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Vacation Workout

Workout of the Day
5 Rounds
1 Man-Maker (35lb)
10 Dumbbell chest press (50lb)
10 Burpees
10 Dips
1 Man-Maker (20lb)

Rest for the time it took you to complete the round.

My Time 27:19

2012 – Workout #134

Going to be trying some double workout stuff.  Want to get some lifting in after / before crossfit.  Tonight was the first try, it didn’t go great.

I spent some time on the bench working up a ladder that looked like


I moved to close grip and worked at 135.

Did some sets of dips, and some incline press but to be honest my shoulder was really hurting so I took off a bit earlier then I wanted to.

2012 – Workout #114

Another Thursday with Jason B at SISU.

The warm up was a pretty standard crossfit warm up with the shoot through’s tossed in there.  I actually was able to do the shoot through’s unbroken.  Pull-ups felt good.  The warmup went well pretty awesome.  Except I have a POUNDING headache, it hit me yesterday too I’m not sure why but it has been KILLING me.  And tonight’s is the worst.

For skills we worked on the hanging power clean.  Jason walked us through the steps and I am comfortable and getting better with getting my butt back chest up but still just cannot drive my hips forward.  I need to watch more stuff and get more comfortable with this.  We did it with bars not PVC so that was nice.

The workout:

5 Rounds for time
12 Hanging Power Clean
12 Ring Dips = RX
12 Burpees
12 Piruette DIps

Score = (Weight lifted / Time in seconds)

I am going to go with 145 lbs and do regular dips. I am not strong at rings yet and getting tired I know I will maybe hurt myself.

I dive right into this getting all 12 of the first sets unbroken.  Next set was 6 and 6 on power cleans and then all 12 dips.  The next sets are a blur of swears and me getting pissed off at the barbell.  My hands are bleeding, the bar isn’t doing what I want it to do.  I visualize light weights and putting it up and I am failing.  I am no repping myself quite a bit for crappy attempts.  Even my last dip I did twice because I no rep’d myself.  I am frustrated.

Well this workout was a huge disappointment for me.  In so many ways.  My form went to shit, I couldn’t drive my hips forward on my power clean thus making me scared to dip down with it and I started doing like a foot backwards.  I ripped up my thumbs with doing that hook grip.  My time was horrible, I was beat tired when done. My head has been pounding so badly since the warm up   Is just all bad.  I should have done lighter weight and done better reps.  But honestly the first ones felt great.

I keep looking at this and trying to sort out where it went all wrong.  I don’t know maybe I did an extra set maybe I miscounted ffs this just went all bad.  Way to wreck my dam day workout…  I guess thats crossfit.

My time score: 166 (145 14:33)