Weekly Summary November 23rd – November 29th

November 23rd – November 29th

So Monday at Timberwolf Crossfit and doing a scaled version of Kalsu at 115lbs. It took me 34:45 to get through it. Whitney was there and finished the L1 workout in around 20 some minutes.

I am leading this out as the most absolute worst crossfit workout to date. I have never been this close to quitting a workout in my life and I doubt I ever will be. Kalsu – Every minute on the minute do 5 burpees and then get 100 thrusters done. I did this scaled down to 115, and it was too much for me. I mean I completed it under the time cap of 40:00, but not without what was probably the most heroic effort to just keep moving I’ve ever done.

At about 15 minutes I really wanted to quit. I was confused why people were getting done with their burpees so much quicker than me, and how I was simply falling so far behind. Turns out the L1 was 3 burpees, I didn’t know that and not knowing that made this harder and even more discourging while I’m doing it.

Timberwolf Crossfit night we did some snatch work and I had some really good ones and then some more awful ones. Something about the snatch lift that when it goes well it just feels so great. But the workout was a 10min AMRAP 1 rope climb – 10 dumbbell snatch(50) 30 double unders.

I actually did OK on this workout even though I was going to take it easy. One of the rounds I got 24 double unders in a row, that was pretty impressive. Felt good to take on a workout at its description. Whitney did the workout with me and the only thing she changed was the double unders to singles. She did well on the ropes.

After class I stuck around to talk with a few people about rope climbs and how they are done etc etc. Made Shane nervous, but it was all pretty safe and calm.

I took this day off all I did was my burpees, and that was a challenge. I am still sore from the destruction that was Monday.

Travel day, on my way to Belize for a vacation. got those stupid burpees done, some in the morning more at the hotel. I think Kristen is going to do them with me while we are on vacation.

I decided to skip going to dinner and go workout instead. I really needed this, as I was feeling sort of sloth like after the travel and the rich foods. I went with the idea of taking it easy and just kind of going at a few lifts and getting my burpees done slowly. I started by doing a little bit of foam rolling, and taking the broom head off and using it for some overhead and stretching. As I got into it and having the gym to myself, my tunes going I kind of created a little workout.

5 Rounds
1 Man-Maker (35lbs)
10 Dumbell Chest Press (50lbs)
10 Burpees (of course)
10 Dips
1 Man-Maker (20lbs)
Rest for the time it takes you to complete the previous round.

So I really got after this doing the rounds anywhere between 2:15 and 3:20. Finished the entire thing in 27:17. I am sure that I will be sore from this tomorrow. My chest was wrecked after this.

Slept in a bit on the day and then decided to go diving in the afternoon. When we got back I didn’t waste much time letting myself get lazy and got Kristen to come workout with me. We didn’t warm up much and just dove into the workout I made up.
10 Rounds
1 Pullup
10 Dumbbell Snatch
1 Pullup
10 Burpees
1 Pullup
10 Situps
Partner workout – Rest while they complete their round.

Kristen and I – 37:50

Anywhere between 1:30 – 2:00 minutes per round it was taking us. Felt pretty good actually. The rest was just long enough for you to start up and get after it again. I was actually more tired after we finished it seemed like then when I was actually working out.

I went out on the deck and did some burpees and watched a movie while I dodged the sun for the day. Later that night I went out to the fitness center and did some mobility for a while, not as focused as I should have been but it was OK.

Weekly Summary
The week was one of my best from a personal standpoint. I really really worked hard on Monday. I wanted to quit so bad, I was uncomfortable, I was struggling, I was failing. But I kept with it, I kept going, I didn’t quit. Sometimes that’s the best achievement. That’s something that I only find when I’m all alone in my head and pushing.

Best part of the week was the fact that even after Monday I got right back and went Tuesday.

I am really bummed out I forgot a lacrosse ball and no one else bought one, but they do have a soft roller and I’ve been getting after it a bit.

My goal last week was to workout on vacation, I did that.
Next week I want to continue that theme and workout, I’d love to make it to the crossfit gym in Belize.

Burpee Update. Days 69-75 were this week. Completed.

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