Weekly Summary November 9th – November 15th

November 9th – November 15th


I went and played some disc golf with Whitney and Bolin who is now home! We played Acorn and I started off real bad with a triple bogey by missing putts that I thought were easy so I didn’t take my time and just kept missing, so thats pretty awful. But I did make some decent shots, I did get a birdie on a beautiful shot. Bolin played good, well he always does. Whitney played OK for never playing that course since the redo. Its pretty good, I think they cleared out a bunch of stuff that certainly helps the course play better, I liked it a lot more this time then the previous outing.

As for a workout I went over to Timberwolf to do their Monday challenge and it was a bit of a rough one for me. It had overhead squats which are not my strength. Rowing – also not a strength, and followed up with burpees to a plate also not my strength. It was 21-15-9 for the level 1 which is the one I did because lets be honest level 2 just wasn’t going to happen. It took me 11:46 I think, and I was slow. I couldn’t get the burpees going and I just get myself moving. The overhead squats actually went OK, better than I expected. But I just was not feeling well, I could not keep moving and I showed it in the workout. One that I should do in around 10 minutes, I wasn’t even close to that. Sad night.



I walked to Sunny side with 4 putters and spent a little bit of time just putting at a couple of the baskets. Part of my game that was really bad yesterday so I figured I could spend some time on it. I haven’t been feeling well, haven’t been sleeping well either, so some low impact stuff is on the agenda.

Went to lifetime and got a little workout in, did my burpees and some arms. Got a bunch of curls in and a bit of foam rolling on my legs. I also went swimming and was able to swim 10 laps no stopping, albeit very slow but I did it. Coughing fit a bit after that, but that could be the pool water. Glad I went, I pushed a little harder then I maybe should have but we’ll see.



I’ve been sick all dang day again, I went to lifetime and did a bunch of walking and also got my burpees in.


Being sick finally brought me down for a day, I took a rest day today. Burpees suck, sick burpees are the absolute worst.



Today I was still not feeling well, I had hoped to get out an do some disc golf but I just wasn’t up for it. I did however make it to Lifetime. I did some snatch work for about 25 minutes, then some bench work did some heavier sets of 10 and heavier sets of 5 with some count up and count down. It got pretty rough where I was finishing sets of 10 with 8 reps. I worked up to 275 sets of 5 which went OK actually. Finished burpees as well.



Busy day getting some home improvements done and being sick is still dragging me down. I did get my burpees done.



I got some time to get some disc golf in with Bolin and Whitney. I spent the day cooking and then headed to lifetime. I did work on some front squats, boy those really just wreck my wrists and forearms. Front squats I worked up to a 275 double but dam it hurt. I got through my burpees at a pretty slow rate. Hit the pool for some swimming and my plan was to do 6 laps twice. But I got in a hurry swimming with the robot (cleaner) I just ended up swimming all 12 laps. Spent a few minutes recovering.


Weekly Summary

What a disappointment this week was, I didn’t workout as much or as hard as I wanted to all week. Being sick sucks. I really hope next week gets better.

The best part of my week I guess was my swim on Sunday. I felt pretty good and worked through wanting to quit, being sick and just kept going.

THIS IS STILL TRUE same as last week. Things to improve on for the week are spending time on mobility. I need to really work on some of the things Tony has sent over to me and make it a priority. These are things I can do at home and on vacation for example.

Last week my goal was to hit the pool 3 times, which I was able to do. One of the times was pretty weak but I made up for it with a nice workout on Sunday. This week I just want to focus on getting into the crossfit gym at least 3 times. I need to get done being sick and get back to working out.

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