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2013 – Workout #112

Friday Night at SISU with Pat
Second workout of the night, a quick one.

Thought after a good workout may as well get another in.

The 400M sprint went pretty good until the last 100M, my calves were cramping… never had that happen before.  Must have been all the power snatches.  But I still did it in a “decent” time.

Situps were slow, I was tired, and to be honest I wasnt’ very focused, I could have done better and I will someday.

My time:

1:30 on 400M
54 Situps 🙁




2013 – Workout #109

Friday Night at SISU with Pat

First time in the gym in a week again.  I have to tell you all I did not eat a great lunch and during the warmup and skills I’m pretty convinced I am going to have to puke.  The 200M Sprint race didn’t help….  Ugh.

The first 400 went OK.  I actually didn’t look at the clock at all.  I did the first 15 power snatches unbroken.  Got back outside pretty quickly.  Too bad i’m not the quickest, so I get passed.  Get back on the bar make up all that time again. The third run I am not feeling well…

So yeah I won’t lie, I made a run for the trees, and I am dry heaving.  I am gonna puke for the first time in over 10 years or more.  People laughing, couple people supporting this, they want to see me puke.  I am coughing up some flem, some stomach acid but woot No puke.   But I did lose some time on this.  But I felt so much better afterwards.

next rounds were just pushing and pushing doing sets of 6’s and 5’s I felt like I did pretty good.  I wanted less than 20 mins and in a better place mentally and food and not spending all day on the ball field didn’t allow it.

My time 21:39

2013 – Workout #100

Saturday morning butt camp at SISU

Probalby going to be one of my last workouts with Liz,  Its been a ton of fun working out with her at 6:30, she may not know it but she pushed me to become better at a lot of things.   So its nice and fitting that we ended up in the same group.

So one person always has to rest and two people work.  And as a group complete the following:

Workout of the Day
Teams of three
200 Burpees
800M Run
150 Wall Balls
400M Run
100 Pull Ups
200M Run
50 Pistols
100M Broad Jump

All running one person must run backwards
Each Station one person must rest at all times
No scaling options – team must help / assist when needed.

This workout was straight up hard.  For a Saturday butt camp this workout rates very high on the pain in the ass rating.  The running backwards was a huge pain.   And to be honest the end the broad jumps were pretty dang awful.  Lots of sweat was lost this day.  I am not strong at pistols either.




2013 – Workout #94

Friday night at SISU

We spent some time working on something we aren’t so good at.  I choose to work on HSPU and some handstand stuff.  It was pretty fun actually.

Workout of the Day
3 Rounds for Time:

400M Run
30 Box Jumps (24/20)
30 Push-Ups
30 Sit-Ups

Well Sit-ups are going to kill my time, I already know this.

My box jumps aren’t fast but I am pretty good at them.  I am consistent and I push through them at a good pace.  Toss in there some 400M Runs this one is going to be fun.

I feel like I had a pretty good pace for everything, except for the sit-ups.  I am just kinda slow a them and they feel like death.  The push-ups went good.  And I have to say it was nice to run outside.

I really wanted to get under 20 minutes for this workout.  It wasn’t to be…

My time: 21:01




2013 – Workout #85

Wednesday Night at SISU with Jason fresh back from Vacation.

Warmup we did some standards stuff.  Push-ups, sit-ups, back extensions  pull-ups, 400M run, then we did some tricept and shoulder mobility.  Then we did some warmups for our legs and running with some inside running and movement.

For skills we spent time doing strength pull-ups.  Putting a lacrosse ball under our chins and doing strict pull-ups.  This was actually kinda fun.  I did one with a 20lb weight.

Workout of the Day
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Pull-ups
*Note number of pull-ups completed for each round.

This was a pretty fun workout.  I have to say that with the cold it really made the running pretty hard.  I ended up doing six rounds. And each round got progressively harder.  Max I got in one round was 10.  Remember I do them strict before you judge me too much 🙂  I will mash this workout later, I know it.

My Score: 45




2013 – Workout #56

Sunday at SISU with Pat

Well I was looking for a relaxing Sunday at open gym.  Get some quality time working on over head squats and some handstands.  I even debated starting work on muscle ups.  But it didn’t go to plan.

After some pretty intense hip mobility and then some shoulder mobility, I got my arm twisted into doing Nancy.

Workout of the Day
5 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
15 Overhead squats (95 lbs)

So I am going to use just the bar, my over head squats aren’t strong and I am going to use this as an opportunity to get them better.  What I really am not looking forward to is the 400M runs…  The last thing I wanted to do today was more running.

Derek said its a Recovery run… haha LOL Recovery run sounds like crap to me!

For the most part my overhead squats felt pretty good.  Some bad habits a couple of times but all in all they went OK.  Best sets I’ve done with them before so I dont’ know if it was the hip mobility (Thats what I think holds me up on these) or just the practice.  I think this actually will be a step forward on this movement.

The 400M runs were all pretty much a slow 10-11 min/mile pace.  But the last one I moved pretty good and probably did it in like 1:45 or so.  The runs were pretty cold with some wind that was sending through.  My legs are pretty sore and I am wishing for a day off.  Maybe in a couple weeks.

My time: 19:06




2012 – Workout #105

A difficult night at SISU

The warm up was with PVC doing some bar work and stretching doing some pass throughs and over head squats.  I feel like I am starting to get better at these movements.  If I just detach my hips and butt and get stuff back I will be much better off.

The skill work – I think was an EMOM wall walk….  for 10 minutes… Are you kidding me?!?  Come on…

Wall Walks

This is going to be H A R D….  Again I know it comes to a surprise to all my readers (all one of you) but I am not a gymnast… And these wall walks are difficult.  And 10 minutes of them is NOT going to be easy.  These wall walks dam near made me puke and I collapsed unexpectedly twice, which really never happens to me…

After those its now time to start the workout….  Are you kidding me?  Thats what I was asking myself.

The workout:

200M Run
30 Push Ups
40 Box Jumps (24/20)
50 KB Swing
400M Run
50 KB Swing (24/16)
40 Box Jump
30 Push Ups
200M Run

This is just going to be a bear, a giant grind and a TON of work.  Only one way its going to get done and thats start it.

We start in on this and I do an OK 200, I didn’t sprint or anything.  The pushups easy – unbroken set.  The boxjumps I break into 10’s.  Then to my surprise the Kettlebells really take a toll on me.  I decide to break into 10’s but they are killing me.  I dont’ think I was getting my hips right.  But I finish up the set.

This 400M run was tough and I pushed myself pretty good throughout the half way mark, I kinda was going to slow at the start.  But I felt good as I passed a couple of other runners.  And then right back into those dam kettlebells, ugh.  These were hard for some reason.  Maybe because I am so dang sore from that tire workout yesterday.  But nonetheless I had to get on them and I had to get moving. I did, and it was hard.

My head is pounding, I have a headache something severe, my body is rebeling against this workout.  Its happened before but it was bad tonight.  There are points during Kettlebells that I have to stop because it feels like my brain is going to explode…  I push through.

The boxjumps really were hard, I am making sure to pop my hips out at the top and that I am doing them right.  That box just seems to be so high sometimes.  These took me too long and I look at the clock I see 17 minutes,my head is pounding like crazy…  my goal is 20 minutes….  And I have 20 some box jumps left, I start hitting them hard, like hard.  I do 9 then 11 and then to the pushups.  I actually struggle to tie them together they are doing work on me.  I have done 20,000 of them over the course of this year, good thing too because it got me through it leaving me around 1:30 to make my goal…. The bottom of a pushup face down in my own sweat and dirt my head felt good for a second.

The 200M run I am proud of myself, I felt great (tonight as I type this) getting this done and pushing myself harder then I thought I could.  Every week that line moves it seems like.  It just seems like I am getting better every week.

After the workout I pretty much collapsed outside, I was pretty surprised how good that felt…  Then I was full of dirt from that and Jason recently has been getting us doing some mobility.  Again I realize I just dont’ bend the way other people seem to be able to do…  Dang I have a headache.

Picture of me on the sisu Blog in my sweet shirt… get it cow with a tip jar…

My time 19:39




2012 – Workout #99

Another night at SISU with Jason B.

Whenever  I see a warmup with bear crawls I have a physical reaction of tired.  I don’t know what it is about those things but god dammit they wear me out.  And at the end doing 4 lengths of the gym of them is hard.  Double unders I had no luck with, I did however get a rope that was frayed enough to whip the shit outta my arm!  Hahah  Guess thats what I get for not doing them well.

I have however been practicing them, and I feel like I haven’t gotten any better.  Those things are so off and on for me.

The BurpeePushupToesToBar was something else…. IT was pretty fun but man I get tired doing all of that.  But I am amazed how far I’ve come with pull ups, being able to do them at all.  3 Months ago couldn’t do one.

For skill work we worked on the push press motion by doing a strict push press max.  I stopped at 185 I think I could have gone higher.  Though 185 surprised me a bit.  But a new PR to work to smash.

The Board:

400M Run
30 Push Press (70%)
40 Squats
250 Run – Backwards
40 Squats
30 Push Press (70%)
400M Run

My mind went right to the backwards run, that is going to be the suck.  I know it will just have to fight through it.  If I ever run backwards from like a zombie attack, I guess I’ll thank you Jason.

I decided to do 125 on the push press mostly because I didn’t see anyone do more then that and I have to assume that I am missing something on this workout so I went with that.

The first 400M I actually did pretty good, around 2:15, not great but good for me.  Attacked those first 30 Push presses with about 1/2 unbroken, then another set of 5 then 6 and then 4.  Squats are burning my dam legs… they took me too long.  Its only 40 air squats…

In the backwards run the first 1/2 I put up a decent pace, the second half which is slightly uphill I was a lot more tired, and a lot slower, but I finished it hard.  Right back into the squats.  I NR’d myself a couple of times for not getting down low enough or not popping my hips at the top, and I probably should have done that a couple more times…  These 40 squats again took me too long.

Then when I think I am going to kick some butt on these push presses, this 125lbs is kicking my ass.  At one point I swear at the weights, I feel as if this helped and maybe intimidated them.  This however was short lived and I am working at 1-2 reps before having to drop it.  Dam push press, I NR’d myself once, and I am exhausted.  I get out the door at 13:48, I want to finish before 15:00….

This 400M run was hard, I knew it was going to be in order for me to make my goal time of 15:00, it was one step in front of the other, just keep going no rest, running out of the gym from the back all the way back in….  I was pleased to see my time.

14:55 @ 125lbs





2012 – Workout #98

Another night at SISU

The warmup was pretty fun and I actually did something I hadn’t before and saw something else I hadn’t before.

First something I did, after the initial sets of 10 we were to up the ante and make it a bit harder.  For pushups I did some incline, for situps well situps are still hard for me same with back extensions.  Pullups though I saw someone doing like an L-sit and a pullup.  I tried this and I did two of them, I was pumped about this. Pistols I worked on with pole, actually a good idea on getting better at them.

Now for something I saw, Jason actually didn’t do something on the first try.  Now keep in mind I am supportive, Jason is awesome and pretty much great at everything.  He always is able to do everything and make it look effortless.  But it took him a couple tries to get a pullup muscle up, he did get it, then of course my first comment is “two in a row?” 🙂

For skills we worked on squats and the perfect squat.  Watching a partner doing them and how straight they stay up while doing it correctly.  Now I ofcourse do it wrong by simply bending my knees.  I spent some time working on it and it got better and felt good.

The workout
For Time
400M Run
Wall Ball
400M Run

Starting with the 400M run I ran a pretty good one actually, little over 2 minutes, pretty good.  Started right in on the wall balls, I had to no rep myself a couple of times, and twice from Jason because I didn’t get the ball up enough.  Worst one was my last one for 21 Jason No Rep’d me, it was legit.

I pushed through the rest of the sets pretty good, I broke out the sets in some work and stuck with it, minus a couple times but those burpees…..  It was a good workout.  I don’t get to work with the 20 pound ball all the time and yeah it DOES make a difference.

I can say for the first time ever I didn’t just HATE the burpees, I feel like I am actually getting better at them and that I am doing them faster / better then I have my entire life.  Getting my legs forward and being a little more flexible is really helping.

My time was 12:21, My  Goal was 10 or 11, but the run at the end really did a number on me.  If I could get that running better off I could be putting up much better times.




2012 – Workout #96

Another night at SISU

The night was with Jason B, second time I have had him as a coach.  He is on task, he is focused and a pretty good coach, keeps things going doesn’t let you slack and is always there to help.

The warmup has me sweating – again.  The inch worms, these types of things are always hard for me. But the mobility stuff we did actually felt really good.  The couch stretch is pain hurt hellish.  But the rack stretch is pretty awesome.

The workout:

3 rounds for time
400M Run
20 Burpee Box Jumps 24′ / 20′
20 KB Swings 20 / 12 KG

Starting right into this with a run, I keep an OK pace knowing this workout with the burpee box jumps are going to be hell.  Get it done and dive right into them. I do a few unbroken and then take a break.  I work through the set at a pretty slow pace. However on the KB I make up some time by doing them all unbroken. They aren’t too bad.

The next sets are rough, those burpee box jumps and the running are getting me tired in a very fast way.  This cardio is exactly what I need is what my brain says, its exactly what I don’t need is what my lungs, and legs say.

Laying down on a gym floor in a pile of sweat face off to the side breathing so heavy its moving the small pieces of dirt and the sweat puddles, well its humbling.

I am trying to keep up with the other guys in the gym, and for the most part I am doing just that.  A defniing moment in this workout for me was passing two people on the last 400m Run.  I never pass anyone, I always am being passed.  I wouldn’t walk and knowing I could catch someone and actually pass them, was an awesome feeling.

For some moments I am not tired, I am strong I am actually going to kick this dam workouts ass….  Then a new feeling, I passed them now I have to STAY in front of them… thats new.  Having to sack up and knowing they want to catch and pass me just as bad as I just did before I got here… well its different.

The last set of burpee box jumps feel like hell.  The kettle bells, get outta my way.  All three sets unbroken, time for a heavier one next time.

Now I feel like I need to start taking a look at my pace vs breaks and get better at energy management and generally start doing better.  I feel like my breaks are a bit too long and I need to manage the work into pieces to meet goals.  Its just something I have to work on.

My time 19:48, my goal was 20:00.  I can say for the first time I actually met a goal for a workout.  I feel great!