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Weekly Summary November 23rd – November 29th

November 23rd – November 29th

So Monday at Timberwolf Crossfit and doing a scaled version of Kalsu at 115lbs. It took me 34:45 to get through it. Whitney was there and finished the L1 workout in around 20 some minutes.

I am leading this out as the most absolute worst crossfit workout to date. I have never been this close to quitting a workout in my life and I doubt I ever will be. Kalsu – Every minute on the minute do 5 burpees and then get 100 thrusters done. I did this scaled down to 115, and it was too much for me. I mean I completed it under the time cap of 40:00, but not without what was probably the most heroic effort to just keep moving I’ve ever done.

At about 15 minutes I really wanted to quit. I was confused why people were getting done with their burpees so much quicker than me, and how I was simply falling so far behind. Turns out the L1 was 3 burpees, I didn’t know that and not knowing that made this harder and even more discourging while I’m doing it.

Timberwolf Crossfit night we did some snatch work and I had some really good ones and then some more awful ones. Something about the snatch lift that when it goes well it just feels so great. But the workout was a 10min AMRAP 1 rope climb – 10 dumbbell snatch(50) 30 double unders.

I actually did OK on this workout even though I was going to take it easy. One of the rounds I got 24 double unders in a row, that was pretty impressive. Felt good to take on a workout at its description. Whitney did the workout with me and the only thing she changed was the double unders to singles. She did well on the ropes.

After class I stuck around to talk with a few people about rope climbs and how they are done etc etc. Made Shane nervous, but it was all pretty safe and calm.

I took this day off all I did was my burpees, and that was a challenge. I am still sore from the destruction that was Monday.

Travel day, on my way to Belize for a vacation. got those stupid burpees done, some in the morning more at the hotel. I think Kristen is going to do them with me while we are on vacation.

I decided to skip going to dinner and go workout instead. I really needed this, as I was feeling sort of sloth like after the travel and the rich foods. I went with the idea of taking it easy and just kind of going at a few lifts and getting my burpees done slowly. I started by doing a little bit of foam rolling, and taking the broom head off and using it for some overhead and stretching. As I got into it and having the gym to myself, my tunes going I kind of created a little workout.

5 Rounds
1 Man-Maker (35lbs)
10 Dumbell Chest Press (50lbs)
10 Burpees (of course)
10 Dips
1 Man-Maker (20lbs)
Rest for the time it takes you to complete the previous round.

So I really got after this doing the rounds anywhere between 2:15 and 3:20. Finished the entire thing in 27:17. I am sure that I will be sore from this tomorrow. My chest was wrecked after this.

Slept in a bit on the day and then decided to go diving in the afternoon. When we got back I didn’t waste much time letting myself get lazy and got Kristen to come workout with me. We didn’t warm up much and just dove into the workout I made up.
10 Rounds
1 Pullup
10 Dumbbell Snatch
1 Pullup
10 Burpees
1 Pullup
10 Situps
Partner workout – Rest while they complete their round.

Kristen and I – 37:50

Anywhere between 1:30 – 2:00 minutes per round it was taking us. Felt pretty good actually. The rest was just long enough for you to start up and get after it again. I was actually more tired after we finished it seemed like then when I was actually working out.

I went out on the deck and did some burpees and watched a movie while I dodged the sun for the day. Later that night I went out to the fitness center and did some mobility for a while, not as focused as I should have been but it was OK.

Weekly Summary
The week was one of my best from a personal standpoint. I really really worked hard on Monday. I wanted to quit so bad, I was uncomfortable, I was struggling, I was failing. But I kept with it, I kept going, I didn’t quit. Sometimes that’s the best achievement. That’s something that I only find when I’m all alone in my head and pushing.

Best part of the week was the fact that even after Monday I got right back and went Tuesday.

I am really bummed out I forgot a lacrosse ball and no one else bought one, but they do have a soft roller and I’ve been getting after it a bit.

My goal last week was to workout on vacation, I did that.
Next week I want to continue that theme and workout, I’d love to make it to the crossfit gym in Belize.

Burpee Update. Days 69-75 were this week. Completed.

Vacation Workout

Workout of the Day
10 Rounds

1 Pull-Up
10 Dumbbell Snatch (50)
1 Pull-Up
10 Burpees
1 Pull-Up
10 Situps

Partner workout – Rest while the other does their round.

Kristen and I – 37:50

Timberwolf 112415

Workout of the Day
10 Min AMRAP
1 Rope Climb
10 Dumbbell Snatch
30 Double Unders

My Score 4Rds +11

Timberwolf 112315

Workout of the Day
EMOM 5 Burpees
100 Thrusters (135)

I did this scaled at 115, took me 34:45

Weekly Summary November 16th – November 22nd

November 16th – November 22nd


I am so sick of being sick. Some very slow burpees.



Went to Timberwolf, I need to workout. It was something awful too. Teams of 3, four minutes max effort. One person Rows, One Person does Burpees and One person rests. I started on the rest as I was kind of social and talking to Carl about Belize. But when this started wow… the amount of mental effort it took me to keep going was something I didn’t know I had in me.  My rows were like 60ish and then 50’s and the burpees were 47, 45, 43. I was so tired. I made little deals of rest with myself during the burpees.  Like get to this number and you can take 5 seconds off. My partners were Erin and Miles. Two people I hadn’t really worked out with much before. Erin was good at burpess, Miles was good at rowing. I was pretty in the middle of both. Between the group we did 904 reps. In my head my goal was 950 with three people. Did not meet that, but thats on me as I didn’t get much more than 320ish myself, so I needed to be stronger.



Timberwolf Crossfit night. This workout looks very doable. 15-12-9 Deadlifts, Hang Power Clean, Shoulder to overhead. 3 minutes Rest then do it 3 times. The weight was 175 for me. I really felt like going after this one RX and Level 2, so I did. The first round was OK at 2:20, I kinda felt like I could see myself hanging out at around 3:00 minutes per round.
Boy was I wrong. The second round the hang power cleans really started to kill me, and actually the shoulder to overhead were getting hard.



Today back at Timberwolf for crossfit.  Tonight’s workout was going to be hard, but doable even in my insane sore condition. All three movements are things I am good at. And honestly if I wanted to sprint through this like a madman I probably could get first place (In level 1)
12 Rounds 5 Strict Pullups, 2 turkish getups, 5 pushups from plates (creates a small deficit) I am not going to hustle through the turkish, its with a dumbbell which I’m not used to and I’m not going to do them wrong or put myself at risk.

I was one of the few people do it RX, I also did pretty well with a time of 20:28. I feel good about it, because I kept moving but didn’t go stupid fast. The pullups were getting to be singles at the end, but the pushups were solid the entire way which was nice.  I am glad I went, I got my burpees done too, but boy am I sore…



I did not do anything today, not even a walk. I am stupid sore and sick of being sick. What a theme this week.



Crossfit today and it was something… 40 Cal Assault Bike buy in then 3 Rounds 10 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20) 20 Goblet Squats, 30 situps. I haven’t been sleeping well and the assault bike destroyed me. Absolutely destroyed me. It wasn’t working for counting so I just got off when Bethany did and I kinda started a bit hot, it was just awful…  

It took me a good minute or two to start up on the burpee box jumps and I really should have stepped the first couple because I almost fell the first four of them. I was tired, and then I started to get dizzy and then I REALLY started to not feel well. I just kept going, kept feeling crappy. I actually finished in 19:50 and then pretty much left the gym.


I went out and played some disc golf and my plan was to go to lifetime later but I ended up doing a little cooking, then watching a little bit of football for the first time and well played some board games. So I didn’t really make it there but i did have a good day!


Weekly Summary

Well I had an OK week considering I hadn’t been feeling well and that I was busy doing some interview stuff and working on getting a Job. I really pushed hard this week on getting to the gym and pushing myself while I was there.

The best part of the week really was how well I pushed through and am starting to get my mind right on the approach to getting to the gym.

So I spent some time this week on mobility, not as much as I wanted and I think this may end up being a constant theme of the week. I need to make this priority and work hard at it.

Last week my goal was to go to the gym 3 times, I did that three days in a row which was pretty awesome especially with a couple of those workouts, I really didn’t want to go. This week my Goal is going to be to workout while on vacation. I am sure that will be the same as my next weeks goal.

Burpee Update.  Days 62-68 were this week. I completed them all. I hate this.

Timberwolf Saturday Workout

Workout of the Day
40 Cal Assault Bike Buy In
3 Rounds
10 Burpee Box Jumps
20 Goblet Squats (32kg)
30 Sit-Ups

My time 19:50

Whitney 17:50

2013 – Workout # Warrior Dash

Warrior Dash Time!

Me and my brother Travis just missed the purple hair and face paint time… darn.  You know me and how much I love that stuff.  Though Sandy did look good with a purple beard.

The warrior dash of 2013, yeah thats afton alps in the background, yeah that means running up hill…  yuck.


2013 Warrior Dash

2013 Warrior Dash

I most certainly was saying “Ollie” as I jumped over this.  I will also say I don’t feel too bad about posting this picture.  Its too small and too messed up to make anything out of it, but gives you all an idea what the warrior dash is about.

warrior dash 2013 jump

warrior dash 2013 jump


2013 – Workout #106

Monday Holiday Hero WOD with Jason & Pat at SISU

There were about 40 people ready to do this wod today, what great energy and I can’t think of a better group to share this workout with.

Workout of the Day
For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run
*Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

The first mile I ran pretty good, High 7 mins and I felt pretty OK with it. I started in on the plane which was 10 rounds of Cindy.  So that’s 10 pull-ups 20 push-ups 30 squats. And in my head think it is reasonable.

That few sets of pull-ups, push-ups and squats were OK, but as it went on they got harder and harder.  Pull-ups got very difficult. and it got to be just a keep going mentality really fast.  That last mile run was pretty much one of the hardest miles I’ve ran.

Later I find out Cindy is actually a lot less work… Its 5-10-15…

My time 54:58




2013 – Workout #88

Saturday morning butt camp at SISU with Jason

On our own for warmup some of us Ran some rowed others chatted. I did some pushups and a few pullups and a run.  Dive into this mess!

Workout of the Day
Max Effort for 3 Minutes:
100M Overhead Lunge (45/25)
Double Unders
Shoot Through
Rope Climb
Kettlebell Swing (24/16)
10M Shuttle Run
Ball Slam (30/20)

Liz and I paired up for the event.  I do enjoy working out with her, shes fun and works out hard all the time its a good combo.  We decided to start with the rope climbs.  Later we found that was a bad idea.  But I did 6 of them pretty good when I really never climb rope.

I wont’ go through each hole and the efforts for each but Liz destroyed me on a number of them, some of them ones I thought I was good at.  That was tough.  This workout was insanely hard.  Like crazy.

If I wanted to get a better score I could have, I should have written down the levels because I was one rep in three cases to a better score and over on a number of them that I could have rested on and saved it for the next hole.  But that really isn’t the point of this event, its max effort for the time, and I gave that on every one.  Some were just sad, ball slams were awful.  Double unders awful.  Oh well theres always next year.

My Score 49


041313_buttcamp2 041313_buttcamp

2013 – Workout #82

2013 – Workout #82

Friday night at SISU with Pat

Well the last games workout.  I did it yesterday at the end of my workout and so I know what I am in for.  I get some warmups not too much just some thrusters and some pushups a few pull-ups etc etc.  More jaw jacking then really getting super warm.

Workout of the Day
CrossFit Games Open 13.5
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes of:
15 Thrusters (100/65 lbs)
15 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

If 90 reps (3 rounds) are completed in under 4 minutes, time extends to 8 minutes.
If 180 reps (6 rounds) are completed in under 8 minutes, time extends to 12 minutes.
If 270 reps (9 rounds) are completed in under 12 minutes, time extends to 16 minutes.

The difficult thing is the pull-ups.  I got there with plenty of time and if I was able to ban out those pull-ups I would have made it into the second round without a doubt.  Too bad it takes me minutes to get 15.  Oh well I did good for what I thought I could get done.

I did all the thrusters unbroken, feel good about that.

Over all I had fun with the open, fun to add some competition to these workouts, no matter how much I am bad or good at something there is always someone worse and better.  Next year I’ll do even better.

My Score: 56