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Timberwolf Saturday Workout

Workout of the Day
40 Cal Assault Bike Buy In
3 Rounds
10 Burpee Box Jumps
20 Goblet Squats (32kg)
30 Sit-Ups

My time 19:50

Whitney 17:50

2013 – Workout #77

Thursday night with Jason B at SISU

Death by anything is usually a bad deal… Tonight was no different with the burpee box jump.

For the warmup I decided to do 13.4.  I went into this pretty cold and just dove right in.  It was a pretty difficult one actually.  Should be fun to really give a go tomorrow.

We did some jerk stuff for the skills.  I didn’t go insanely heavy, just working on the form.  And I didn’t want to kill myself because I will be doing a lot of them tomorrow again.

Workout of the Day
CrossFit Games Open 13.4
Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following the rep scheme below:
3 Clean and jerk (135/95 lbs)
3 Toes-to-bar
6 Clean and jerk (135/95 lbs)
6 Toes-to-bar
9 Clean and jerk (135/95 lbs)
9 Toes-to-bar
12 Clean and jerk (135/95 lbs)
12 Toes-to-bar
15 Clean and jerk (135/95 lbs)
15 Toes-to-bar
18 Clean and jerk (135/95 lbs)
18 Toes-to-bar…
*This is a timed workout. If you complete the round of 18, go on to 21. If you complete 21, go on to 24, etc.
Death by Burpee Box Jump

Death by – Every minute on the minute +1 for 15 minutes do something.  So first round its 1 second round its two, etc etc all the way to 15.  Once you can’t get a number you just start doing as many reps as you can with the time left.

Death by Burpee Box Jump…  Well the death by series always starts off pretty casual and ends with being awful.  Burpees would be no different.  They really start to add up in the later rounds.

I kept up really well until the 8’s then I really had to start working.  I got to 10 before the time ran out.  Started back at 12:00 and then did 7-9 every time.

Scores 13.4 = 67 Wod = 10




2012 – Workout #130

Wednesday night with Jason at SISU

For the warmup we did something Jason called mario cart.  We partnered up, set up some cones grabbed a weight cart (team of 3 grabbed a sled) and started a warmup.  So one partner (Mine was Amy) was to sit in the negative but active bottom of the squat position while the other pushed the weight cart around the track.  When you had to break you had to put a mark down.  It was to be five rounds each person.  We made it through the first three pretty good and then we had to take a break or two maybe like a few ….  At the end had to do 5 burpees per break, split up.  We both did 20 burpees.

For the Skills we jsut worked on the kettle bell snatch.  This is going to suck!


Kettle Bell Snatch / Burpee Box Jump
21 – 3
18 – 6
15 – 9
12 – 12
9 – 15
6 – 18
3 – 21

Time cap at 23:00

The name Jason gave this workout is “Yikes” and upon reflection of this workout it makes sense.  Looking at the rep scheme I am not fond of it.  This reverse type order thing is messing with my head.

During sets 1-3 I felt like I was killing it, I was keeping a good pace with the kettlebell. Then the burpee box jumps kicked in, and the rip on my left hand kicked in.  I am extremely tired and I thought I had 25 minutes not 23, so time management was bad… this was just a very very hard workout.  I even scaled down the KB to a 20kg.

Sets 4-6 were just brutal.  They are killing me sweat is flying all over the place. The burpee box jumps are just plain hard for me to get up and get going.

I dont’ know that I would have finished in 25 minutes 2 minutes left I would like to think I could have, I just don’t know.  This is probably the most tired I have been in a very VERY long time, and I feel like I say that a lot…

Vacation starts tomorrow.  Diet and exercise are also on vacation. Though I hope to get a couple decent workouts in.

My time: 23:00 DNF  I got through 6 Rounds, on the 3 – 21 set.





Here is a picture of me at the end of the workout.  Yeah a pretty sweet stache.

nick 112812

nick 112812

2012 – Workout #96

Another night at SISU

The night was with Jason B, second time I have had him as a coach.  He is on task, he is focused and a pretty good coach, keeps things going doesn’t let you slack and is always there to help.

The warmup has me sweating – again.  The inch worms, these types of things are always hard for me. But the mobility stuff we did actually felt really good.  The couch stretch is pain hurt hellish.  But the rack stretch is pretty awesome.

The workout:

3 rounds for time
400M Run
20 Burpee Box Jumps 24′ / 20′
20 KB Swings 20 / 12 KG

Starting right into this with a run, I keep an OK pace knowing this workout with the burpee box jumps are going to be hell.  Get it done and dive right into them. I do a few unbroken and then take a break.  I work through the set at a pretty slow pace. However on the KB I make up some time by doing them all unbroken. They aren’t too bad.

The next sets are rough, those burpee box jumps and the running are getting me tired in a very fast way.  This cardio is exactly what I need is what my brain says, its exactly what I don’t need is what my lungs, and legs say.

Laying down on a gym floor in a pile of sweat face off to the side breathing so heavy its moving the small pieces of dirt and the sweat puddles, well its humbling.

I am trying to keep up with the other guys in the gym, and for the most part I am doing just that.  A defniing moment in this workout for me was passing two people on the last 400m Run.  I never pass anyone, I always am being passed.  I wouldn’t walk and knowing I could catch someone and actually pass them, was an awesome feeling.

For some moments I am not tired, I am strong I am actually going to kick this dam workouts ass….  Then a new feeling, I passed them now I have to STAY in front of them… thats new.  Having to sack up and knowing they want to catch and pass me just as bad as I just did before I got here… well its different.

The last set of burpee box jumps feel like hell.  The kettle bells, get outta my way.  All three sets unbroken, time for a heavier one next time.

Now I feel like I need to start taking a look at my pace vs breaks and get better at energy management and generally start doing better.  I feel like my breaks are a bit too long and I need to manage the work into pieces to meet goals.  Its just something I have to work on.

My time 19:48, my goal was 20:00.  I can say for the first time I actually met a goal for a workout.  I feel great!




2012 – Workout #89

Another night at SISU

I was talking to Jake before class and he said he got four rounds and I said to him, “I can do four”  I was confident, I actually figured I would get like 5.

We start this workout with a warmup that I am not kidding has me exhausted.  I am struggling to finish it and keep up with the group, it was straight up hard.  I don’t know what it was but I was gasping to catch / keep up in this warmup.

3-2-1 Go

I start in the box jumps, messing up rep one with a box jump instead of a burpee, nice start…  I get done and I get to the toes to bar, I get one go for two and nope…  Ok OK no big deal. Take a second do one, go for two and nope…  OK OK small hangup.  Do one go for two and NOPE, WTF.  Ok am no rep’ing myself I am failing I am tired.  I bet it took me over 5 minutes to get that first round done.

Back to the burpee box jumps, hrm these aren’t so bad.  I get through them and move back to the toes to bar.  I am feeling sick, I am feeling like breaking something, I am dizzy, I am well.

I dont’ want to talk much more about the workout other then the fact that Jason had a HUGE elements class coming in, there were 15 people all there watching me do shitty, It was in my head, it was in my ability, ruining all my execution.

I have never felt so shitty during and after a workout, ever.  My hands were trembeling, my head was pounding, I was a mess.  This was day 3 of the whole life challenge, which I am pushing myself outside a very comfortable boundry.

This is probably the first time and hopefully in this negative way, the last time I have related my diet to my exercise.  That link is going to make this whole life challenge for me VERY meaningful.  I can’t believe the affect this has had…

I didn’t want to scale it but honestly I probably should have.

I finished 3 rounds + 1 T2B.  This is sad.





2012 – Workout #72

This Saturday I got Lisa to join me in some fun!  Two days in a row getting people to come work out with me, I feel pretty special actually 🙂  I get a text at a little after 8:00am, its Lisa “Sorry I’m early” My text back “I’ll be right out”  That means I have to get up get dressed and brush my teeth.  That takes me about 4 minutes.  This is because I plan ahead most nights I have my clothes picked out and layed out for myself the night before.  I am not a morning person.  That is the most understated comment I’ll make on this blog…

Pat was leading the workout.  Hes planned ahead and got most of the entire workout up on the board BEFORE we got started.  Lisa and I got there pretty early.  Milling about, talking to Lisa to let her know now to be nervous.  Pat is being Pat, awesome and super reassuring.  Lisa and I are talking about the board and there isn’t a thing on there she can’t do!   We need groups of four, I joke with Lisa and say I’m ditching her 😉  “NOOO!”  She says.  Another group with H-Lo and Heather split their third off and get me and Lisa.  Now we only have to remember one name, Heather.  Easy!

H-Lo is pretty awesome, shes a level 1 certified trainer and for Lisa (and myself) thats awesome.  Shes helping Lisa out and I reap the rewards of this by paying close attention.  We are doing a pretty normal warmup, little run and just going through the movements on what we are going to be doing this morning.  Lisa is having a bit of a mental block about the box jump, so heather is helping her by stacking weghts one at a time, each one she is fine all the way to the height of the box, but as soon as its back to the box… a little gun shy.  Oh well lets workout.

three 7 minute AMRAP’s.  Two minute break in between.  Teams of four.

First one is a person is doing 20 lunges while the other three do Kettle Bell, Ball Slam, Back extension.  7 minutes of this.  I decide one round is when you get all four done.  We did 3 1/2 rounds.

Second one is 50M sprints.  Now this is going to be something.  I always tell everyone I play ball with that the basepath is to be sprinted on, run hard!  I told myself starting this that its just bases ( a bit longer but whatever ) and that I would run them hard EVERY SINGLE TIME.  I pushed at these, I ran every one hard.  A couple people were cheering me on as I did each one.  It was kind of a tag system.  Tag someone they run down to the other end tag run back etc etc.  It was a lot of work.  I think I got either 13 or 15, we aren’t sure Lisa and I had conflicting numbers.  I feel like I am going to throw up after we finish 7 minutes of that.

Last one burpee box jumps, YUCK!  Whats funny is after Pat introduced Lisa and then the workout one of the guys said something along the lines of burpee box jumps you need to get outta here!  These were gonna be hard.

Now I am already really tired and these are starting to get to me.  Me and H-Lo are swapping reps and going at an OK pace.  I have to break for a second and I am tried.  She gets two while I break, she doesn’t look pleased… 🙂  But I am back to it and 3:30 has passed 1/2 way there!  I am watching Lisa and she is kicking butt on these things.  She is keeping a nice steady pace and not stopping!  Now a good tune hits the radio (surprised because pat normally sucks with the music)  and now I feel like I have a ton of energy and I am setting a pace and pushing hard.  Heather takes a break, I plow through three or four really fast reps! I push until the end of the time.

I stager over for my water, find the fan in the back and collapse.  Surprisingly I’m not like I am going to die tired, more of a if I did die right now I wouldn’t be too surprised tired.  So that was nice.  Those sprints really took a dent outta me but boy am I glad I went hard.

Lisa and heather are doing things I don’t understand about mobility, and stretching I do my best to pay attention but I missed a lot of it.  Also I not flexible (wait this is the new understated statement of the blog) and I am always embarrassed to do anything related to mobility.  If there was a picture of  what someone who isn’t mobile looks like, it would be me.

I mean just Friday pat asked me to let my arms go all the way down, I’m like they are….  He’s like no they are bent!  …  …  They weren’t.  He actually like pulled to see if I was messing with him.  I wasn’t.  He was a bit taken back by it, or at least it seemed that way to me.  He and Jason both say it will get better.  I believe that.  I’ve done more stretching in the last four weeks then I have the last 10 years.  But until then I get to be embarrassed and ashamed of my current ability on that front.

Talking to Jon afterwards he complimented me on running hard during the sprints and he was wrapping up his leg a bit as he pulled something.  But he said something like when he saw me pushing so hard he wanted to go faster too!  So that was a huge compliment for me.  It was nice to be someone whom others look at and say “if he can do it so can I.”  I even heard from a few people in the class say “you are fast!”  though I just think maybe it looks that way because my legs are so short.