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2012 – Workout #55

A run tonight, it actually went pretty good compared to the previous run.  Hope to get another one of these runs in this week.  And of course 100 pushups



2012 – Workout #53

A run tonight, it went badly but it went.  Did about 4.5 miles, everything went wrong.  I was tired from the start, my phone stopped GPS’ing (later about 3 miles in started up again) I had to stop and walk about every 1/2 mile, I would do some pushups during that time then my shoulder go so sore I could barely stand it.  While running I was shadow boxing kind of thing to make it feel better, and it did.

I am happy i didn’t quit the 100 times I wanted to.

2012 – Workout #50

A four mile run tonight, not my best, and I am a bit disappointed but it took a lot for me to drag myself out there and I am proud that I pushed through and did it.


4/4/12 Run

4/4/12 Run

2012 – Workout #49

Shoulders tonight at the gym.  Again going to work on more endurance, going to warm up hard and still do a bit heavier but sets of eight.

Military press (in front) 65×16 65×11 95×8 115×6 135×8 135×8 135×8

Dumbbell shoulder press 65×7 (couldn’t do the 8th) 65×8 (man mode)

Upright rows 115×8 115×8

Dumbbell pours 30×8 30×8

Worked in 100 pushups while working this set of lifts as well.

20 minutes on the stair master after that.



2012 – Workout #47

Just a nice 30 minute bike ride tonight, stationary.

100 pushups of course!



2012 – Workout #46

Tonight I ran to the gym and worked out and then ran home!  Legit workout for me.  I know its only a little over a mile one way to the gym but that workout in the middle makes a difference.  Mentally preparing to lift heavy, and to run is a big step for me.

Bench Press 135×15 155×12 185×8 205×6 225×3 275×3 275×4 275×5.75 (a little help on that 6th)

Incline dumbbell press 75×6 75×6

Dips 12 12

Dumbbell flys 30×8

I worked in two sets of pushups as well.  But I was spent!

Then the run home…. eek!

2012 – Workout #36

Started the night with some pushups, then did a small 2 mile run.  It actually was harder then I thought it was going to be.  But it was very cold and windy and actually pretty icy.  But I did put up my fastest mile ever, so thats cool!


3/7/12 Run

3/7/12 Run


2012 – Workout #35

A run of four miles, it was a pretty good one.  The hills just rocked me though!  Pretty much ran to jakes and back, I finished a bit early (no puns) but it was nice to have some cool down time.  I even stopped outside to do some pushups.


3/6/12 Run

3/6/12 Run

2012 – Workout #33

Tonights run was difficult! Very hard, it was cold, it was snowing a bit and very very icy. The roads were very slick. I almost fell about four times, two times legitimatly almost went down. Dangerous running. The after felt fantastic! You know what smells horrible? McDonalds on mile 3 of a five mile run.

And of course some pushups to start the run. I also did a few more later that night.

3/12/12 Run

3/12/12 Run

2012 – Workout #31

My first ever, five mile run.  This felt fantastic!!!  I was a bit thrown off when I was running and had got to where I mapped out five miles and my nike + says “half way point”  I was like WHAT THE HECK!  Turns out I accidentally set myself up for a 10 mile run not five.  Not funny.

I really feel great about this run, and doing it for myself.  I really REALLY do!


2/24/12 Run

2/24/12 Run