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Vacation Workout

Workout of the Day
5 Rounds
1 Man-Maker (35lb)
10 Dumbbell chest press (50lb)
10 Burpees
10 Dips
1 Man-Maker (20lb)

Rest for the time it took you to complete the round.

My Time 27:19

2014 – Workout #32

Monday Night with Pat at SISU.

A quick 400M run then go through some pushups, pullups, squats. I didn’t get through them all and I really should have but I wanted to save my hands a bit…  as for the pushups, I guess I got them in at home 🙂

We did a bunch of hamstring stretching, felt great. On a barbell low on the rack, lacrosse ball in there on a box, and some banded hamstring stretch.

Working on Hand Stand Push Ups. I did a few of them deep in boxes.. that’s massive deficit and it was awesome.  I got three in a row!!

Let’s workout.

Workout of the Day
5 Rounds
10 Deadlift 50%
10 Pull-up Strict

I decided to go with 225 on the deads, something I can do, something I wanted to make sure that I did with good form.  I didn’t want a sore back tomorrow. It was the right amount of weight, I think. However, it was doing work on my hook grip. Jake gave me shit about reverse grip and said that I didn’t need to do that… So I didn’t not a single set.  I really wanted to…

The first couple rounds of this workout were going ok, then the handstands and pull-ups got very hard… Especially the pullups.  They were just doing work on me.

The good: First set of handstand pushups all 10 strict and unbroken. Next set all strict, 7 and 3. The deads I worked hard at, I was doing my best to do them well and do them all unbroken. The second set I dropped the bar..that’s the only time. HSPUs in the box deficit was just so awesome, and people seemed to think it was good 🙂

The bad: I need to get better at pullups. I don’t know if I’m getting fatter or what but I need to work on these again. They were very rough.
My Time: 18:20 @ 225lbs



2013 – Workout #117

Sunday afternoon with Jake at SISU

Spent some quality time with Jake at open gym on Sunday.   We decided to do a workout we missed from a few days ago.

5 rounds for time
5 Power cleans (185)
10 Pull-Ups
15 Box Jumps (24)

My time 13:37 (So leet)




2013 – Workout #109

Friday Night at SISU with Pat

First time in the gym in a week again.  I have to tell you all I did not eat a great lunch and during the warmup and skills I’m pretty convinced I am going to have to puke.  The 200M Sprint race didn’t help….  Ugh.

The first 400 went OK.  I actually didn’t look at the clock at all.  I did the first 15 power snatches unbroken.  Got back outside pretty quickly.  Too bad i’m not the quickest, so I get passed.  Get back on the bar make up all that time again. The third run I am not feeling well…

So yeah I won’t lie, I made a run for the trees, and I am dry heaving.  I am gonna puke for the first time in over 10 years or more.  People laughing, couple people supporting this, they want to see me puke.  I am coughing up some flem, some stomach acid but woot No puke.   But I did lose some time on this.  But I felt so much better afterwards.

next rounds were just pushing and pushing doing sets of 6’s and 5’s I felt like I did pretty good.  I wanted less than 20 mins and in a better place mentally and food and not spending all day on the ball field didn’t allow it.

My time 21:39

2013 – Workout #107

Friday night with Jason and my pals at SISU

Well I am not good at double unders and power cleans i’m still learning a lot…   But this looks like it could be a fun one!  BTW fat bar pull-ups are different…

Workout of the Day
Power Clean
Find your 1 rep max.
5 Rounds for reps
Every Three Minutes:
5 Hanging Power Clean (70% 1 RM)
Max Double Unders

So my max I ended up at was 245, I feel like I should be able to do more I just have to do them right.

I used 185 for the workout and it was a bit rough….  The first set was OK but it just kept on getting harder and harder.  My doubles were pretty much a static pile of crap but I can’t expect to get better if I dont ‘get after them.  I think I need to start a list of crap to work on…

101 Doubles at 185






2013 – Workout #81

Thursday night at SISU with Jason B

Standard warmup with Jason B pushups, situps, back extension, squats, pullups Its the normal Thursday.

For the deadlift I’m not going to be crushing any PR or anything today but I will do over 400lbs.  I think I will stop around 405.  I dont’ need to be mashing records today when the open workout tomorrow.

Workout of the Day
Find your 1 rep max.
5 Rounds for time
30 Seconds Rest between Rounds (minimum)
5 Deadlift (65%)
15 Wall Ball (20/16)
20M Overhead Lunge Plate (45/25)

For the skills I did pull around 410lb dead lift, but I wasn’t going to go much higher today.

I really thought I would crush this workout pretty good.  But as it turned out those over head lunges really started to add up and my legs were crushed.  Every step hurt, every wall ball was hard the deads were actually difficult.

by the time I finished this pretty much everything was burning and I don’t think I could have taken another step with that plate over my head.

My time 15:16 @ 275




2013 – Workout #71

Wednesday Night with Pat at SISU

Warmup was a 500M Row and then some standard 10 push-up, sit-up, back extension, squats, pull-ups.  I worked my squats against the wall, really working on making my squats better. The 500M row was actually pretty hard, I went at it pretty hard anyhow, chasing Liz who started before me.

Workout of the Day
5 Rounds for Time
10 Deadlift (185/135)
20 Push-Ups
1 Rope Climb

Rope climbs!  First time in a workout that I have gotten to do a rope climb!

I want to crush this workout, and I really should.  Though later in the day the 15 push-ups turned into 20 so it won’t be quite apples to apples but either way I am strong at push-ups.  But the rope climbs are the wild card.

First round all unbroken and flew through it, second round push-ups I had to break em up… This surprised me.  I was also surprised at my ability to climb rope!  I just didn’t think about it and I went at it.  I actually did pretty good.  Not great but pretty good.

All deadlifts unbroken!  Pushups were the hardest part and I had to go push hard to finish strong.  Very VERY fun workout.

My Time: 9:29




2012 – Workout #141

Friday Night at SISU with Jason

The warmup was double unders some pushups situps and then wall facing overhead squat.

Here is some insight on my feelings about looking at this —- hell.  Its going to go so bad, I am not good at any of these movments.  I can’t do doubles, I can’t over head squat, I am just straight up bad at everything this workout stands for and I am going to be disappointed in myself, thats just the reality of tonight when I first looked at the board.

The warmup with the wall actually helps a lot, I can’t believe I wasn’t using it before.  Something so simple helps me so much.  Helps keep my chest up, helps me push my hips out, push the knees out, its great.

For skills we worked on you guessed it, over head squat.  Doing a little set to work up to a heavy set.  I am not going to push myself too much on these because of two reasons 1) I am not strong at this 2) combo that with sore shoulder = injury that I dont’ need / want.

My ladder looked like this:

The 135 wasn’t too bad actually but I was working with Colin, otherwise I probably would have just done 95 over and over again.  The good news is 95 will feel light when its time for the workout.  I am doing a lot right, but a lot wrong too, just need more practice.

The workout
5 Rounds for time
100 Double Unders
15 Overhead Squat (95/65)

So for the double unders I am not good at them so I figured I’ll just do singles, oh no its a workout to practice these get them down, working on them is the only way to get better, yes thats Jason talking, yes he’s right.  So instead I get an option to do 3-4 minutes of work then move on, yes per round so right there is 15-20 minutes of my time.  Not leaving a lot for the over head squat but its only 15 how hard can it be?….

Well the jump rope doubles isn’t going well I am doing good work on them, finding the occasional one that I get and then the over head squats, god awful.  I am trying to get 7 or 8 reps but not happening.

So I work through this thing.  I spend 3- 3:30 seconds per round on double under work and the amazing thing is there were points where I am super tired and I string two or even three together, thats pretty awesome.  Too bad I can’t do it consistently.

The over head squats I had points at which I think they went good, but more that weren’t good.  I do however love the feeling when you do one of these right.   Most of them I was either on my toes, too much on my heels, not getting my knees out etc etc.  Just a lot of work.

Yes as predicted I am very frustrated.   Last workout of the year, nice ending. fml

My Time 24:32




2012 – Workout #138

Friday night with Pat at SISU

Warmup was pretty standard – god I hate rowing.

For skills we were working on the deadlift.  I kind of ended up doing it on my own  the rest of the class was some newer people and didn’t want to go really heavy or follow the 2-2-2-2-2 thing so I just went off on it.

New PR on deadlift, 425 x 2  it was VERY heavy and i love that feeling of heavy weight.  That load up that starts super crazy because the bar doesn’t want to move..

The workout:

5 Rounds for time
10 Deadlifts (50% 1RM)
15 Ball Slams (30/20)
20 Box Jumps (24/20)

There are very few workouts at which I start to see stars, feel like I am going to faint and generally am worried that I may just pass out.  This is one of those workouts.  After yesterdays bear of a workout, this one is just insane.

I do however love when lifting is inside of a workout, I do like it a lot.  But doing 225 on a deadlift and a bunch of reps is just straight up hard.  Ball slams straight up hard.  Well box jumps, I am going to say I feel like I am getting better at these.  But one time in round three I almost fell because I didn’t get up all the way, dont’ read too far into that folks.

Rounds 3 and 4 were the hardest for me, I was the most tired and the end seemed so far away.

Afterwards I headed straight for the floor, realizing I may puke I went outside and laid down on the ground… There is something about all that steam just pouring out of me that looks just awesome….

My time 18:20 @ 225 RX