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2014 – Workout #3

Butt Camp Saturday Morning – A beautiful Day!

Well If you read my last two workouts you know this No workouts for a very long time + those workouts = I Can barely walk.

So when reading workout, I really thought it was going to be impossible.

My team was Tyler and Mike.  Tyler didn’t even bother tying his shoes for this, serious business folks 😉




2014- Workout #44

This was a fun workout with my buddy Jake 🙂

2014 – Workout #23

Thursday with Jason M at SISU. Lets have a great workout as I head up north for the weekend.

Jason is doing a number on me in this warmup.  The reason being my shoes are slippery and doing these lunges isn’t great and then it happens.  My foot slips and some awful shooting pain of this nagging injury… Its a constant reminder that is still there, its still hurting.

Snatch balance I dont’ mess about with anything heavy.  I stick to the bar and then some at 75 but for the most part I’m just trying to do them well.

Workout of the Day
Snatch Balance
Find your 2 rep max.
20 Min AMRAP
200M Run
20 Wall Ball 20/14
20 Hang Clean 75/50

200M run… Ok not fun with my deal but I’ll push through it.  I get the first one done pretty good with the group.  The wall balls I go unbroken same with the cleans.  Round 2 same thing.  Round 3 I start to fall behind on the run, real far behind the leaders, my saving grace is I’m pushing hard at the wall balls, and a 75lb hanging clean isn’t much and I’m OK at it.

Doing mental things like saying to myself to get my elbows out (aka hit myself in the neck a few times) and to keep going.  Honestly I’m trying to stay ahead of Whitney which isn’t as easy as it may appear.  Turns out this crossfit thing … shes a natural.

The fourth round I wanted to quit, real bad… My grip is failing my squats with that dam wall ball is hard.  I have to no rep myself a couple times and then that dam 200m….  I get it done and I’m doing my 200m run in round 5 and I’m yelling at myself to not stop moving…  I get a second wind to finish this round… Wall balls are pure gut.  ANd the cleans… well my arms are burning so bad, my grip is shot and I’m going fast.  I won’t say they were all perfect but I’m counting them!

My Score: 5 Rounds even.



2013 – Workout #124

My team:

BP, Brent, And I think Amy (I’m bad with names)




2013 – Workout #100

Saturday morning butt camp at SISU

Probalby going to be one of my last workouts with Liz,  Its been a ton of fun working out with her at 6:30, she may not know it but she pushed me to become better at a lot of things.   So its nice and fitting that we ended up in the same group.

So one person always has to rest and two people work.  And as a group complete the following:

Workout of the Day
Teams of three
200 Burpees
800M Run
150 Wall Balls
400M Run
100 Pull Ups
200M Run
50 Pistols
100M Broad Jump

All running one person must run backwards
Each Station one person must rest at all times
No scaling options – team must help / assist when needed.

This workout was straight up hard.  For a Saturday butt camp this workout rates very high on the pain in the ass rating.  The running backwards was a huge pain.   And to be honest the end the broad jumps were pretty dang awful.  Lots of sweat was lost this day.  I am not strong at pistols either.




2013 – Workout #95

Saturday Morning at SISU

A fun workout today with a group.  I worked out with Jake and Kari.

Basically we had a medicine ball within the team that could never touch the ground.  We had 6 stations four minutes each station with a 200M run between. One person had to rest and hold the medicine ball.

I really worked out hard on this workout and had a ton of fun!  So glad I got out of bed today 🙂  Hardest part was probably either Thrusters or Tire flips…


2013 – Workout #83

Saturday morning butt camp at SISU with Pat

Well this should be a fun saturday, got a good group of people and a pretty bad ass workout in front of us.  Should be a good day.

Workout of the Day
2 Rounds for time
200M Sandbag Run
While each team is doing the sandbag run you will do as many reps as possible:
Wall Balls
Ball Slams
KettleBell Swing
Row for Cal
Sled Pull
Hollow Rock

Out of all the things the hollow rocks really hurt, the ball slams and wall balls were hard.  And I ran with the very heavy sandbag once too and that was really painful.

I have to admit I really didn’t keep score much on this.  It was going to be kind of a pain in the ass and I really just wanted to have some fun and work out.  My team was awesome, Jake, Liz and JD.  Just a fun group to workout with.  I feel I was strongest at burpees and deadlift.  Fun Saturday workout.





2013 – Workout #79

Monday night at SISU with Jason

Warmup was all pretty normal, nothing too crazy.

Workout of the Day
Back Squat
Find your 2 rep max.
5 – 3 – 2 – 2 -2
4 rounds for Time
200M Run
20 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
10 Burpee
After first round rest 30
After second round rest 60
After third round rest 90

I worked with Jake doing this backsquat, I got to 335 on a two rep, not too bad but we called it quits there.

The workout well it was just plain hard, Nothing else to describe it.  I believe that the rest actually makes it MORE difficult.  The first round I went out pretty hot, second round I was OK. But the third round just wrecked me, like wrecked me.

Fourth round I felt pretty good about but really that third round was just really really bad.

My time 14:49 (335)




2013 – Workout #62

Saturday morning Butt Camp with Jason at SISU

So after some yoga and a crushing 13.1 workout time for a nice little Saturday.

Warmup was pretty good just a bit to get the blood flowing and then diving right into this thing.  I ended up grouping with the uneven amount of people and I went with Kari and Cathy.

Workout of the Day
In Pairs:
250 DU – 1000 Singles (4-1 conversion)
—– 5 Rounds —–
200M Run or 50 Lunge Steps
20 Partner Situps
20 Med Ball Over Bar
250 DU – 1000 Singles (4-1 conversion)

We worked pretty hard, I ran with a med ball each time.  We were pretty slow at the jump rope and our transitions weren’t the quickest.  Turns out we weren’t the only ones that this happened to. No one really finished, and I think we were right in the middle of all the the groups.  Some did worse, some did better.  Oh well it was a fun workout.  Nice low stress way to end the week.

Our Score – 1400 some?!?  No idea.




2013 – Workout #51

Tuesday night with Pat at SISU

Our warmup was pretty casual and we didn’t get to do a lot.  We had to cut it short because of time.  I was able to get a few sets of pullups and a bunch of jump rope.

NO skills work.  I was  really looking forward to doing the handstand stuff.  Oh well.

Workout of the Day
4 Rounds for Time
50 Mountain Climbers or 200M Run
12 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
12 Ring Dips
12 Overhead Squat (50% 1RM)

Over head squats are going to be tough.  I am thinking about ring dips too, trying to sort those out in my head. I’ve been dreading this workout all day and had hoped to get some time to work on the OHS before the workout.  Wasn’t the case.

This workout was hard mentally on me.  I’m disappointed at my ability to do the OHS.  I dont’ have all too much to say about this workout because honestly I am so mentally broken from it, its hard to describe.   So if anyone is reading this I apologize for not talking about this more but I just dont’ have it in me right now.

The Good:

  • I was able to do the ring dips pretty dam strong, no scale.

The Bad:

  • My over head squats are just plain bad
  • 200M run I cramped in my calf, HARD.
  • My high pulls need to get hips involved
  • Mtn climbers were slow and had to break up.

My time: 21:10 (75)