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Vacation Workout

Workout of the Day
10 Rounds

1 Pull-Up
10 Dumbbell Snatch (50)
1 Pull-Up
10 Burpees
1 Pull-Up
10 Situps

Partner workout – Rest while the other does their round.

Kristen and I – 37:50

Timberwolf Workout

Workout of the Day
Group Workout
4:00 Each Station (Max Effort)
3 Times at each Station
Rowing (Calories)

My Partners were Erin and Miles

Our Score 904

My Cal rows were 60’s 50’s 50’s

2014- Workout #40 some

Did a quick workout after mowing the lawn.

Workout of the Day
50 Pull-Ups
50 Burpees
50 Squats

I did the first 10 pullups and then 10 burpees after that I did 5 and 5.  After that I decided I should get the legs going a bit and did 50 squats.

2014 – Workout #29

Todays warmup was not and is not my jam….  Everything about it I’m bad at / or hurts.  Doubles, not great at them and being distracted today did not help. Then we did bridge ups, pike sit-ups and wall squats.  I focused on the wall squats and stretching.  I am not great at pike situps… I can’t touch my toes over my head.

For the skill we were to work on front squats.  I got my lifting shoes on and I didn’t expect much. Jason came over asked me “if it was a heavy lifting day” I said no.  He then gave me some good tips (I think) on my injury. And I was just doing some sets.  Started at 45, felt ok.  Got on some 135, couple sets.  Front squats absolutely wreck my wrists.  I got up and did a 165 set of 5 then a 185 set of 5 then set of 3 and Suddenly I started feeling great.  I got in at a 205, at 3 reps 215 couple sets of 2 then set up and went 235 and set of two and then added 30lbs 265 for a set of three and it felt great.

Overall some tightness, and some pain but over all I felt good.

Lets workout.

Workout of the Day
Front Squat
Find your 3 rep max.
2 Sec Pause at bottom
10 Min AMRAP
3-6-9-12 (if you get done start at 3)
Front Squat 135/95
Push Press 135/95

OK I want to do well on this.  I want to get 90, so I am going to go pretty hard.  The first two sets I crush pretty good, and I want to beat everyone in the room, I am going to push hard through these next sets…  TO my surprise I went through all of the 9th set unbroken too, I couldn’t believe it…  In my head I was going to stop but I didn’t

The 12 set was pretty hard, I really wanted to do better at it but I broke up the push presses into four sets of 3.. My shoulders were burning…  The burpees murdered me…

Some good things, I squat clean every first rep.  I do not ever drop the bar before doing some push press.  I was way over my goal.
Some bad things, I rested like 30 seconds after finishing the set of 3 on the second set.

For the first time in a very long time I felt absolutely great about my workout today.  I left feeling awesome. The thing about crossfit, its this roller coaster ride some days its up some days its down.  A friend was telling me about a blog she follows and it said it reminded her of me.  And the big key was showing up. And its true, I show up.  When the coach says to do something I do it, when they give fine little pointers and see things I don’t I really try to listen. That makes days like today feel so good. Just one thing missing…  But over all I feel really good about today, and myself.  I’m sure tomorrow will crush me.

My Score: 106


2014 – Workout #27

Saturday workout, pretty small group like 8 of us.

Workout of the Day
Teams of 3 (we had four)

110 Dubs
100 Squats
90 Wall Balls 20/14
80 sit-ups
70 KB Swings
60 Burpees
50 Box Jumps 24/20
40 Pull-Ups
30 Toes To Bar
10 Ring Dips
5 Bar Muscle Ups

Not to much to say about this workout.  There were some frustrating points and there was some good stuff too.  I worked pretty hard and I was able to help out some people that are new(ish) so that was good too.

We got through like 1.3 rounds of this in the 30 minutes.



2014 – Workout #24

A good night at the Gym with Pat.  Pretty small group but BP is there 🙂

The warmup actually did a bunch of awful things to me…   400M run – yes in the snow…  Then we did these wall squats where we held them in the bottom next to the wall…  Then the awfulness that is a bear crawl… wall AND back. Do 5 burpees, some inch worms, 10 strict pull ups – I used fat bar. Runners lunge to wall, 10 push-ups, 10 frog hops.  I dont’ think I got all the hops done.

Then we start up on the turkish get ups.  I started with the blue KB 24KG and I did 5 on my right and then 3 on my left before I started up on the barbell.  I did the 75lb barbell on my right twice and my left once.  Then I added 10lbs and did that on my right.   Fun time!  I really like these.

Now that I am dead tired, lets start a workout.

Workout of the Day
Turkish Get-Up
Find your 1 rep max.
3 Rounds 3 Minutes on 1 Minutes Rest
5 Burpees
5 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Score is total reps

So this is a sprint, I need to go fast and go hard every round.  The first is going to be the one I need to make up good ground on. So I got at it fast and after less then 90 seconds I was done with 3 rounds.  Then Doing the burpees on the 4th round it hit me and I was only able to get through 5th round.  I wanted six…

Pat needs to go help push a car for someone, so he tells me to make sure we start up after a minute, oh sure no problem…

BP yells at me from across the gym that he counted my rounds and it was 2.  I muster up a Fuck off before I realized I should be conserving my air not spouting off to him 😉 at 4:00 I yell “lets go!”

The second round was seriously hard and I did nto think I was going to get done with it ever… Not with any dignity.  I did have a nice surge at the end to finish 4 rounds.

So during the last break I had to go outside to get the cool air… And it was hard to get going on this last round but I was doing the math and I needed I had to get a good round to do as well as Whitney.

I hit this last round as hard as I could, I wanted 5 rounds in a bad way but these burpees were making sure that didn’t happen.  I did get through four though so thats good.

At the end of this I am so tired I collapse.  Now this is a frequent thing for me, nothing new.  But this one is a good 20% worse then normal.  I love this feeling though, so tired you fall down.  Music blaring but all you can hear is your breath and you can actually FEEL your heartbeat. This is the best i’ve felt all day.  Oooops now I may throw up time to go outside.  Where I lay down on the dirty snowy pavement.  After a few minutes I muster up the strength to grab some snow and pile it on my forehead… wow that feels good.  Yeah I think I’ll be finding dirt all night, through the shower and maybe into the next day…

My Score: 135 (5+2 – 4+1 – 4+2)



2014 – Workout #20

Butt camp Saturday Morning.  I am pretty excited because I get to workout with some of my favorite people.  Brent was there, he’s gonna workout with me!  (or is he?) Jake is there, Whitney and some new friends this is going to be a great day.

So it looks a little confusing but it isn’t. We really go to each section do each of the exercises in a 3-6-9-12-15-18 rep scheme. Your score is the highest rep total that you finished.  4 minutes each station

So Brent was feeling sick, so I was Hans.  Luckily Pat decided to workout with me, is this a good thing?  Its good and bad, Pat (and Brent) are both better than me. Pat’s a coach and I want to do well for him, and all my friends are there and I want to do well…. so much stress just to workout.

First section for me is front squats and I did pretty good actually they felt great. And we got through the 12’s. Next up was the deads, at 225 these are actually pretty awesome. Felt great and got tired doing them.  Need to do more high rep dead lifts. Got 12. The KB jump lunge was hard, I got through the 12s but it was NOT easy. Next up wall balls and I’m running out of gas.  These wall balls are doing work to me…  I get through the 12s knowing it sacrifices the next station – where I only get 9.

I tried to watch my new friends workout and did make a couple adjustments for them and wanted to make sure they were doing things right. They did great!

My Score is 12 on all except last station of rowing we got 9. Couldn’t get the burpees done. And I was very tired. I did comp weight on all things except KB did the blue.




2014 – Workout #17

Warmup: We did some work on double unders and for whatever reason I did really well at these again… well in bursts.  I need to figure out what it is that I do when I am able to string them together.

Then we did some KB snatch, I’m not the greatest at these but the more I do them the more I feel comfortable.  I was able to do 16 unbroken on each arm.  I may have been able to do more, but they were getting worse and it isn’t worth it then.

Workout of the Day
4 Rounds for Time
15 KB Push Press Left (24/16)
15 Box Jump (24/20)
15 KB Push Press Right (24/16)
15 Burpees

This just looks straight awful. These push presses with this heavy(ish) kettlbell are not easy toss in box jumps (hurty) then everyone favorite – burpees…yuck. This was just going to be straight hell out of the gate.

The chief did things to my grip I wasn’t expecting. It also did things to my shoulders that I wasn’t quite ready to accept either. I did round one with a pretty good time but I was getting tired fast..

Round two still went OK, and I was on pace for about a 16:00 finish. But that soon went to hell in round three where it took me a very long time to get started and finished on the the box jumps and worse yet the burpees.

Soon I was onto round four and time was just ticking and ticking away.

The good things in thsi workout were my KB push press. I was getting my hips into it and I was doing them pretty well. There were a few questionable ones but I usually would make up for it by doing another one. I really felt pretty good about my left arm even, so that was kinda nice.

The bad were the burpees, I don’t know but I just don’t have a gas tank for these anymore. And worse yet, maybe were the box jumps, but they just plain hurt.

My time: 18:24



2014 – Workout #6

Stuck at home with my car in the shop.  Coupled with trying to get back from this injury I decided to do a little workout at home. It was motivated by someone else sending me their workout too.

I spent about 10 minutes doing some mobility work.  Some modified couch stretch, where I can keep my ankle normal not flat against the wall (thats the part that makes that hard for me) really helped me open my hips up a bit.  Some foam roller on each leg too, getting that inside.

Tested out a few squats, looking at myself in the window to check depth. Tested out a couple burpees and some situps and got right at it.

Workout of the Day
100 Pushups for Time

Ok first and foremost the pushups were an afterthought upon reading that pushups were supposed to be in this workout too, well I missed em.  So I thought of a way to make up for it would be to do a tabata but then i got to thinking i’ve done 100 situps for time 100 squats for time why not 100 pushups too!

The burpee situp squats went ok, I mean I was very tired and my cat was very confused as to what the heck I was doing it.  It dawned on me I don’t ever workout at home, its very rare. have to change that.  Anyway plowed through that workout pretty good  I think.

My time 6:28

Then it was 100 pushups for time, I probably spent maybe 5 minutes recovering before I started this.  I was thinking it would probaby take me like 4 minutes or so, I mean I crushed the q20k and I could do sets of 50 pretty easy at the end of that challenge.

First set 33 in 42 seconds, not bad but I kinda wanted 40.  Setup for my next what was to be 20 ish and I did 10…  Then as I started up my next set something strange happened.  After four pushups I couldn’t do another one…  WHAT!?!?  I cant’ do a pushup!?!? I looked out the window  I fully expected to see a pig with wings…  Ok I step back a bit give myself a good 30 seconds to recover, no big deal I have plenty of time Sitting at like 1 1/2 minutes.

4 minutes came and went. I spent the next 6 and a half minutes cursing out lout, cursing myself internally and trying to figure this thing out. I pushed really hard to get it under 8 minutes but I just couldnt’ get em done, I was failing and falling on my face. The last reps at 7:50ish were ugly, so ugly in fact I couldn’t count it and I had to do it over.This was a very humbling experience and one that will not soon be forgotten.

My time: 8:02

2013 – Workout #124

My team:

BP, Brent, And I think Amy (I’m bad with names)