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Workout of the Day
10 Min AMRAP
1 Rope Climb
10 Dumbbell Snatch
30 Double Unders

My Score 4Rds +11

2014 – Workout #33

Wednesday night with Jason Johnson at SISU.

Nice 1/2 mile run to start the night…  Then we did some line up kind of mobility/more warm up.

For the skill we did some back squats and for the first time in a long time I did some heavy 3 reps.  I think I got up to 335 for a 3 rep which is pretty awesome for me right now.  Yes it was tight, but I did them pretty well.

Workout of the Day
Back Squat
Find your 3 rep max.
12 Minute AMRAP
30 Dubs
20 Wall Balls
10 T2B

I am not strong at dubs so the rest of this I am going to have to do well. The dubs didn’t go awful the first round. I strung together a 12 and few but that’s about it.  Wall balls unbroken, toes to bar were strict and unbroken.

The second round of dubs went pretty badly, actually. Hated it..took forever. Wall balls and toes to bars unbroken.

Third round dubs went ok. I strung some 5’s and a six in there.  Wall balls unbroken again (tougher) and toes to bar done strict and unbroken.

My Score 161



2014 – Workout #26

Thursday night with Jason M at SISU

Start with a 400M run outside of course because its 40 and snow is melting. Then we dive into some shoulder smash, Whitney was my partner and she was doing OK, and it was a bit uncomfortable shes getting better at it, learning to center her weight. But Massie sees this as an opportunity to be a good friend.  He gets on there and is crushing me.  Whitney said he was popping up handstands on me… it was destruction and awesome.  And my shoulders felt great all night, first time in awhile.  We then start these little mini groups to go across the gym and do planks and jump overs. Someone jumps gets to the end gets in the plank new end jumps etc etc.  The planks wrecked me…  Then we did it back… ugh.  Then we did some crawl unders and bridges…. I am working hard at these.

Working on power cleans today, I decide to help a couple people and not focus so much on me, which is OK because I was still able to get a few sets in and also help people out with their cleans.  I did do a 3 rep 195, that was pretty good.  Whitney is going to be good at these when she can attach all the movements together.  Chris is well Chris and is good at everything but a few finer points and he will beast things.

Workout of the Day
Find your 3 rep max.
20 Min AMRAP
50 Dubs
10 Power Cleans
15 Ring Dips
20 Sit-ups

Getting after this wod I decided I was going to do the doubles the day I read this workout.  I knew it was the deal and I knew I wouldn’t do FANTASTIC.  So I also loaded up the bar with 185 for my cleans, I may as well get some good work in there on these.

The first round was hard, the ring dips were hard the cleans were hard I guess the situps went fine… But the dam double unders I just couldn’t get em.  I got one 9 in a row a couple 7’s and a few 5’s otherwise it was onesy twosy the whole way.  FRUSTRATING.  I spent OVER half this workout on doubles alone.

Ring dips I did strict and I did them OK.  I guess there may have been one or two questionable ones, but honnestly I felt great about these.  THough they did take a little longer then I wanted.

Cleans were heavy but I managed I made good form and got them going in doubles and sometimes triples.  First round I think I did 5.

Overall I am disappointed with my day.  But I have to get better, the only way I am going to get better is to do these workouts.  It shows me what I need to work on and it shows me that when I dont’ work on them I get punished.  Workouts like this are a punishment for me for NOT doing things like double under work.  So I lick my wounds go home and come back to fight another day.

My Score: 2 +20 dubs.



2014 – Workout #12

Todays workout I was a little worried about. I am not strong at double unders and I haven’t boxed jumped at all since making it back.

The warmup was pretty standard, pushups, situps, pullups, squats, back extensions.  We did 3 minutes of rope work too.  Then some pass throughs.  I did break out a set of 7 strict pullups so that was nice.

The skill was fun it was skin the cats, I had at some point figured out how to do these so it wasn’t too bad.  But I hadn’t realized how handplacement was wrong before so fixing that put some tension on my elbow, but I was still able to do a few of them, but I did stop after a bit because it really was hurting.

Workout of the Day
15 Min Time Cap
100 Double unders – Do three minutes if you aren’t good at these
Deadlift (185/135)
Box Jump (24/20)
100 Double unders – Match above if you aren’t great at double unders

100 Pushups for Time

So for the double unders I was able to get 54 in the three minutes.  Not great but I have to say its MUCH better then I thought was going to happen.  And that was because I got a set of 21 or so in a row, I was amazed and pretty happy.

I decided right away that the deads was where I was going to make up time, these are light for me and using a hook grip on sets 15 and 9 helped a lot since the bear complex really did a number on my grip.  But I did all the sets of deads unbroken.

The box jumps hurt, stepping up hurt more. The step down was very tight and sore and just plain uncomfortable.  I pushed through em.

The last set of rope was not so great.  I did string a 16 together but a lot more 2’s and 1’s.  I really need to spend some qt on these.  It took me a little longer then two and a half to do them the second go around.

My time 13:08 (workout)

My time 8:07 (100 Pushups for time)



2014 – Workout #9

Saturday Butt Camp

It was to be me and Mel, I think combined height of an average person at the gym.

I find it kind of odd that there possibly could be one workout with 4 movements that I am not great at any single one of them…  This would prove to be a humbling work out.

I had to lift Mel for each set of pull-ups, so I feel like that should count as a rep or two.  Because the instructions were no boxes, no matter what.  We asked and were denied.  We split the work on these pretty good.

I went lighter on the OHS, because I am not great at them and I really should work on them more.  But its one of those things when you get discouraged it makes it hard to get motivated to get after them. When I write that down it really makes me feel like it should be having the opposite effect…

Toes to bar we split up pretty good. I did them strict and did OK.

Double unders… Well Mel probably did 90 of these. She did like a 40 in a row that was pretty awesome.  Again something I need to work on.

Butt Camp
Teams of Two for Time:
75 Pullups
100 OHS (95/65)
125 T2B
150 Double Unders




2013 – Workout #107

Friday night with Jason and my pals at SISU

Well I am not good at double unders and power cleans i’m still learning a lot…   But this looks like it could be a fun one!  BTW fat bar pull-ups are different…

Workout of the Day
Power Clean
Find your 1 rep max.
5 Rounds for reps
Every Three Minutes:
5 Hanging Power Clean (70% 1 RM)
Max Double Unders

So my max I ended up at was 245, I feel like I should be able to do more I just have to do them right.

I used 185 for the workout and it was a bit rough….  The first set was OK but it just kept on getting harder and harder.  My doubles were pretty much a static pile of crap but I can’t expect to get better if I dont ‘get after them.  I think I need to start a list of crap to work on…

101 Doubles at 185






2013 – Workout #89

Wednesday night with Pat at SISU

Warmup was pretty standard, again with some pushups, pullups, situps, squats, back extensions.

Then we did some fun work with a band on a kettlebell and it was pretty hard.  Heavier band made it harder.  These were hard work.

Workout of the Day
4 Rounds for Time
30 Sit-ups
30 Kettlebell swings
30 Double unders

The first set of sit-ups I pretty much rocked, no stopping and go through them all.  I really surprised myself with that.  The first kettlebell swings I got confused after doing them with the band I thought I had the wrong weighted one so I stopped to look at it… nope got the right one, I wanted the 24.

I am so slow at situps and double unders elude me still.  It was just a frustrating workout it was taking forever.  I am sure I was the last one done.  Have to get better.

My time: 18:09




2013 – Workout #88

Saturday morning butt camp at SISU with Jason

On our own for warmup some of us Ran some rowed others chatted. I did some pushups and a few pullups and a run.  Dive into this mess!

Workout of the Day
Max Effort for 3 Minutes:
100M Overhead Lunge (45/25)
Double Unders
Shoot Through
Rope Climb
Kettlebell Swing (24/16)
10M Shuttle Run
Ball Slam (30/20)

Liz and I paired up for the event.  I do enjoy working out with her, shes fun and works out hard all the time its a good combo.  We decided to start with the rope climbs.  Later we found that was a bad idea.  But I did 6 of them pretty good when I really never climb rope.

I wont’ go through each hole and the efforts for each but Liz destroyed me on a number of them, some of them ones I thought I was good at.  That was tough.  This workout was insanely hard.  Like crazy.

If I wanted to get a better score I could have, I should have written down the levels because I was one rep in three cases to a better score and over on a number of them that I could have rested on and saved it for the next hole.  But that really isn’t the point of this event, its max effort for the time, and I gave that on every one.  Some were just sad, ball slams were awful.  Double unders awful.  Oh well theres always next year.

My Score 49


041313_buttcamp2 041313_buttcamp

2013 – Workout #76

Monday Night with Jason at SISU

If you read my blog at all and follow workouts you will probably not be too surprised that I wasn’t thrilled when I saw power cleans on today’s workout. But I had to get it done I wanted to do well.

So a couple 400M Runs and some pushups situps, back extensions, pull-ups, squats and we were ready to work on a 1RM.  Now I wasn’t about to start plowing through a 1RM again, I’ve been at it a few days and I gave one 3/4 attempt at 235 that someone was playing around with and other then that I worked on form and technique, Jason was helpful as usual.

Workout of the Day
15 Power Cleans (60%1RM)
100 Double Unders (50 attempts)
12 Power Cleans (60%1RM)
75 Double Unders (35 attempts)
9 Power Cleans (60%1RM)
50 Double Unders (25 attempts)

I was able to do all the power cleans unbroken, I mean I should at 135.  I wouldn’t say they were all perfect or anything but pretty good I think.  I actually kind of screwed up the workout and did the second set last and the last set second, threw me off a bit.  Just for the cleans.
As for the doubles I mean they weren’t the worst I’ve ever done, but I still just couldn’t get them.  I did at first and then I lost them, finding 2-3 every now and again and then losing them for many in a row.  Frustrating those doubles…

I am sore.

My time 9:40




2013 – Workout #73

Friday night at SISU with Jason

Well this is a giant block for me.  Never done Karen.  I am not strong at double unders and I cannot do muscle ups..  OH well lets give it a shot.


Workout of the Day
CrossFit Games Open 13.3
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
150 Wall ball shots (20/14 lbs) (10’/9′)
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

The Girls
For time:
150 Wall-ball shots

So I am counting this at doing Karen to get a time on it.  Its 9:59.  A lot longer then I would have thought.  But getting 6 doubles in 2 minutes is about as pathethic as it gets.  OH well.

I got the first 50 wall balls pretty quick and felt good.  To 75 felt good still.  To 100 was getting rough, I remember 109… 109 is where it hit me and I was losing my mind.  I will re-do this at some point and do better.

My score 156