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Timberwolf Saturday Workout

Workout of the Day
40 Cal Assault Bike Buy In
3 Rounds
10 Burpee Box Jumps
20 Goblet Squats (32kg)
30 Sit-Ups

My time 19:50

Whitney 17:50

2012 – Workout #88

Another night at SISU

I can say I was excited to get there because I hadn’t been in the gym for a few days.  With softball and other obligations it was good to be back.

The warmup stuff was kind of unorganized because there were just three of us and Jason was trying to wrap up things with people, but we did a few odd things these soilder walks and flamenco things.  Some quick bar work with stiff leg dead lifts, and some clean squats.

I am still kind of awkward in a lot of these movements, but I am getting better.  I always feel like I am doing them wrong.  I watch the movement happen from people that know what they are doing, it looks easy.  I go to implement and I screw up.  Then I get nervous I overthink it and I forget an entire step, it really sucks.

We spent about 10 or so minutes doing some mobility stuff for hamstrings, a few stretches, some work with a lacrosse ball.

On to the workout.

The Board:
9 Rounds
11 Deadlifts
20 Goblet Squats
01 Clean and Jerk

This WOD was a “hero” wod, if you read it it goes 9-11-2001.  It was straight up hard.  Nothing fancy or crazy just difficult.  I am proud of a few things during my workout.  I did all 9 sets of dead lifts unbroken.  I felt that if I made it to five or six I may as well just finish them up.  And I finished in under 25:00.

These Goblet squats, oh my lord these are hard after 100, I mean by the 6th and 7th rounds I am losing my mind over them.  They hurt, my back hurts, my legs hurt, my everything simply just hurts.  When finishing sets of the squats i’m just tossing the KB down, glad I didn’t mash my foot.

I’m breaking out the squats into logical numbers that maybe make sense to me.  Sometimes its 6 – 7 – 7 or maybe a 5-10-5 then an 8-7-5 yeah these things make sense.

I am trying to do my best on keeping good form, but to be honest I’m just too tired to do so.  I have never wanted to quit something so bad.  But here I am finishing up this work, with 6 new people (Coming for the 7:30 Class) standing around watching, Jason standing there counting me down on my last set.  The two others in the class that finished before me… ugh it was pure stress.

I am upset looking at the board that I didn’t even do it Rx, I guess my KB was too light.   I just used the one Jason gave me, guess I thought it was the “right” one.  Being honest with myself, if I had used a 24 I may have died.

After this workout I laid in front of a fan for about 14 minutes before I felt confident enough to move. after I got my area cleaned up and then went to the car, another five minutes before feeling confident enough to drive.  Once I got home, I turned on a fan and laid down for about two hours before I moved.

-UPDATE- Two days later I am hardly able to walk.

My time 24:07