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2014 – Workout #31

I wanted to get some lifting in and no one wanted to hit up SISU, so I went to lifetime.

I started out doing some back squats I worked my way up starting with the bar doing a 2 – 3 second pause on tension at the bottom.  I got up to around 275 and I stopped the pause and was working explosive from the bottom up.  I went all the way to 365 did a great rep went at 365 again and did just an OK rep.  Decided to stop.

I wanted to play around with heavy bear complex movements. I wanted to get a heavy set or two on this.  I started at 95 and did around 6, it felt light as feather to be honest!  I did another set of 4.  I went to 135 and did three or four I think. Then I just started two reping up and up.  155, 165, 185, 195 2rep then one rep of 205 and one rep of 225!  felt great.  I was really feeling great on the squat clean I was starting out with.

For those who may be reading this the bear complex is one movement of a power clean front squat push press back squat push press no letting go of the bar.

Ended the night with 50 sit-ups.

2014 – Workout #18

For the warmup and skills we did some kinda fun stuff.  A little mobility (I love it when we work this in) some lunges things and some thing that I’m awful at where you place your ankle on your knee and then you squat down.. Yeah I got about two inches.

The reverse Tabata on the L-sit, on rings, bar or parallettes was stupid hard for me. The burpee penalty was a bit of a motivation. Two rounds I couldn’t last at all, but I did OK for the most part. Did a few burpees at the end.

Workout of the Day
12 Min AMRAP
3 Hanging Power Snatch (95/65)
6 Hanging Power Clean (95/65)
9 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/65)
12 Back Squat (95/65)

When looking at the scores for this I really thought I’d do well. I didn’t take a couple things into account. I have trouble with squats.  I hate sumo deadlift high pull. Those two things really contributed to how I feel I failed this workout.

Rounds one and two were OK, and I was still on what I felt a good pace for 5 rounds, but again on round three I just got destroyed. I was so tired I just couldn’t get myself to do the high pulls. And then the squats were taking a lot of time and didn’t feel all to comfortable in them.

The good things about this workout was I made a good effort to do all these movements correctly.  I did them unbroken (for the most part) and with the exception of just a couple of the snatches all the movements felt great. I mean I think i’ve done over 200 some power cleans this week, you hope they would feel good.

The bad was the back squats. I just cannot get them done without feeling shitty. I hate this. I really need to get this injury thing far behind me and never think about it again… I also just need more of a gas tank, I need to be able to get reps done and keep moving.

My Score: 4rds+12



2014 – Workout #14

Spent some time Friday night trying to get back to some lifting heaving.  Ross and I started in trying to do some back squats.  I knew going into this it would be a bit touchy, and I may not go too heavy.  But I had been feeling better and have been working out so I thought it would be OK.

First sets of 135 I felt a bit sore on the bottom to the push up part.  You know like the important part of the lift…  But I did two sets of around 12-18 and was OK.  Put 185 on there I did a couple sets and it was a bit harder…  I put on 225 and then did say maybe 5 and I could tell it was hurting, enough for me to toss in the towel.  Well i had to judge someone and then I was cold and there was no coming back.

All in all I felt pretty discouraged over this, but I just shouldn’t.  I need to do what i can do push where I know I can and not hurt or aggravate myself.  So its nice to feel some weight on my back again while I squat and it will be nicer when its 450!


2013 – Workout #110

Spent some time at lifetime wanting to focus on my back squat.

Its been quite some time since I focused on it alone and with heavy weight.  One of the things since Softball season started is I miss lifting heavy weights.  I miss that really sore feeling or that light headed you get from a heavy push.

I worked on my backsquat and I have to say with a mirror it actually helps me find he bottom.  I will say my squat has improved so much in the last year its wonderful.  I watch people come through the gym that day and do squats that aren’t even close to a real squat.  Now I just laugh, but at the same time I want to help them.  Slide the weights off and show them how to find the bottom of their squats.  I did a 375 1 rep, though I will say It wasn’t perfect.  But with no spot and / or a way to bail out I didn’t want to end up in a bad way or hurt myself.

I started out donig some strict press between sets. that turned into some heavy sets as well.  I ended up getting a 225

And since I was doing that I thought some casual deadlifting would be good.  I started off ok but heavy got heavy fast and I was pretty much done by the time I pulled a 405, I probably could do better but again not ideal lifting conditions.


2013 – Workout #79

Monday night at SISU with Jason

Warmup was all pretty normal, nothing too crazy.

Workout of the Day
Back Squat
Find your 2 rep max.
5 – 3 – 2 – 2 -2
4 rounds for Time
200M Run
20 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
10 Burpee
After first round rest 30
After second round rest 60
After third round rest 90

I worked with Jake doing this backsquat, I got to 335 on a two rep, not too bad but we called it quits there.

The workout well it was just plain hard, Nothing else to describe it.  I believe that the rest actually makes it MORE difficult.  The first round I went out pretty hot, second round I was OK. But the third round just wrecked me, like wrecked me.

Fourth round I felt pretty good about but really that third round was just really really bad.

My time 14:49 (335)




2013 – Workout #70

Monday night with Jason at SISU

Warm up was a few minutes of jump rope that actually did a decent number on my already sore legs.  We did some lunges with pass throughs.  And then some reverse lunges with pass throughs.

Next we got some PVC and worked on some Snatch Balance.  This was actually really helpful in getting to feel how the process of the snatch lift goes.  This was fun work doing the three different stages.

We spent the next 10-15 minutes doing some over head squat work.  I did only the bar and lots of sets and reps.  I would say a solid 1/4 of them were good.  I seem to always end up on the outside of my feet.  or inside and bringing knees in or not low enough.  But it was good to work on these.

Workout of the Day
3 Rounds for Time
15 Push Press (135/95)
20 Back Squat

Its like someone knew I needed to have a good workout, and tailor made on for me. This is it.  The 135 scares a lot of folks probably but not me, I actually made a different mistake, thinking it would be too light!

First set all unbroken.  Second set all the sudden I’m tired on the press… What?!?  Tired on a press?  Well I mean I’ve done about a million of these dam presses over the past couple days…  But yeah I got tired…  I broke up Round 2 into sets of five on the press and 10’s on the back squat.

Round 3 was rough, it was hard and I was tired… I did three and then three more and then two then four then three.  The back squats I wanted unbroken but my form went to hell so I reset shook it out and finished good.

My time 7:30




2013 – Workout #63

Sunday at SISU

Today was test day for the nutrition challenge.  See how much we have gained and have some fun lifting some weights.   Heavy lifting is always fun.  Like every time.

Workout of the Day
Shoulder Press
Find your 1 rep max.
Strict Press
Back Squat
Find your 1 rep max.
Find your 1 rep max.

Weightlifting day!!!  Does it get more fun!?!?  I get to work with BP and Jake and joining us this time Brent as well.

Strict press I was close to the 225 push, started at 205 and got it easy.  That 225 was very very close…  It was past my eyes… needed to push my head through.

Backsquat warmups were bad…  getting heavy was bad… first attempt at 365, I got it, but boy was it ugly.  Seriously ugly.  I did no attempts.

Deadlifts felt good, was seeing stars after first attempt at 435, got it done.  I did another attempt at 455, got it.  Decided that was enough.

My Scores
Strict Press – 215
Back Squat – 365 – Ugly Rep
Deadlift – 455

Heavy days of lifting wear me out.  Working out with these guys wear me out.  Oh and yes I rocked the handstand walk 🙂

2013 – Workout #57

Monday night with Jason at SISU

How great of a workout is it going to be when the night is lead off with someone forgetting to clean up their station and the group of does 40 burpees to start off the night, it wasn’t good…  Ugh.

The warmup was pretty good especially since we got crushed with burpees and then we did some mobility with the bar.  We did some jump rope work.  50 situps and back extensions.  That bar on the inside of the leg is murder.

Workout of the Day
5 Minutes Max Effort
Back Squat 75% BW
1 Minute Rest
5 Minutes Max Effort
1 Minute Rest
5 Minutes Max Effort

This should be quite the workout.  But I ahve to say it was great to See Amber in the Gym again!  No swears but it was good to see her.  Then there is Liz who I know I heard swear (she gave it up for lent, 5 burpees per)  Liz did do 100 burpees on Sunday… hahah

So the back squats were my best effort, I felt great on them.  The pullups were straight up hard.  One of these days it may be in my best interest to start kipping.  And the burpess well the burpees just sucked.  I was mentally just not able to do them after doing them earlier.  It was just straight up hard.

My Score: 155/62 – 39 – 52




2013 – Workout #24

Monday night with Jason at SISU

Workout of the Day

5 Min Max Double Unders (singles)
Over Head Squat
15 Bar Facing Burpees
Squat Clean
15 Toes to Bar
Back Squat
Match Double Unders (singles) from first five minutes.

All lifts require 2025lb for men 1425lb for women
Example @135 15 reps

So I suit up a bar at 135.  The reason for this is my overhead squats suck, I even went and practiced yesterday (good thing I did) and I still am just not good at it.  So my thoughts were all my reps are going to suck so I may as well do the one with the least amount of reps.

This turned out to be a very bad idea, the reps were crap, a solid 80% of them. By the time jason came around I was just finishing up and I had a med ball to get down but I was using it all wrong, I wasn’t deep enough it was all just bad.  VERY VERY VERY Bad.

I changed up the weight, went to 95 increased the reps and moved on.  I have to say that this was the single most frustrating workout I have done to date.  I leave the gym so dam discouraged I can’t even look at myself in the mirror.

So what is it that makes me so upset?  What is it that drives me to want to do these things right and the way they are supposed to be done?  Why do I keep putting myself through these movements that I am not good at?  What makes me keep coming back day after day after day?

I feel good about my burpees.  I feel great about my squat cleans.  The toes to bar were pretty solid. Backsquat felt like I’m actually getting better.  And my singles were more then I think i have done in years added together.  Whatever I sucked it up big time on this workout.

Score = Seconds / Dubs / .1 for singles

My Score: 25:47 (95/500) = 15.47




2013 – Workout #9

Some Sunday lifting at SISU

Crossfit Total
Strict Press
Back Squat

So crossfit total is like a lifting competition  you are judged on your lifts and you get three attempts at heavy weights, warmup as much as you want get ready and once you start you cannot have warmups between sets.  You pick a weight attempt the lift, if its a successful lift then you get that weight.  If you fail you can keep trying that weight or move up / down.

We are going to workout in groups, I am happy to get to workout with the guys I did, they pushed me pretty good.  Brian and of course Jake.  Fun guys to lift with thats for sure.

We start off with the strict press, which is awesome because I feel I am pretty strong at this.  As I warm up I have to be careful with even the small dips I am doing, I have to lock that down.  Any dip is a No Rep!  We are warming up pretty fast and trying to get a judge and get this thing going.  As the other guys are going and some failing Jason says somethign that helps me this lift.  Says when you are ready to push tighten your belly and squeeze your butt.  I get under a 205 squeeze my butt and power that up, didn’t even flinch.  Awesome!  Next attempt I added 20lbs I wanted this SO bad, but I didn’t make it.  I got it past the sticky point but didn’t finish.  Last attempt I get a 215 like it was easy.  Crazy stuff, I didn’t realize then that it would be the highest for everyone that day.   I am just kinda doing my thing.

Next up the back squat.  Now this I feel I am strong at I am thinking I want to get around 350-360 ish. Well I light up on a 345 – fail did not get deep enough.  The others get some 375’s I go back to 345 – fail not deep enough.  I am not keeping my chest up and I am leaning forward so I “feel” like I am getting deeper but I am actually just leaning forward.  Now I am stressed I don’t know what to do, I do not want a 0 on my first crossfit total.  I decide to go down 10lbs and I am going to force myself to do this right.  It isn’t the weight its my form.  I am lifting it easy enough, but not good form.  I do succussfully (and pretty darn good I might add) get a 335.  This was STRESSFUL!

The last one for us is the deadlift, people say its the strongest lift you should have.  I don’t really know because I didn’t ever do them until joining SISU but these two guys can REALLY do weight on this lift.  These are big guys lifting big weights.  Jakes Deadlift form is solid.  Brian for some reason is a BEAST at this lift.  His start and mid form are almost perfect.  This lift is a little different too, we have to control it down not just drop it, thats a change for me.  So after that last back squat business I want a number on the board so I can go up and have some fun.  I decide I am going to do 375, I get that easy.  I get on a 415, power it up easy.  Last attempt 445 – I get it.  I would say i am surprised but I am not, I was mentally locked into this lift.  Later I would pay for it with massive sorness but right there I stomp it.

My totals 995lbs
215 Strict Press
335 Back Squat
445 Deadlift

So looking at this I am really disappointed I did not get to 1000lbs.  I really wanted to be up there with Jake and Brian whom both exceeded the 1000lb mark.  Half of that for Brian was a massive deadlift.  I love lifting heavy, everyone who knows me knows that.  I love that light headed feeling you get, I like feeling powerful from lifting 100’s of lbs over my head, pressing it.  I get focused and when I step into it I believe I can do it.  Every time I have a failed lift, it starts in my head not my muscles.

8 weeks from now I am going to do these better, every single lift.

Jan 2013 Crossfit Total - Strict PressJan 2013 Crossfit Total - Back SquatJan 2013 Crossfit Total - DeadliftJan 2013 Crossfit Total - Totals