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Weekly Summary October 26th – November 1st

October 26th – November 1st


I went to crossfit for what was to be a really difficult and painfully shitty workout.

L1 – 40-30-20-10 Cal (Row, Bike, Skierg) – KB Swing (24/16) – Burpee

L2 – 50-40-30-20-10 Cal (Row, Bike, Skierg) – KB swing (32/24) – Burpee

I finished the workout in 24:53. It was pretty awful the whole time but the 30 burpees and through the 20’s was the absolute worst part. I did well on the Kettlebell, I was able to do sets of 20 each time. Kettlebell is an OK movement for me. I was slow on the row, I was slower on the burpees.

After that I went and played a couple rounds of Disc Golf getting my 10k Steps in. I played Sunnyside and Shot a 0 and a -1, my personal best. Met a couple nice guys too, it was a fun evening.


Lifetime for a workout, I ended up working arms. First time in a very VERY long time. Probably since before I started crossfit, so like 2 years. It was awesome, its been so very long. I forget how much you can miss something.

I started out with straight bar curls, 60lbs for 16 reps and it was an eye opener on just how much it hurts. I did 60 reps with that bar. Went on to do my burpees 42 today. Then on to skull crushers 55lbs for 25 reps. I did 60 reps total with the skull crushers working in some standing bicep straight curls and then to some dumbell tri extensions finishing up the 100 reps on the machine and the rope.

My arms felt insanely tired and super tight after this workout. Pretty fun. Called Jake to tell him about it, but he didn’t answer.


Crossfit workout was a fun one. Bench press 6×6 deadlift 6×6 and then 50 cals on the assault bike. Obviously most excited for the bench. But my recent work and lifting were going to make this pretty rough. I got into it and quickly realized my 260ish was a dream, I wasn’t feeling like I would get there. So I went on the bench with 245 and did my sets there. By the 4th set I was feeling really good and probably could have gone up, but wanting to keep with the True measurement of 6×6 I did them all there.

Deadlifts I was feeling pretty good, I ended up doing sets of 365, which was pretty dam tough and a few reps towards the end were pretty ugly, I had a tough time pulling my shoulders back as I got tired. It was pretty fun watching the sweat fly out as I busted through these reps.

The Bike well, that thing is awful. I decided I’d stay around 55 watts or whatever that measurement is. I wanted to get under 4:00, and I thought 55-60 would get me there. I was a bit slow on that and really had to push hard to get at that 3:59 mark…. like a dead on sprint to the finish. My legs didn’t really want to work after that.

Getting out of the gym I was going to meet Kuk, and I was covered in sweat. I decided with the sleet snow crap it would feel good to not wear my shirt and cool down. Some people thought that was a bit insane… and then when we left after I’d cooled down I certainly think they may have been right it was freezing!


I am feeling a bit sore, my biceps are feeling like they are tearing away from the bone.  I went to Timberwolf to do a partner workout. I ended up working out with Whitney and Adam. We did some Kettlebell front rack carry, wall sits while the other carried. Toes to Bar and then more walks, Calorie Row, More carries, and then some Kettlebell carries. It was a pretty fun workout overall. I went pretty good at the workout the wall sits were probably the most difficult, or maybe the toes to bar and I was very slow at it.


Today was a good day. If I could put soreness on a level of like 1-10, I’d be a solid 10. I went to Timberwolf open gym to just kind of do something active and get a little sweat in. I also wanted to get a round of disc golf in, which I did. I played horrible, shooting a +8 at Hansen.

Got to timberwolf and I chatted with Daniel and Tony for a bit. They decided to do some insane burpee and calorie on assault bike thing. I decided instead of the workout I’d do some rowing. In my head it started as just a bit of rowing as I started looking at the workouts on the machine I decided I’d do a 5,000M row. I did really well on that, My goal was under 30 minutes, and I finished it in 22:23.

Then I decided for some reason I’d do the workout too. I’m not sure how I came to this conclusion or why, but I wanted to and I felt up to it. It was a bunch of bear complexes. A movement that I actually sort of like. I was going to do Level 1 I decided at the last minute to do Level 2. Starting weight of 95, going up 20lbs or so each round for 31 minutes. I actually made it pretty far in, got to 195, successfully doing one complex. I’ve done up to 225 for one round before, and that was the top of the rounds, I didn’t have it in me to get that far. I was too tired.


Friday I was out late and couldn’t wake up for the Crossfit Workout on Saturday Morning, I kind of bummed around all day and then headed to Lifetime. I wanted to lift my back, I also wanted to sit in the hot tub a bit and become less sore!

I got to lifetime and hit up the lat pull machine, I worked up to some heavier sets of 10’s. I did 100 reps on this machine alone. I also did some assisted pullups for sets of 10’s. But its so much different when its this straight up, so I had a lot more difficulty than I thought I would have. I did 3 sets of 10. Then I worked on some bent over rows. Got through my burpees too.


I went to lifetime a new club I haven’t been to. I toured it a bit and then got into a little workout. 5 Rounds 200M row, 20 med ball twists, 10 burpees and then a 50 pushup buy out. This took me about 16:30 to complete. It was actually kind of difficult to get through, and the hardest part was the med ball twists that’s for sure.

Spent the day getting a bunch of cooking done, and then also some disc golf. We got a ton of food made and ready for the week and I played better than I had earlier in the week so thats a good thing.


Weekly Summary

Overall I felt I had a really good week. I did some sort of activity every single day, either Lifetime or Timberwolf, so thats a really good step in the right direction. Lifting weights again has been fun, thats a good step for me. This week is one I haven’t had in years, and two workouts in one day was something I haven’t ever really done.

Best part of the week was working out every day. Worst part of the week was the fact that I didn’t eat as well as I should have on a few of the days, but that will be fixed this week. I picked up a bunch of beef (1/4 cow) as well, setting myself up to eat better.

I am proud of myself for this week and what I accomplished. I am still in the burpee challenge. With 40-47 completed this week. I timed my 40 and did it in 2:35. I’m hoping to keep my 50 time under 3:30.  So I guess that’s a good goal for next week.