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Weekly Summary November 16th – November 22nd

November 16th – November 22nd


I am so sick of being sick. Some very slow burpees.



Went to Timberwolf, I need to workout. It was something awful too. Teams of 3, four minutes max effort. One person Rows, One Person does Burpees and One person rests. I started on the rest as I was kind of social and talking to Carl about Belize. But when this started wow… the amount of mental effort it took me to keep going was something I didn’t know I had in me.  My rows were like 60ish and then 50’s and the burpees were 47, 45, 43. I was so tired. I made little deals of rest with myself during the burpees.  Like get to this number and you can take 5 seconds off. My partners were Erin and Miles. Two people I hadn’t really worked out with much before. Erin was good at burpess, Miles was good at rowing. I was pretty in the middle of both. Between the group we did 904 reps. In my head my goal was 950 with three people. Did not meet that, but thats on me as I didn’t get much more than 320ish myself, so I needed to be stronger.



Timberwolf Crossfit night. This workout looks very doable. 15-12-9 Deadlifts, Hang Power Clean, Shoulder to overhead. 3 minutes Rest then do it 3 times. The weight was 175 for me. I really felt like going after this one RX and Level 2, so I did. The first round was OK at 2:20, I kinda felt like I could see myself hanging out at around 3:00 minutes per round.
Boy was I wrong. The second round the hang power cleans really started to kill me, and actually the shoulder to overhead were getting hard.



Today back at Timberwolf for crossfit.  Tonight’s workout was going to be hard, but doable even in my insane sore condition. All three movements are things I am good at. And honestly if I wanted to sprint through this like a madman I probably could get first place (In level 1)
12 Rounds 5 Strict Pullups, 2 turkish getups, 5 pushups from plates (creates a small deficit) I am not going to hustle through the turkish, its with a dumbbell which I’m not used to and I’m not going to do them wrong or put myself at risk.

I was one of the few people do it RX, I also did pretty well with a time of 20:28. I feel good about it, because I kept moving but didn’t go stupid fast. The pullups were getting to be singles at the end, but the pushups were solid the entire way which was nice.  I am glad I went, I got my burpees done too, but boy am I sore…



I did not do anything today, not even a walk. I am stupid sore and sick of being sick. What a theme this week.



Crossfit today and it was something… 40 Cal Assault Bike buy in then 3 Rounds 10 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20) 20 Goblet Squats, 30 situps. I haven’t been sleeping well and the assault bike destroyed me. Absolutely destroyed me. It wasn’t working for counting so I just got off when Bethany did and I kinda started a bit hot, it was just awful…  

It took me a good minute or two to start up on the burpee box jumps and I really should have stepped the first couple because I almost fell the first four of them. I was tired, and then I started to get dizzy and then I REALLY started to not feel well. I just kept going, kept feeling crappy. I actually finished in 19:50 and then pretty much left the gym.


I went out and played some disc golf and my plan was to go to lifetime later but I ended up doing a little cooking, then watching a little bit of football for the first time and well played some board games. So I didn’t really make it there but i did have a good day!


Weekly Summary

Well I had an OK week considering I hadn’t been feeling well and that I was busy doing some interview stuff and working on getting a Job. I really pushed hard this week on getting to the gym and pushing myself while I was there.

The best part of the week really was how well I pushed through and am starting to get my mind right on the approach to getting to the gym.

So I spent some time this week on mobility, not as much as I wanted and I think this may end up being a constant theme of the week. I need to make this priority and work hard at it.

Last week my goal was to go to the gym 3 times, I did that three days in a row which was pretty awesome especially with a couple of those workouts, I really didn’t want to go. This week my Goal is going to be to workout while on vacation. I am sure that will be the same as my next weeks goal.

Burpee Update.  Days 62-68 were this week. I completed them all. I hate this.

Weekly Summary November 9th – November 15th

November 9th – November 15th


I went and played some disc golf with Whitney and Bolin who is now home! We played Acorn and I started off real bad with a triple bogey by missing putts that I thought were easy so I didn’t take my time and just kept missing, so thats pretty awful. But I did make some decent shots, I did get a birdie on a beautiful shot. Bolin played good, well he always does. Whitney played OK for never playing that course since the redo. Its pretty good, I think they cleared out a bunch of stuff that certainly helps the course play better, I liked it a lot more this time then the previous outing.

As for a workout I went over to Timberwolf to do their Monday challenge and it was a bit of a rough one for me. It had overhead squats which are not my strength. Rowing – also not a strength, and followed up with burpees to a plate also not my strength. It was 21-15-9 for the level 1 which is the one I did because lets be honest level 2 just wasn’t going to happen. It took me 11:46 I think, and I was slow. I couldn’t get the burpees going and I just get myself moving. The overhead squats actually went OK, better than I expected. But I just was not feeling well, I could not keep moving and I showed it in the workout. One that I should do in around 10 minutes, I wasn’t even close to that. Sad night.



I walked to Sunny side with 4 putters and spent a little bit of time just putting at a couple of the baskets. Part of my game that was really bad yesterday so I figured I could spend some time on it. I haven’t been feeling well, haven’t been sleeping well either, so some low impact stuff is on the agenda.

Went to lifetime and got a little workout in, did my burpees and some arms. Got a bunch of curls in and a bit of foam rolling on my legs. I also went swimming and was able to swim 10 laps no stopping, albeit very slow but I did it. Coughing fit a bit after that, but that could be the pool water. Glad I went, I pushed a little harder then I maybe should have but we’ll see.



I’ve been sick all dang day again, I went to lifetime and did a bunch of walking and also got my burpees in.


Being sick finally brought me down for a day, I took a rest day today. Burpees suck, sick burpees are the absolute worst.



Today I was still not feeling well, I had hoped to get out an do some disc golf but I just wasn’t up for it. I did however make it to Lifetime. I did some snatch work for about 25 minutes, then some bench work did some heavier sets of 10 and heavier sets of 5 with some count up and count down. It got pretty rough where I was finishing sets of 10 with 8 reps. I worked up to 275 sets of 5 which went OK actually. Finished burpees as well.



Busy day getting some home improvements done and being sick is still dragging me down. I did get my burpees done.



I got some time to get some disc golf in with Bolin and Whitney. I spent the day cooking and then headed to lifetime. I did work on some front squats, boy those really just wreck my wrists and forearms. Front squats I worked up to a 275 double but dam it hurt. I got through my burpees at a pretty slow rate. Hit the pool for some swimming and my plan was to do 6 laps twice. But I got in a hurry swimming with the robot (cleaner) I just ended up swimming all 12 laps. Spent a few minutes recovering.


Weekly Summary

What a disappointment this week was, I didn’t workout as much or as hard as I wanted to all week. Being sick sucks. I really hope next week gets better.

The best part of my week I guess was my swim on Sunday. I felt pretty good and worked through wanting to quit, being sick and just kept going.

THIS IS STILL TRUE same as last week. Things to improve on for the week are spending time on mobility. I need to really work on some of the things Tony has sent over to me and make it a priority. These are things I can do at home and on vacation for example.

Last week my goal was to hit the pool 3 times, which I was able to do. One of the times was pretty weak but I made up for it with a nice workout on Sunday. This week I just want to focus on getting into the crossfit gym at least 3 times. I need to get done being sick and get back to working out.

Weekly Summary November2nd – November 8th

November 2nd – November 8th


I got a round of disc golf at Hansen before heading over to crossfit. Tonight is the first night of a friendly competition between the gyms at Timberwolf. It is a squat clean and jerk ladder then a 1 mile run. I decided to go at it a level 2 as the level 1 weights are pretty doable for me. Starting at 5 Reps at 155, 4 at 185, 3 at 205, 2 at 225 and 1 at 245. I took too long but I did get through 225. Thats the first time I have ever squat cleaned really anything over 150 may be. So that was pretty awesome. The one mile run I got a sub 9 minute on so that was something I’d never done in a very long time especially after lifting some weights. It was about as perfect as a night for a run I’ve ever experienced.

The energy and the environment with the group at the gym tonight was probably the most fun I’ve had at a crossfit gym. People were hanging out and cheering people on the entire time, what an awesome night!

Oh disc golf I shot a 3 over, My personal best from the blues at Hansen.



DId a round of disc golf at SunnySide, even got Jake out there which was really nice. He took off on a dead sprint chasing a roller into the pond 😀 I shot what was a pretty crappy +3 starting the round off with a bogie and getting my first bogie on hole number 3.

Went to Lifetime and worked on something I am horrible at. Squat Snatch. I also worked on some overhead squats as well. All of it was pretty ugly, other than a few reps here and there that did feel great, it was pretty ugly. I wore my lifting shoes which is something I really should get in the habit of doing especially for anything overhead. I then got a few burpees and some walking in and called it a night.



A night at Timberwolf crossfit for a good workout. We were going to do some push press sets of five. Then a shorter workout 12-9-6 Thrusters, Pullups, pushups. The warmup was really long, we did a bunch of line stuff, a ton of it. While the group went and did a 800M run, I did my timed 50 burpees. My goal from last week was to do it under 3:30, which I was able to get a 3:22.  As for the workout I was able to get a 225 set of 5 and a 3:41 for the workout. I am feeling pretty good about my effort and my work tonight.

After the workout I went for about an hour walk, it was a bit colder than I thought it would be but it was actually kind of nice and relaxing. I hadn’t felt good all day and the workout plus the walk was just what I needed.



Deadlifts at Timberwolf today – How awesome is that. Doing either a 1 rep max or if you aren’t feeling that getting up to moderate 5×5 sets. I  haven’t deadlifted heavy in probably a year, I haven’t been focused on it also thinking I’ll never get past that 500lb mark again its a bit discouraging. But today was going to be different, I went in with a good attitude and just wanted to see how it went. I was getting sets of 5 easy with 405, sets of 3 at 465 and then some singles until I got to 505, which I lifted pretty well. But Then since it was going so good I made some huge jump to 520, which I lifted past my knees twice and then put down. The fun thing was the group was real supportive and awesome so that was nice. I lifted with Adam and Jeff. Whitney also was there cruising through the deads and doing pretty well. She got a 235, and it looked pretty dam good.

Then some Toes to Bar and Handstand pushup max rep attempts. I haven’t been on the wall to do handstand pushups in a very VERY long time. The first set of 9 strict felt pretty dam awesome. But there wasn’t much after that in it for me.  I fell off the wall the other two times losing my balance. The toes to bar I did strict and I was able to get 10+ each of the three sets so that was pretty nice I guess.

Overall a great night at the gym, I am happy I went.


Went to lifetime to get some bench work in. I did 8 10’s sets of 10s down and up taking a break after each set to walk a lap and also to do 5 burpees to get my burpees done for the day. I actually did really well and was able to finish each set pretty easy. So thats 170 reps for bench today, so thats pretty awesome. Weights were 205,185,165,145,125,105,85,65,45. I also took some time to get a few incline presses done, but my arms and chest were feeling it. The walk around the track consisted of swinging my arms until they didn’t hurt as bad anymore.



Made it outside today since it was close to 50 degrees in November I felt it would be a crime to stay inside. I haven’t been feeling all that well so I thought fresh air may do me some good. I went to Sunnyside and played three rounds – all rollercoasters. Rounds I get three birdies – but then a double bogie and then another bogie on a 150ft hole.. Then I miss every birdie putt but get pars and then a couple bogies on holes that should be easy pars.  Just very frustrating.

Got home took a few minutes and got ready for a short run. 1.7 miles in 16:53, so a pretty easy going pace but still got me pretty tired. I am and probably never will be a very strong runner, because mentally I can’t stay in the game with it. But I know how good it is for me to do so I have to get better.



Played two rounds of Disc Golf at Hansen, first round was from the blues and I shot a +6, no birdies but no double bogies so thats good. Second round from the reds I shot a +2 a couple of birdies. But the real issue was the couple of 30ft birdie putts that I missed that rolled away down a hill or oother direction 30+ft. One went so far it ended up costing me a double bogie. It was awful.

I went to lifetime tonight to get some swimming and stretching in. I also go my burpees done while I was there. I swam a few laps and then I also did 5 minutes of treading water, I kinda forgot how hard that is…  But it was nice to get into the water again.


Weekly Summary

Overall another pretty strong week of being active and getting good workouts in. I am plenty sore as I type this Sunday. I also have been feeling a bit sick but I haven’t let it slow me down too much. I made it to crossfit 3x which is my goal. I worked out every single day in some reguard, even got a pretty good bench day on Saturday night when I didn’t want to do anything.

The best part of my week I guess was last Monday, it was really fun to be with the group and to workout with everyone. I was also proud of my ability to squat clean and the weights I put up. I felt good about it and I’m happy with myself. I am also happy I made it outside this week, with the weather and such for November and I feel good about that.

Things to improve on for the week are spending time on mobility. I need to really work on some of the things Tony has sent over to me and make it a priority. These are things I can do at home and on vacation for example.

My goal last week was to do my burpees in 3:30, which I made by a few seconds. This weeks goal is going to be to make it in the pool 3 times this week. I want to swim more and prepare for vacation where we will be diving and in the ocean. I want to make sure I’m feeling comfortable.

Weekly Summary October 26th – November 1st

October 26th – November 1st


I went to crossfit for what was to be a really difficult and painfully shitty workout.

L1 – 40-30-20-10 Cal (Row, Bike, Skierg) – KB Swing (24/16) – Burpee

L2 – 50-40-30-20-10 Cal (Row, Bike, Skierg) – KB swing (32/24) – Burpee

I finished the workout in 24:53. It was pretty awful the whole time but the 30 burpees and through the 20’s was the absolute worst part. I did well on the Kettlebell, I was able to do sets of 20 each time. Kettlebell is an OK movement for me. I was slow on the row, I was slower on the burpees.

After that I went and played a couple rounds of Disc Golf getting my 10k Steps in. I played Sunnyside and Shot a 0 and a -1, my personal best. Met a couple nice guys too, it was a fun evening.


Lifetime for a workout, I ended up working arms. First time in a very VERY long time. Probably since before I started crossfit, so like 2 years. It was awesome, its been so very long. I forget how much you can miss something.

I started out with straight bar curls, 60lbs for 16 reps and it was an eye opener on just how much it hurts. I did 60 reps with that bar. Went on to do my burpees 42 today. Then on to skull crushers 55lbs for 25 reps. I did 60 reps total with the skull crushers working in some standing bicep straight curls and then to some dumbell tri extensions finishing up the 100 reps on the machine and the rope.

My arms felt insanely tired and super tight after this workout. Pretty fun. Called Jake to tell him about it, but he didn’t answer.


Crossfit workout was a fun one. Bench press 6×6 deadlift 6×6 and then 50 cals on the assault bike. Obviously most excited for the bench. But my recent work and lifting were going to make this pretty rough. I got into it and quickly realized my 260ish was a dream, I wasn’t feeling like I would get there. So I went on the bench with 245 and did my sets there. By the 4th set I was feeling really good and probably could have gone up, but wanting to keep with the True measurement of 6×6 I did them all there.

Deadlifts I was feeling pretty good, I ended up doing sets of 365, which was pretty dam tough and a few reps towards the end were pretty ugly, I had a tough time pulling my shoulders back as I got tired. It was pretty fun watching the sweat fly out as I busted through these reps.

The Bike well, that thing is awful. I decided I’d stay around 55 watts or whatever that measurement is. I wanted to get under 4:00, and I thought 55-60 would get me there. I was a bit slow on that and really had to push hard to get at that 3:59 mark…. like a dead on sprint to the finish. My legs didn’t really want to work after that.

Getting out of the gym I was going to meet Kuk, and I was covered in sweat. I decided with the sleet snow crap it would feel good to not wear my shirt and cool down. Some people thought that was a bit insane… and then when we left after I’d cooled down I certainly think they may have been right it was freezing!


I am feeling a bit sore, my biceps are feeling like they are tearing away from the bone.  I went to Timberwolf to do a partner workout. I ended up working out with Whitney and Adam. We did some Kettlebell front rack carry, wall sits while the other carried. Toes to Bar and then more walks, Calorie Row, More carries, and then some Kettlebell carries. It was a pretty fun workout overall. I went pretty good at the workout the wall sits were probably the most difficult, or maybe the toes to bar and I was very slow at it.


Today was a good day. If I could put soreness on a level of like 1-10, I’d be a solid 10. I went to Timberwolf open gym to just kind of do something active and get a little sweat in. I also wanted to get a round of disc golf in, which I did. I played horrible, shooting a +8 at Hansen.

Got to timberwolf and I chatted with Daniel and Tony for a bit. They decided to do some insane burpee and calorie on assault bike thing. I decided instead of the workout I’d do some rowing. In my head it started as just a bit of rowing as I started looking at the workouts on the machine I decided I’d do a 5,000M row. I did really well on that, My goal was under 30 minutes, and I finished it in 22:23.

Then I decided for some reason I’d do the workout too. I’m not sure how I came to this conclusion or why, but I wanted to and I felt up to it. It was a bunch of bear complexes. A movement that I actually sort of like. I was going to do Level 1 I decided at the last minute to do Level 2. Starting weight of 95, going up 20lbs or so each round for 31 minutes. I actually made it pretty far in, got to 195, successfully doing one complex. I’ve done up to 225 for one round before, and that was the top of the rounds, I didn’t have it in me to get that far. I was too tired.


Friday I was out late and couldn’t wake up for the Crossfit Workout on Saturday Morning, I kind of bummed around all day and then headed to Lifetime. I wanted to lift my back, I also wanted to sit in the hot tub a bit and become less sore!

I got to lifetime and hit up the lat pull machine, I worked up to some heavier sets of 10’s. I did 100 reps on this machine alone. I also did some assisted pullups for sets of 10’s. But its so much different when its this straight up, so I had a lot more difficulty than I thought I would have. I did 3 sets of 10. Then I worked on some bent over rows. Got through my burpees too.


I went to lifetime a new club I haven’t been to. I toured it a bit and then got into a little workout. 5 Rounds 200M row, 20 med ball twists, 10 burpees and then a 50 pushup buy out. This took me about 16:30 to complete. It was actually kind of difficult to get through, and the hardest part was the med ball twists that’s for sure.

Spent the day getting a bunch of cooking done, and then also some disc golf. We got a ton of food made and ready for the week and I played better than I had earlier in the week so thats a good thing.


Weekly Summary

Overall I felt I had a really good week. I did some sort of activity every single day, either Lifetime or Timberwolf, so thats a really good step in the right direction. Lifting weights again has been fun, thats a good step for me. This week is one I haven’t had in years, and two workouts in one day was something I haven’t ever really done.

Best part of the week was working out every day. Worst part of the week was the fact that I didn’t eat as well as I should have on a few of the days, but that will be fixed this week. I picked up a bunch of beef (1/4 cow) as well, setting myself up to eat better.

I am proud of myself for this week and what I accomplished. I am still in the burpee challenge. With 40-47 completed this week. I timed my 40 and did it in 2:35. I’m hoping to keep my 50 time under 3:30.  So I guess that’s a good goal for next week.

2013 – Workout #123

Lifting chest with Brent at LTF

Today was going to be a good day.  I got to the gym when I didn’t really want to, I was ready to work from a good phone call from Brent to get my ass in gear.

We started up on bench doing my normal warmup and then I felt good to try some 1RM work.  And I am very glad I did.  I was able to get a 325 1Rm and I fell inches short of a 335 attempt.  I’m feeling great about this.

I then did some work on dumbbells and incline press.  Then max pull-ups and max dips..  Yup I am going to be sore.



2013 – Workout #121

Some lifting with Brent at lifetime fitness.

We worked on chest again.  Did some bench and I did put up a 295 1rm, pretty easy time to go up.  We worked on some thing he called karate dumbbell presses.  Also did some incline dumbbell, and dumbbell flat bench. finished with some dips.


2013 – Workout #116

I didn’t get out of work until late and was going to miss the crossfit class but still wanted to get some work in.

I spent some time doing some strict press work that turned into a 3 rep heavy push press topping out somewhere around 225 (again for a 3 rep)  3 rep strict press fell apart around 195 or 205…

Worked on some deadlift posture.  A few rounds of some backsquat just needed to get some work in.


2013 – Workout #114


Workout of the Day
Chest Lifts
Bench Press 4-5 Warmup Sets 3-4 Heavy Sets (4-6 reps)
Bench Press 1 Rep Max
Dumbbell flat Bench Press 3 Heavy Sets
Dumbbell incline press 3 Heavy sets
Dumbell floor Press
Alternating Dumbbell Press (Karate Style)

Bench Press started with 16×135 – 12×185 – 8×185 – 8×205 – 6×255 – 5×275 – 5×255 – 5×255 1×295

Dumbbell Press 6×90 – 6×90 – 5×100

Incline Dumbbell press 6×90 – 5×90

Dumbell floor press 10×65

Alternating dumbbell press 8 each arm x 65

Dips 7 – 7 – 6


I’ve never had so much trouble doing push-ups my entire life…  Wow these were hard after beating down my chest for well over an hour.

It took me 9:58 to complete this… ugh.


2013 – Workout #110

Spent some time at lifetime wanting to focus on my back squat.

Its been quite some time since I focused on it alone and with heavy weight.  One of the things since Softball season started is I miss lifting heavy weights.  I miss that really sore feeling or that light headed you get from a heavy push.

I worked on my backsquat and I have to say with a mirror it actually helps me find he bottom.  I will say my squat has improved so much in the last year its wonderful.  I watch people come through the gym that day and do squats that aren’t even close to a real squat.  Now I just laugh, but at the same time I want to help them.  Slide the weights off and show them how to find the bottom of their squats.  I did a 375 1 rep, though I will say It wasn’t perfect.  But with no spot and / or a way to bail out I didn’t want to end up in a bad way or hurt myself.

I started out donig some strict press between sets. that turned into some heavy sets as well.  I ended up getting a 225

And since I was doing that I thought some casual deadlifting would be good.  I started off ok but heavy got heavy fast and I was pretty much done by the time I pulled a 405, I probably could do better but again not ideal lifting conditions.


2013 – Workout #108

Tonight I felt I need to get something in. I had a crappy game and its been a number of days of just playing softball and being busy and NOT doing anything crossfit.  I miss it every single day.

I got Jill to do this the other day and now I wanted a crack at it. And Jill wanted round two of it…  Well Maybe want is the wrong word…

Workout of the Day

My goal for this is less than 10 minutes, I really feel that is VERY do able yet Its been awhile since I’ve worked out.  I’m with Jill whom I know is going to be in the 12+ minute, I played softball in the rain … All of these are very real excuses one can put in your mind to go slower than you need to.

I do a little bit of mobility and a small bit of stretching

My Time 7:54

Jills Time 13:57 * (20+ seconds faster than Friday)