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Update 4/29/14 – Its been a few years on this blog, its turned into and evolved into many different things. For me its mostly a place to put my thoughts about crossfit workouts.  For others they read it for ideas, or maybe to get some insight on my view of the world of fitness. Sometimes I post motivating things, other times I ramble too much. In the end though this place is one that I can always look back at and still feel the sting of an injury or the accomplishment of a victory through hard work and sweat.

An update on July 6th 2012.  Its been a few months since I started this blog, since then I have done a lot.  I completed 90 days of the gym and lifting, I completed the tough mudder lost around 20lbs.  Now the next chapter, trying crossfit.

I’m Nick, as of 12/1/11 I’m kinda (well sorta) pretty fat.  I won’t be my whole life.  There are points where I was much thinner and not just a size but how in shape I was and want to be again.

The whole point of this blog is for me to write about fitness in my life.  I will talk about goals and other fitness related items.  I will complain, bitch and most likely celebrate here on this blog!


  1. Casey says:

    Dude! This is awesome! I didn’t know you created a url for your workouts. I will keep checking this now. Keep up the good work! The results are awesome!

  2. Ashley Cox says:

    Nick! I found ya! I started CrossFit a week ago.. I’m wicked hooked. Great blog.. and happy to see you’re still doing great! email me if you can- would love to catch up, Ash

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