Weekly Summary November2nd – November 8th

November 2nd – November 8th


I got a round of disc golf at Hansen before heading over to crossfit. Tonight is the first night of a friendly competition between the gyms at Timberwolf. It is a squat clean and jerk ladder then a 1 mile run. I decided to go at it a level 2 as the level 1 weights are pretty doable for me. Starting at 5 Reps at 155, 4 at 185, 3 at 205, 2 at 225 and 1 at 245. I took too long but I did get through 225. Thats the first time I have ever squat cleaned really anything over 150 may be. So that was pretty awesome. The one mile run I got a sub 9 minute on so that was something I’d never done in a very long time especially after lifting some weights. It was about as perfect as a night for a run I’ve ever experienced.

The energy and the environment with the group at the gym tonight was probably the most fun I’ve had at a crossfit gym. People were hanging out and cheering people on the entire time, what an awesome night!

Oh disc golf I shot a 3 over, My personal best from the blues at Hansen.



DId a round of disc golf at SunnySide, even got Jake out there which was really nice. He took off on a dead sprint chasing a roller into the pond 😀 I shot what was a pretty crappy +3 starting the round off with a bogie and getting my first bogie on hole number 3.

Went to Lifetime and worked on something I am horrible at. Squat Snatch. I also worked on some overhead squats as well. All of it was pretty ugly, other than a few reps here and there that did feel great, it was pretty ugly. I wore my lifting shoes which is something I really should get in the habit of doing especially for anything overhead. I then got a few burpees and some walking in and called it a night.



A night at Timberwolf crossfit for a good workout. We were going to do some push press sets of five. Then a shorter workout 12-9-6 Thrusters, Pullups, pushups. The warmup was really long, we did a bunch of line stuff, a ton of it. While the group went and did a 800M run, I did my timed 50 burpees. My goal from last week was to do it under 3:30, which I was able to get a 3:22.  As for the workout I was able to get a 225 set of 5 and a 3:41 for the workout. I am feeling pretty good about my effort and my work tonight.

After the workout I went for about an hour walk, it was a bit colder than I thought it would be but it was actually kind of nice and relaxing. I hadn’t felt good all day and the workout plus the walk was just what I needed.



Deadlifts at Timberwolf today – How awesome is that. Doing either a 1 rep max or if you aren’t feeling that getting up to moderate 5×5 sets. I  haven’t deadlifted heavy in probably a year, I haven’t been focused on it also thinking I’ll never get past that 500lb mark again its a bit discouraging. But today was going to be different, I went in with a good attitude and just wanted to see how it went. I was getting sets of 5 easy with 405, sets of 3 at 465 and then some singles until I got to 505, which I lifted pretty well. But Then since it was going so good I made some huge jump to 520, which I lifted past my knees twice and then put down. The fun thing was the group was real supportive and awesome so that was nice. I lifted with Adam and Jeff. Whitney also was there cruising through the deads and doing pretty well. She got a 235, and it looked pretty dam good.

Then some Toes to Bar and Handstand pushup max rep attempts. I haven’t been on the wall to do handstand pushups in a very VERY long time. The first set of 9 strict felt pretty dam awesome. But there wasn’t much after that in it for me.  I fell off the wall the other two times losing my balance. The toes to bar I did strict and I was able to get 10+ each of the three sets so that was pretty nice I guess.

Overall a great night at the gym, I am happy I went.


Went to lifetime to get some bench work in. I did 8 10’s sets of 10s down and up taking a break after each set to walk a lap and also to do 5 burpees to get my burpees done for the day. I actually did really well and was able to finish each set pretty easy. So thats 170 reps for bench today, so thats pretty awesome. Weights were 205,185,165,145,125,105,85,65,45. I also took some time to get a few incline presses done, but my arms and chest were feeling it. The walk around the track consisted of swinging my arms until they didn’t hurt as bad anymore.



Made it outside today since it was close to 50 degrees in November I felt it would be a crime to stay inside. I haven’t been feeling all that well so I thought fresh air may do me some good. I went to Sunnyside and played three rounds – all rollercoasters. Rounds I get three birdies – but then a double bogie and then another bogie on a 150ft hole.. Then I miss every birdie putt but get pars and then a couple bogies on holes that should be easy pars.  Just very frustrating.

Got home took a few minutes and got ready for a short run. 1.7 miles in 16:53, so a pretty easy going pace but still got me pretty tired. I am and probably never will be a very strong runner, because mentally I can’t stay in the game with it. But I know how good it is for me to do so I have to get better.



Played two rounds of Disc Golf at Hansen, first round was from the blues and I shot a +6, no birdies but no double bogies so thats good. Second round from the reds I shot a +2 a couple of birdies. But the real issue was the couple of 30ft birdie putts that I missed that rolled away down a hill or oother direction 30+ft. One went so far it ended up costing me a double bogie. It was awful.

I went to lifetime tonight to get some swimming and stretching in. I also go my burpees done while I was there. I swam a few laps and then I also did 5 minutes of treading water, I kinda forgot how hard that is…  But it was nice to get into the water again.


Weekly Summary

Overall another pretty strong week of being active and getting good workouts in. I am plenty sore as I type this Sunday. I also have been feeling a bit sick but I haven’t let it slow me down too much. I made it to crossfit 3x which is my goal. I worked out every single day in some reguard, even got a pretty good bench day on Saturday night when I didn’t want to do anything.

The best part of my week I guess was last Monday, it was really fun to be with the group and to workout with everyone. I was also proud of my ability to squat clean and the weights I put up. I felt good about it and I’m happy with myself. I am also happy I made it outside this week, with the weather and such for November and I feel good about that.

Things to improve on for the week are spending time on mobility. I need to really work on some of the things Tony has sent over to me and make it a priority. These are things I can do at home and on vacation for example.

My goal last week was to do my burpees in 3:30, which I made by a few seconds. This weeks goal is going to be to make it in the pool 3 times this week. I want to swim more and prepare for vacation where we will be diving and in the ocean. I want to make sure I’m feeling comfortable.

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