls I was!  I really felt good about my wall balls tonight, I think my depth and form is coming along and I think even though I am short I can be pretty strong at them.

The last set of 15 was nothing short of desire.  I had nothing left.  I am pushing as hard as I can, I am ahead of people that probably normally would crush me and I am feeling pretty good about my time.  Then Jason B says do all 15 unbroken…. wow really I dont’ need that right now… Sure enough though I gave myself an extra 5 seconds rest and I did I powered through all 15, that felt great.

That greatness sooned turned to sickness.  I dont’ know if its because I worked so hard or because I haven’t been feeling good but I quickly went out side and started dry heaving and pretty much was convinced that my 10+ year streak of not puking was going to be broken.  I did that for about 5 minutes coughed up a lung or two and well I guess the streak remains….

My time 13:26




2013 – Workout #27

Thursday night with Jason B at SISU

Workout of the Day
5 HPC EMOM – Unbroken (bar can only go down between sets)
Double unders (3x Singles)

This workout is going to be pretty tough.  I am going to have to scale the double unders because I can’t get them so I will be doing singles.

It was pretty fun tonight because Jason showed up to workout, this is the first time that he has shown up to workout since I have started, he wasn’t coaching just to workout.  I liked seeing him in the capacity.

Going to stick with a 135 clean to start.  Have to do 5 without dropping the bar, every minute on the minute.  This wasn’t too bad.  By the last few sets it was getting harder.

Nothing too complex about this workout, its just really going to be the situps for me.  I actually surprise myself a bit and get around 38 or 40 of the first set without stopping.

I got way behind on this, the situps hurt me I’m not the best jump roper. But I have to say my squats felt pretty good.

My Time: 16:45